Arsenal's Shocking Player Ratings vs Everton

Arsene Wenger UpsetArsenal suffered yet another shocking defeat away from home against a top 5 team to leave Champions league qualification spot out of their hands.
Everton registered their 6th consecutive win of the Barclays premier league and now they are favorites to finish in the top 4 ahead of Arsenal.
Fans cannot believe what has happened to Arsenal. Their defense was rock solid in the first half of the season, arguably the best with Mertesacker and Koscielny running the rule.
However, since Liverpool dismantled them, their has been no recovery and Gunners have collapsed big time. From title challengers few weeks back, now struggling to finish in the top 4.
Everton completely dominated the proceedings and made Arsenal look like a side battling for relegation. In all fairness, of the 6 back to back wins, this win against Gunners was the most impressive and says it all about where both clubs stand at the moment.
Arsenal players put in a shocking performance and deserve shocking ratings. Here are Arsenal player ratings vs Everton.

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  1. Ola Ayobami says:

    I expected to also see Wenger’s rating in that match. Wenger is behind the build up to these humiliating shows. The ovation is stil loud for Wenger to bow out. This is the consequence of sturborness and lack of respect for fans.

  2. Wenger is so stupid that he old mentality @ the club. Why should we use only giorld throughout the season? Why Rimbo was injured on boxing day without replacements, likewise walloct this is stupid wenger, Liverpool has three proven strickers, chelsea ,man city even man united, all their postion has each double players. Enough is Enough wenger should go.

  3. Jay says:

    I don’t think your ratings are harsh at all – nobody played well. When Ramsey came on we saw how much we missed his imagination and industry. But you missed somebody – Wenger’s starting XI, tactics (or lack of) and the fact that he never got off his seat to manage from the sideline was an abject failure on his part. I have never seen a manager so disconnected from a match. I’d give the manager a 0.
    I would rather risk slipping into the abyss like Liverpool until recently and Man U this season while we found a good young manager than continue with the Groundhog Day we have under Wenger. He’s done, he’s a spent force. He has nothing to offer in terms of scouting new players or tactics.
    I have been supporting the Arsenal since 1983 – I saw the first game of Charlie Nicholas from the terrace at Highbury. I’ve seen some pretty bad teams over the years – even some that have finished behind the spuds. But I have never seen a team so devoid of character and that has to come down to Wenger, both in his player recruitment and his clearly inept motivational skills.
    It was a rude thing to say with regards to a fellow professional but Mourinho was right – Arsene isa specialist in failure. A good striker, a fast winger and a proper defensive midfielder in January would have maybe won the league. Now we are not even favourites for fourth. Wenger has to go, if not now, at the end of the season. I will be devastated if he signs on for a few more years – that will just mean more of the same. Change is scary but it has to be done.

  4. alfred cutajar says:

    I was watching arsenal v everton in the middle of the night in sydney aust. And needless to say i was shocked, i have been upset at the way we’ve been playing but i never expected that yesterday. I got to say what’s on my mind.
    I think for a start we are very slow compared to the other teams. We need to put our head down and get rid of all the old legs. No matter who they are we need to replace them with younger legs. I dont have to mention who but there is quite a few in the team that need to move on. And those who believe they don’t belong there they have to decide very soon and leave arsenal if need be. Hope wenger will do some clever buying, because we definitely need some.

  5. TRINOS NYONI says:

    thi is going to be one of the worst season ever

  6. barbes babs rockyfellar dawodu says:

    what is so surprising by about arsenal this season, when we lost Walcott then Ramsay followed i knew we were in for trouble. when the window open in January, arsenal decided to go for an oldie but goodie Kim. then we lost Ozil and Kosh then Giroud has to struggle with fatigue. the most disgusting part about this season is the way we when down to the our ark-rivals: Man city score 6, Chelsea score 6, Liverpool score 5 now Everton score 3. come to think of it Nikolas Bendler is available but Yaya Sonogo is preferred.
    wenger excused this season is that some injured players are taking prescription which is not prescribed by the medical team at arsenal which is effecting the timeline of return for injured players. but lets take a look at two seasons ago TV spent the entire season on the sideline Abu Diaby, Tomas Rosciky and a host of others was also affected so i don’t think that is the cause of arsenal problem. probably Wenger is tire and want to leave. check his history of departure with other clubs.

  7. LP says:

    Jay your comments are absolutely spot on!
    Couldn’t have stated it any better.
    I pity the next Arsenal Manager coming in, as it will take him years to fix this mess up!

  8. joe says:

    i disagree with most of the comments expressed i think Sanga deserves an 8 for defending and allround game
    yesterday. also you remove 6 of the best players from chelsea and or man city and see where they would be
    at this point of the season city no aguero no toure?we have been without kosy ramsey wilshere walcott ozil
    and gibbs all first team players. we are lucky to still be in 4th place.
    i think wenger should be given at least another 2 years so that now were in a position to spend on players
    after the long drain on spending of the new stadium is over. im certain that with the new funds available
    we will win the league.

    • Joe71 says:

      Joe, it is not just about injured players. Wenger himself is a mess. he choses French players above everybody else, despite how poorly they play. Since Giroud came to the club, wenger has refused to buy a top striker so that Giroud will not be displaced.
      Second, Wenger keeps starting the same old same old rubbish players who are obviously not on form e.g. Monreal. He should have been creative and play Flamini at left back (he has played there before) and Kalstrom in the middle.
      Third, Wenger loves buying injured players: Sanogo and Kasllstrom etc – there is no manager in world football that does this time and again.
      Forth, Wenger’s game tactics stinks to high heavens. Everton knew they were going to win, and whenever we play champions league, the top teams are always confident of beating us – because they all know how Wenger will play. Wenger is such a dummy that he shoots all his players forward – with absolutely no discipline – leaving the exceptionally slow Mertasacker completely isolated.
      Joe, there are many more reasons why Wenger is a useless manager and I am already getting too angry to name the rest so see ya!

  9. Dynasty says:

    To save arsenal fc, should be the focus point right now, to achieve that is to sack that moron called Wenger. He has definitely done more harm than good. Making the whole money in the world is not what the game of soccer is all about; trophies is, and that’s the name of the game.
    So why keep a man who can no longer and will never ever win a trophy? It beats me, such a big club like arsenal deserves better than this.
    The time to act is now before is too late.

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