One Man to Blame – Arsenal Fans Slate Wenger

Arsene Wenger UpsetArsenal are one of the most profitable clubs in England, something to be proud of, for the owners more than the supporters.
However, with all that money and profit, Arsenal have not won a single trophy for the past 8 years, nothing to be proud of eh?
Gunner supporters have lost the patience after choking each and every year under the management of Wenger.
Not to forget, Arsene Wenger was awarded the manager of the last decade and now we are nearing a decade that he has not won a single trophy. Utter shame.
Despite having all the funds and receiving all the criticism last season, Arsene just splashed heavy cash to sign Ozil. Other than that, Gunners needed striker badly but well he still trusts Giroud I guess.
Arsenal fans are now furious with Wenger again and some want him out of the club. They have taken to twitter to slate the manager.
“End of last season #WengerOut Start of this season give Wenger a new contract End of this season #WengerOut
“Only at Arsenal, a coach who has gone almost 9yrs without a trophy is immune to criticism, utterly senseless.”
“Millions in the bank and we have Giroud, Bendtner and Sanogo. #WengerOut
Wenger-out campaign is at it again. Can Arsenal finally win a title this season, only time will tell.
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  1. Muli says:

    #AW is a big joke to Arsenal Fans…#we are bouncing back what???????

  2. ajay harichand says:

    i totally agree with you-as a true gooner i know what it feels like
    we were right up there before the january transfer window could close
    the fans could see we had no depth in the squad to win it but the manager saw nothing
    one cannot express the frustrations we go through
    we need a positive change now

  3. Jude says:

    It’s time for AW to move on to a fresh challenge . He remains the best manager known to me , but I do not think he can still do it again @ Arsenal

  4. JOJO says:

    William Gallas was axed as Arsenal’s captain by Wenger because he questioned the club’s ambition. More than 6 years has passed since then with no sign of any medal, nor are the board bothered about that, so long as Arsenal keeps making fat income. Now we have seen who was right between Gallas and Wenger! He spent 42 million on Ozil-good! But with mediocre strikers ahead of him the result has always been negative. The truth is that ARSENAL HAS NO AMBITION!!!

  5. Faithful Gunner says:

    Make no mistake, money could certainly close the quality gaps in the team.. but as long as the manager’s philosophy/ strategy/tactic remains, I do not see how the team could play like a champion.

  6. Kunle Bolufawi says:

    AW does not add anything 2d team again, not buying a striker in January has now come back 2 hurt us. Shame… AW out!!!

  7. Leruo says:

    How Wenger sees Giroud as a striker beats me!

  8. gunner says:

    Bullshit, its all about Wenger. The man has no shame, no wonder he is now referred to as a failure specialist. There should be some levels of mafianess. No! we are seeing a Manager who is being used to make money for some mafias in the name of the Board. Those Mafias have no respect for there fans nor do they even care about them. Remember what Wenger said after loosing to Liverpool, ‘as for the fans we played 90 minutes” (meaning we have fulfilled the fixture). Just imagine, you fans in the UK can you do something about Wenger and his Board (Mafias).

  9. Tyona says:

    My frustration as an arsenal fan is high. Wenger had the best chance to win the league this season but he blew it with his stubborn nature and unexplainable reliance on a less than average striker. IMO, if he misses this league, he may never win it again. I think he needs to go. He will be the most shameless manager ever if he wins no trophy yet stays on; a real specialist in failure.

  10. Ralphy says:

    Year after year we WIN the balance-sheet league ! YAY !!!!
    AW is clueless, stubborn and not a good tactician on the pitch…
    What do Arsenal do ? Reward him with a rediculously high new contract, rewarding failure.
    As a season ticket holder for 20 years, I say… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH SIR… PLEASE RESIGN , you stubborn git !!

  11. murphee says:

    AW is suck! I can’t just imagine seeing this man loosing this league….am so sick of him, a real specialist in failure…..he should be out pls!

    • Declan O' Brien says:

      There is no pleasing you fickle minded assholes.Top manager ,stadium and team for a shower of wankers

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