UCL – The Easiest Possible Draw for Man United?

UCLManchester United put in a world class performance against Olympiacos in the second leg of the Champions League to turn the tie around and qualify for last eight.
The win has lifted the mood at Old Trafford but the chances of winning the competition still remain low.
As far as this season has gone by, it will be fair to say that Manchester United are the weakest team in the quarter finals.
The draws will take place tomorrow and the question is, what is the easiest possible draw for the Red Devils?
Once the draws are released, the betting guys looking to find a gambling web site will probably see that odds are against United’s progression.
May be, United fans will be hoping that they are drawn against Dortmund as among the eight remaining teams, the German side has been inconsistent.
Jurgen Klopp’s men have struggled in the Bundesliga and like United have major concerns in their defense.
Atletico Madrid are flying high in La Liga and Diego Costa is in form of his life. Still, if not Dortmund then perhaps Atletico can be the ideal one as they do not have much experience in the Champions league.
Whatever the case, Manchester United’s best chance of playing in CL next season is to win it this year because qualification from PL seems impossible.
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  1. Henry Ochieng says:

    As a man united fan, I would be much pleased to be informed of a draw against Chelsea or dortmund, reasons being 1; the glories of history give united a higher chance over chelsea in the CL, 2; dortmund hav been so inconsistent this season implying that they are not better positioned compared to united.

    • baaboosha says:

      Dream on henry, when the likes of real and bayern are avoiding jose, manures are referencing history! I pray it happens… A straight ticket of the blues! Plastic club

  2. But what is this type of bidding. Misery-Monger Moyes should and rpt should right away accept to pay buy-out clause yesterday than today. By this way of negotiating UTD are in real danger to lose out on the player if arch rivalsd do compete with UTD with various reasons especially CL..

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