Manchester United Ready to Splash $25m to Sign Star

Moyes Manchester UnitedManchester United have been horrific in defense this season and perhaps that is the main reason why the English champions have crumbled down.
The experienced defenders have made so many blunders that have cost United dear.
With captain Vidic all set to leave at the end of the season to Inter Milan and future of other veterans like Ferdinand and Evra in doubt, Moyes need to find quality center backs to reinforce squad for next season.
Manchester United have been linked with several quality defenders but the latest one may not delight so many supporters.
According to reports, David Moyes has told the club officials to look into a deal to lure Southampton center back Dejan Lovren to Old Trafford.
As per the provided link, Manchester United are ready to splash as much as $15 million to sign the Croatian star.
Lovren has featured in 23 premier league games for the Saints this season and apart from his decent defensive duties, the 24 year old has scored 2 goals as well.
United have heavy funds at their disposal and can surely find someone better than Lovren to replace their legendary defender Vidic.
With enough time at disposal, Moyes should analyze and sign the best possible players for the club next summer to bounce back.
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  1. Phila says:

    Can we not lure big name players anymore?

    • DC says:

      Lovren might not be a big name but he’s as solid as Evans and much much better than Smalling both technically and in the air and has experience and time on his side I’d rather us bring in a Rannochia or Garay or even splash big and land Mangala or Varane but Lovren wouldn’t be a bad buy for 12-15m especially if we can send someone their way in part if a 3 player deal bringin in Shaw Lovren and lallana. Bring in those 3 for smalling or Ashley young and 25-30m, buy Kroos and Reus (for Kagawa bc I’m sick of us wasting him)and you are looking at a united that can challenge for everything.
      Rafael Lovren Jones Shaw
      Kroos Fellaini
      Mata Roo Reus
      Lallana off the bench Now you can complain about us not attracting big names all you want But it was SAF in all his glory and wisdom Who was the one who wouldn’t play pogba even though everyone was BEGGING him too and didn’t reinvest in the squad when he still had his weight and power to throw around to attract the big stars and now moyes(who I’ve been against from the start) is paying the price. Watch him overpay for players just like Fellaini and actually buy players who can help us next year an you’ll look stupid. At this point it Doesn’t matter how much we pay or overpay for stars as long as we bring them in and get back into the UCL. United has the sponsors to never hurt for money and if we wanted to we could buy every world class player on the planet that’s not gonna happen obviously but if me an anti Moyes, Moyes out supporter is saying let him build his team you can’t give him shite for having 1 month to try and bring in players I mean FFS he brought in mata and who in their right mind EVER thought that would happen? Give him this summer and watch big stars FLOCK to united wanting to be apart of the team that rebuilt united in the post ferguson era world class players would die to have their fingerprints all over this team we just haven’t given him enough time. I agree it’s painful to watch us now but were paying for fergies stubbornness and if you can’t see that your a fool

  2. Akon says:

    where is mangala and garay?cant u sign them

  3. Archibong says:

    To me SAF ppwould hv b in positn 2 lure wrld clapresur on hims b4 handnova 2 moyes.My major problm wid moyes is,tactics,moral n substitutn so many times he made r full of error.I dont knw weda is bcos of d presur or wot.I also presume he has been wid dis players tro-out preseason n ssupose 2 hv knw individual ability n wen 2 use dem.To me i don’t see moyes goin byon dis season

  4. Man-united for ever !

  5. Echeya M C says:

    There is a lot of expensive raw materials mediocrities at UTD with hefty wkly wage wastage.. Unless UTD quickly identify the unwanted mediocrities and send them parking without further hesitant.. No new deals for FLETCHER/FERDINAND/GIGGS/CLEVERLEY etc…IT 12 OUT 7 IN FOR UTD..= ferdinand/smalling~vidic OUT~MANGALA IN~ evra~out~SHAW IN…kagawa/young/nani/chicharito OUT= COSTA~REUS IN=cleverley/carrick/giggs/fletcher OUT=CARVALHO~GUNDOGAN~KROOS IN…LALANA/GINTER/LOVREN/ POGBA ‘ VIDAL ALTERNATIVES. ? CONTE THE MAN..

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