Star Close to Sealing €36m Deal with Manchester United

Luke Shaw SouthamptonManchester United have been looking to sign a quality left back but failed in the previous two transfer windows.
However, Moyes is now ready to do whatever it takes, pay whatever the price to sign Southampton full back Luke Shaw.
Chelsea have been interested in the England international as well however, as per Daily Star Manchester United are all set to sign the coveted star.
Manchester United has offered Shaw a mouth watering deal he cannot turn down.
As per the provided link, United have out forward a long term deal that will earn the teenager a mammoth GBP 140,000 a week.
In such a scenario, even though Shaw is a Chelsea fan, he will be tempted to join Manchester United.
As far as things stand right now, Shaw is close to sealing a €36m deal with Manchester United while Chelsea are more interested in signing Atletico’s striker Diego Costa.
Chelsea already have the likes of consistent Azpilicueta for left back position. Moreover, veteran defender Ashley Cole remains there for the time being as well.
So many world class stars are linked with a move to Old Trafford even though United are most likely not going to play next year’s Champions League.
Moyes is perhaps working on the deal very early on to sign his targets and it will be intriguing to see what happens in the summer transfer window.
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  1. we need shaw in UNITED squad,,let moyes sign players this summer.

  2. phillip gessa says:

    u want to pay 140.000 to unexperienced player are sick in yo brain

  3. al buds says:

    What I dont get! Is ppl who say we cant get world class players! Just look at manc not so long ago?? No champions league to offer and no history in it? Just a lot of cash? Players no how big the club is, a lot bigger than any player. United need to pay the asking price and not waste time trying for a lower price!!

  4. Chris o says:

    Is it because shaw is from England that such exobitant money be spend to sign him? For what experience has he? Paying such a feeble teanager amount of that magnitute is quite prepostrous

  5. Onyeka says:

    Evra is still playing well, A. Buttner is also good,why re u trying to make an unnecessary expenses on an unnecessary and unexperience player like Shaw. Just only he is from England

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