Disloyal Gunner now Willing to Accept Disloyalty to Man United

Van Persie United vs ArsenalArsenal fans were furious when their captain and star striker Robin van Persie decided to jump ship and join Manchester United at the start of last season.
The gunners still hate him, use words like traitor and disloyal for the Dutch star and perhaps now such words really make sense.
Once a disloyal person, always a disloyal person.
Robin van Persie was at Arsenal for 8 long years and the club supported him through thick and thin when he was on the injury table.
However, after playing his only season without injury, RvP departed to Manchester United as some little boy shouted that out according to him.
Now, after winning the premier league in his first season with United, the second one has been horrific and suddenly Robin van Persie wants to exit United only to return to Arsenal.
Baffling that RvP still thinks he will be welcomed at the Emirates.
According to Mirror, if the former Arsenal star completes his contract with Manchester United, he will be handed a loyalty bonus of 10 million pounds.
However, the Dutch star is willing to accept disloyalty to Man United by snubbing the bonus and leaving the club at the end of the season.
If that really happens, then Robin van Persie is ready to become a laughing stock and by no means a legend.
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  1. mbarak says:

    He is always unstable as water we dont need him any more we are going to buy another Henry not rvp the traitor.

  2. michael Arerobe says:

    For me ‘ i dnt see RVP comimg back to Arsenal? It wil be a shame if RVP put on Arsenal jersey come summer?

  3. Frank Ogamma says:

    Istead of RVP Wenger don’t buy again. Manage Giroud, Sanogo and Bentner

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