Arsenal Plot Sensational €85m move for Top Quality

Di Maria Ozil BenzemaFans can say what they like but it is highly unlikely that Wenger will depart Arsenal at the end of this season because it is the Board who loves him.
Nevertheless, whatever happens to Wenger, Arsenal needs a massive overhaul in the summer transfer window to bounce back next season.
Like always, gunners are linked with quality players but rarely do they pay the asking price and sign them. That idiotic approach has to change or else Arsenal will only go further down with other teams constantly improving.
According to reports, Arsenal plan a sensational €85m move for quality Real Madrid duo, Benzema and Di Maria.
The French striker Karim Benzema has scored 25 goals this season but has been far from his best. On the other hand, Arsenal badly need a striker with Giroud in horrific form.
Therefore, the gunners are targeting Benzema and perhaps the French connection of Wenger can help in signing him.
As far as Angel Di Maria is concerned, his future has been in doubt since the arrival of record signing Gareth Bale and it is likely that he might leave at the end of the season.
Gunners already have so many attacking midfield options but Di Maria will further reinforce the department with his versatility and raw pace.
Last but not the least, the most important point, Arsenal can forget about signing the mentioned duo if they fail to qualify for Champions League.
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  1. FatBoy Gooney says:

    Aw, and you went & spoilt it, right at the end!

  2. Ola Ayobami says:

    The board can go on killing Arsenal by instalment using arsene Wenger as the butcher man. They don’t give a damn regarding the emotionality of the fans as long as their bank accounts fatten every season. Gullible and shameless old men!

  3. TAJ AZIZ says:

    They can keep him ang his holding striker and we should stay away from emirates did wenger see what chelsea did last night? Could he wenger ever even dream of such squad? That’s what a real manager should be, investing in quality players and win big games like those which eventually wins silvers and hearts and minds of fans , with wenger we will always hear that player or other.end ot the day bulshit like our striker and free 2sd string players from france we must boycott emirates to force their hand for what we pay

  4. Emmanuel says:

    After all the bickering of the last few weeks bordering on Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal I genuinely believe that he remains the right man to take the club forward. Although i’m not competent to dabble into the issues of team tactics and formations, I believe that Wenger could not have suddenly become bereft of tactical acumen after all the successes he achieved during the first half of his Arsenal reign.
    The real issue is that Wenger has stubbornly and arrogantly refused to strengthen the team at the right moments to make it more competitive. If you want to maintain your status as a top club in international football, then you must keep pace with those you consider to be your rivals. That is the only way it works. Otherwise, clubs like Mancity, Chelsea and even Liverpool will leave us behind.

  5. kendo says:

    don’t arsene wenger get tired of hearing the same thing and don’ the fans get tired of saying the same thing, last and not the least, dont the players get tired of doing the same thing(losing matches when a win is most important)?

  6. Nkanyezi says:

    Same story ’bout the Madrid duo as the September transfer window. Don’t care who we sign anymore. As long as he’s quality and can assist us in improving the team to some silverware.

  7. The last write up discouraged me. But with God we will qualify. Truely we need top players in the club 2 win trophy and 2 avoid consecutive loss. All the big teams in EPL took advantage on us nd accoplished a good position. But were is the problem coming from? I think the problem is from wenger 4 not buying players and using d club as business to earn money. I think sacking wenger is the best thing to do cos as a coach u av 2 learn a lesson from ur mistakes but wenger is d type that never acknowledge his mistakes. So he should go.

  8. Xsamaria says:

    If this deal do materialise i am sure wenger will sign 1 year deal then he should reinforce its DM BY SIGNING THE sCHEDERLIN As a replacement for flamini and arteta. Sold out players like diaby, bendtner, Giroud. Cash in RiChARDS FOR DEPTH IN the Defence.

  9. Owen Ndile says:

    It is disappointing to see the clab experiencing the same things each year, every fan need to see the competitive clab, it’s too disappointing to have narrow squad while the clab’s financial position is good, Arsene Wenger needs to look foward by signing some world class player to make the clab competitive.

  10. steve says:

    when the transfer is far we always hear those rumors, but wen it come up mr wenger will rubbish all the rumors & dny buying any economist if u want yo job this tym around stop identifying alot of young players we nid big names bcoz we nid some trophy. benzma & maria ar just ok.

  11. mbarak says:

    wenger u better go because your not helping us but u will add anorher hurt in our heart. wenger go go go go we dont nees u inArsenal next season.

  12. brian sauti says:

    To hell with arsene wenger a very stupid coach indeed using arteta where is not supose to be that player is a attacking midfilder not defending midfilder song was a defending midfilder stupid wenger u can’t even find the replacement and yet you say u are a good coach you don’t even admir you fellow coachs josep gudoula great coach mourino great coach,alex fig great coach,louis van gaal great coach and this so called rodgers want to supass you wenger a very stupid coach you want us to have high blood preasure you goooood for nothing.

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