Fans React on Twitter as Arsenal Qualify for Champions League

Arsenal FCAfter all the ups and downs, Arsenal have finally qualified for next season’s Champions League.
Gunners will feature in Europe’s elite competition for 17th successive year, only United and Madrid have done it for 18 years.
With Everton losing to Manchester City yesterday, Arsenal did not even need to kick the ball to qualify and can now rest their key players for FA CUP final.
The fans were glad and relieved that their team has qualified for CL again and here is how a few reacted on twitter.
Melani Muller
Champions League here we come!!
Arsenal have qualified for their 17th consecutive champions league berth. SEVENTEENTH CONSECUTIVE BERTH.
The fact arsenal have almost certainly got champions league and yet again, finished above spurs, just puts a great big smile on my face.
Deacon Blues
And with Everton’s loss to City, Arsenal is back in the Champions League. Congrats, Gunners!
Col Mason
Thanks Man City for ensuring another Champions League next year for the Arsenal whilst Man.Utd & Spuds try to avoid the Europa League.

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  1. Kennedy phetinus says:

    Congrats ! Wenger get serious with your signings before the season eggs on.

  2. Daniel Etiir says:

    Finished above spurs n everton… job well done gunners…. in champions league again 17 times.

  3. Christian K. Friend says:

    Finally we qualify for champions league. FA CUP in my mind. Up gunners

  4. El Jiok says:

    Now is the time to get Diego Costa.

  5. Is also a shameful 17 times but without a single champion cup still i need wenger to leave this summer.

  6. Douglas Nonis says:

    Well done Wenger. OK now with 2 or 3 signings targeted let’s prepare for 18th top 4th trophy celebrations next season. Title contenders we are not

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