Double Delight for Man United as One Deal Agreed & Set to Complete Another

Luke Shaw SouthamtonAfter a disastrous season, Manchester United are all set to see more new faces in their squad with many stars leaving as well.
Already, legends like Vidic, Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs have left the club and it was expected that another veteran player Patrice Evra will leave the Red Devils as well.
However, Manchester United have officially announced that the French defender has agreed one year extension with the English giants.
With this announcement, many United fans showed their concerns on social media networks whether the deal for Evra’s potential replacement in Luke Shaw is off because of his extension.
However, that is not the case as there is double delight for United supporters with one deal agreed and another set to be completed.
Daily Star suggests that the £27million Man United deal for Southampton star is very much on despite the fact that the Red Devils are keeping Evra.
Louis van Gaal is ready to let the two stars compete for the starting XI spot in Manchester United.
Not to forget, left back Alex Buttner has been more than decent for the Old Trafford side in the few appearances he made for the club last season.
The 25 year old will now find himself in a complex scenario with limited chances and the best decision for him is to leave Man United in the upcoming transfer window.
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  1. Troymak says:

    Surely Evra will mentor Shaw as well as stand in during injury times in case they occur however for Buttner l think he should be loaned somewhere where he gets game time!!!

  2. Samson Adejoh says:

    It seem that man utd are not mature in their transfer dealing and they have to be careful and act fast especially incoming players otherwise their target players will be hijack by other club or even the players might change their mind.

  3. Evanlo's says:

    I won’t believe them for Shaw’s deal untill it’s confirmed from various reliable sources.

  4. John Gab says:

    Man United should remember they didn’t qualify for the next CL 2014/2015 season which every top players don’t want to miss. Therefore, they should act fast in luring the available and right top players before it is too late. Otherwise another more miserable season is inevitable.

    • Peter says:

      I was listening to Man Utd Tv the other day and it was said players will still want to come to United mainly because the club is so big and still one of the best in the world for fans, just because United have no CLC to win doesn’t make them a club not appealing to come to. If your a United supporter don’t give up hope, every team has a bad spell and United will bounce back, that’s appealing enough.

  5. Gabara says:

    Poor recruitment drive by Ward Ward makes doubt anything regarding trandfers. I wish Woodward left the club with Moyes for he does not have the wisdom to secure difficult players.

  6. Zecq Ezy Ezekiela says:

    We only need creative midfielders.

  7. Willy Lesetja says:

    This transfer wouldn’t be different from last year. We want action than talking. Look PSG already secured the service of David Luis from Chelsea, no talk but action.

  8. Allan Smith says:

    The truth of the matter is simply this Man U have players interested to come but the club have to pay big, there is no CL for anyone coming so the money bag has to be opened wide and money has to be the lure, why would anyone play for Man U when they can play for another club that can get them international exposure, the allure for Man U is still there , but clubs in European CL have an advantage, use the cash wisely Woodward or you might be in the unemployment queue next season, we have lost too many transfer deals because of your stupidity, Herrrera was a debacle, and it seems all the players we have for first choice picks are all out of the picture , offer more money

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