Man United Sign Unknown Stars, One is Likely Carvalho

William Carvalho SportingManchester United are looking already active in the transfer market sealing deals way before the end of the season.
With the Red Devils highly unlikely to play Champions league football next season, it is significant they look to sign players as soon as possible before the window opens and rivals jump in to compete and make things complicated.
United have the cash to sign players and afford their wages and Moyes wants top quality player for next season.
The brilliant news for the United supporters is that according to reports, the Red Devils have already agreed to lure two players to Old Trafford.
As per the provided link, the two players are in fact unknown and overseas stars who have been scouted by Manchester United for a long time.
It is likely that one of the two players might be Sporting Lisbon midfielder, William Carvalho.
The Portuguese midfielder has been heavily linked with a move to Old Trafford and he is one of those players United have scouted many a times, in fact more than 10 times.
Moreover, a few days back, even Mirror reported that the English champions have agreed a deal to lure the versatile midfield star to England.
United supporters will be hoping that both players, whosoever, are quality players and help the team bounce back next season.
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  1. Onotu Aliyu says:

    This is good news for united fans. But we still need at least 5 more quality players that will lift united’s spirit. We need one quality striker,three midfielders and three strong defenders. With this,united will be a force to reckon with next season. Including the ones united have newly signed.

  2. stewart says:

    sell rvp moyes. he doesnt play for you.
    buy cavani or play rooney up top with kagawa and mata on the left.

  3. Adam says:

    in my opinion we need these players next season:
    carvalho, kroos, mangala, coentrao, garay,
    di maria and luis muriel
    if we can get them all we’ll do well next season moyes or no moyes

  4. segun says:

    Even if moyes has all d resources he won’t do well…sack him first

  5. DC says:

    Ok I’ve supported Moyes up until today always said he could turn it around I even went Into today saying a draw would be a fantastic result after this last week I was even hopeful of a victory but that went out within 45 seconds this was simply embarrassing. He’s lost the support and effort of every single player except Rooney and Fellaini and we don’t even want the useless violent tree whose footballing father has ruined our image he’s the biggest waste of £30m I’ve ever seen. Now unfortunately even if we tank every game for the rest of the season hell still be given more than £100m to blow with no guarantee of results from a manager who has NEVER gotten results or trophies or garnered success of any kind and ihell keep ruining it bc we don’t want to admit SAF’s last decision to be major mistake which it clearly is. Please bring in Louis Van Gaal or someone with at least half a brain for tactics and A backbone we’ve been spineless this year no heart or desire. Gutless. Now for the new signings again we are way overpaying for an unproven player in Carvalho not to say he’s not good or quality bc he is or to say he won’t one day be worth his current price but £37m for a 21 yr old?! for the exact same price we got Juan mata one of the best creative mids in the game! I personally would rather is sign both Kroos and Gundogan no matter what the price hopefully combined £50-65m for the pair and then Coentrao or Filipe Luis both quality proven LB’s and one of FC pottos CB’s in Mangala or Otamendi or even Garay to compliment Jones or Evans and a quality winger I’d be ecstatic if we acquired Di Maria but anyone’s better than Ashley young I am still partial to Shinji though hopefully if the glazers aren’t complete fools which they are well look like this next year
    MGR: Van Gaal
    Rafael Jones Mangala Luis
    Kroos Gundogan
    Tony V Mata Shinji
    Now I don’t know about you all but that is one heck of a team. That’s a team that can compete with the best now that’s a team that as Mr. Moyes said “can emulate Manchester city” ugh god that leaves a bad taste in my mouth knowing he said that. I might actually be sick. Nope I’m good. Anyways if we get a manager who knows what the word compete and fight an spirit means the basic values of Manchester United our never say die attitude that SAF spent nearly 3 decades instilling into this club we would be golden and not the laughing stick of the world that Moyes has turned us into in less than 12 months ! and maybe I wouldn’t wake up every weekend dreading knowing that were either going to look semi decent and scrape bye or just got marched off our own field and embarrassed. I look forward to the day when I can see our United actually be OUR UNITED again.

  6. calvin says:

    i Love Moyes For bringing Man Utd Down….thnxx Scot 🙂

  7. Lewis says:

    In my opinion Manchester United are a great team yeah we could do with a few top cass players but non of the less we need a new manager that our players will support and play for basically we need a world class manager such as SAF , Klopp or Louis van gaal . With a few signings such as coentrao hummels garay Muriel gundogan and Kroos

  8. Vengayi says:

    Utd need world- class manager first and foremost! With Moyes, things will continue to get worse. Pliz give Van Gaal the job!

  9. Onyeka says:

    The Glazers are not football tycoon, they don’t know anything about football. They don’t respect d name Man utd, if they do they would have known dat so called David Moyes is nothing but a never do well. D whole history that made man utd to be great has now been broken. I blame DM but at all my most blame goes to SAF who didnt build d team up b4 he retired and finally handed over to DM who is non tactical.
    Coming to d players, if we can go for gundogan, kroos, calvalho, mangala, and so many good players out there to put man utd fans smile on their faces once and again.

  10. Raymond says:

    This should be our new Manchester United
    Manager: ASomeone who can handle this team and bring its legacy back
    GK: De Gea/Butland
    DEF: Rafael/Walker, Hummels/Jones, Mangala, Coentrao/Shaw/Alba
    MID: Gundogen/Vidal, Kroos/Mata/Pogba, Carvalho/Reus
    AT: Rooney, Di Maria/Welbeck/Hamsik/El shaarawy

  11. chisa says:

    Our weakest link is Rooney, he is niether a good player nor a bad one, on the pitch he does as much bad as he does good but he is our highest paid player

  12. Philip Fidelis says:

    we need to sign players like Carvalho, Kroos, Mangala etc

  13. cassim says:

    Any fool that lives out RVP in a lineup does not know good players. Stop yapping about and just say moyes out! RVP is the best frontman any team could have. Am sick of U hell praisers for british players like rooney over the real deals like RVP. Records show that RVP is needed more than selfish rooney: rooney 27 games 12 goals, RVP 16 games 11 goals. Do the Maths bozles.

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