Reports: Man United Agreed Two Deals Worth €58 million but One is Now Off

Arjen Robben Bayern CLThe Red Devils are in for a busy summer as they look to seal deals even before the opening of transfer window.
Manchester United are well aware of the fact that competition for top players is going to be high after the World Cup.
Moreover, since United will not be taking part in Europe’s elite competition next season, the best solution is to agree deals as soon as possible which is exactly what the English giants are doing.
Toni Kroos Bayern MunichHaving secured the services of experienced manager Louis van Gaal, reports suggested that Man United agreed two deals worth €58m for star players.
According to Daily Mail, Manchester United sealed a €25m deal to lure German central midfielder Toni Kroos.
However, the more recent reports from Guardian threw the Kroos deal in doubt, and Kroos then himself declared that he was never interested in Manchester United. He did not get his desired offer but will play his last year of contract with Bayern. May be then United may look to pursue again but they really have to reinforce midfield this summer without doubt.
Luke Shaw SouthamptonNevertheless, as per the provided Daily Mail link, it is understood that the Red Devils have agreed a €33m deal for Southampton fullback Luke Shaw as well.
The story does not end there, Manchester United fans have all the reasons to be excited. The club also has set sights on luring Bayern and Dutch playmaker Arjen Robben.
After that, perhaps United should focus on the central defense and sign players who can replace the legendary duo of Vidic and Ferdinand. Someone like Mats Hummels of Borussia Dortmund will be a perfect signing.
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  1. Buor Deng says:

    Bayern has been a club with principles and enthusiasm. What a confusion from top management! Why first agree to sell and later change minds? We shall still get him even next season.

  2. Osei Bonsu says:

    I would like to make it plain to ManU fans and Management that no German born player will feature for ManU as result of what ManU did to Bayern Munich in the 1999 UCL finals. So please stop pursuing them.

  3. Barry Joe says:

    You sure got something to huh? You got real good gossips but we are still Man united and have got players like RVP,WAZZA,MATA..JANUJAZ.SO lets get them playing well under a Father figure coach LVG/RG GGMU.

  4. Sean Quinn says:

    Bayern never said they were goin to sell Kroos, just that he wasnt getting an improved offer to the one they gave him. He’ll Sign a new contract. Maybe Utd could still get him with Real Madrid looking for some one to replace Alonso I’d thats were he might end up,

  5. nico says:

    Owen hargreaves is an English born player, he only played for Bayern (dumb)

  6. Ezekiel Mahlabathi says:

    We are tired of this gossip.Manchester agree to sign so and done .agree terms was Cavalnho,Shaw and now its Kroos.why do the media lie to us.our team needs 2 deffencive midfielders and 2 defenders.we have Mata,Kagawa on attacking.Ronnie ,Rvp.Chicharito and Welbeck as sfrikers so we’re ok

  7. Peter says:

    Wow what a line up if Robben comes, with Rooney and RvP front as well. Doubt it will happen but you never know what money does these days.

  8. Ladan mahomed ally says:

    Robben is a one legged player and is too old for Manu.

  9. Sean Quinn says:

    Whats up with the dislikes only facts were said

  10. Onyang Daniel says:

    things seem not to be easy.

  11. Chibale says:

    I honestly don’t know what to believe.I’ve been suporting manu for so long,never before manu had panic transfers like these post alex ferguson’s arer

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