Liverpool Target Konoplyanka claims He'll Most Likely Snub Man United

yevhen-konoplyanka DniproManchester United find themselves in a situation where Liverpool were a season ago i.e. Without European football and most importantly without Champions League football.
Reds targeted the right players such as Costa, Mkhitaryan, Willian etc but lack of European football meant that they failed to lure such stars.
Liverpool turned the tables around this year with fantastic performances while United finished 7th in the premier league.
Now in the space of days, Manchester United have been snubbed by two top players and it will be fair to say that the main reason is CL exclusion.
First, German international Toni Kroos has been heavily linked with a move to Old Trafford but the Bayern star broke silence and claimed that he was never interested in Manchester United.
Now, Liverpool target and Dnipro winger Konoplyanka claims that he will most likely snub Man United to play in the Champions League with Dnipro.
Konoplyanka was asked  “If you have two options – go to “Manchester United” or stay with  “Dnipro” and play in the Champions League –  choose?. The Ukranian replied (translated)

“Most likely, would have remained in the “Dnepr”. But let’s not get ahead.”

Liverpool are in the Champions League and were so close to luring Konoplyanka in winter even without it. The player wanted the move as well.
Whether the merseysiders will move for him again this summer, we shall see but as far as transfers are concerned, United fans must be fearing the worst at the moment.
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  1. phil owen says:

    anyone who does not want to come to Utd is not welcome anyway, end of.

    • Tom Cleverley is great,just shite at football like most uniturd players... says:

      crybaby…Get over yourself unitedd are finished…

    • lee says:

      I don’t think. He’s good enough for man utd anyway . And I’m a Liverpool fan by the way

  2. TG says:

    He wants CL football like Kroos did, why would he go to the mancs???

  3. anup says:

    I think it’s not so easy. somebody must have passion and dream to play for a club like man u. and we don’t want those who don’t choose to be a part of our greatest club

  4. Maz says:

    We’ve been told that Manure is his Dream move and now it’s not ?? Cant both be right !
    I have to say, that if he prefers Manure, they are welcome to him ! We don’t want anyone at Anfield that doesn’t
    want to wear OUR Red Shirt as FIRST choice and not because his Dream team aren’t in the CL.
    Plenty more fish in the sea that WANT to come to Anfield and will give 110% for LFC.

  5. Jas says:

    “I would love it if he snubbed UTD, love it!” Hehehehe!!

  6. United are shite!!! says:

    First Reus rules out a move to kill the speculation, then Kroos, then Muller & now Konoplyanka flat out reject you… there’s a theme developing here lol & it’s not the one you mancs have been crowing about lmfao!!! Winning the PL next season are we?!? I think you pricks better get your heads out of Fergies ass & wipe the Manure off your shite covered specs cos it ain’t happening! More likely is that you’ll struggle to make 4th & get back in the CL which will be just fine by me lol!! Guess you’ll have time to book more flyby’s though eh lads!! See you next season lol i’m very much looking forward to it hahahahaa!
    JFT96, YNWA.

  7. Moyesy's Men says:

    Utd are being linked with unusual targets if you ask me, Kroos although good is very one paced and Fabregas is going to go to Arsenal if they show interest (which they will). So I think Utd fans should be worried, plus Evra signing a new deal, does that mean the Shaw deal is dead?! Lol since Fergie retired the wheels have just fallen off…

  8. blagged says:

    Even players from B rated leagues are now rejecting UTD for CLfooty and their fans just won’t quit wallowing in the illusion of being the best team in the world.
    Get your heads out the sand lads and see reality for what it is – a spent force is what you’ve become. LMAO!

  9. Rajubaju says:

    Hey manure how do u like ur own medicine eh? The only thing u clowns had to cleb this season was gerrard not winning title. Sadly for u lot he will next season. And u can watch us in cl too. You think grandpa gaal will save u hsha. He’s past his best just like manure. five times hsgsga

  10. Rajubaju says:

    Hilarious about grandpa gaal going for a drink with grandpa fergie two old farts sharing anbudweiser hahahah. Wonder how many drinks moyes shared with him before getting the dagger in the back. Pathetic man fergie only manure fans could like him….. But wait last season weren’t hey abusing him too hahahah what a club eh

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