Chelsea IMAGE – Look who is Back at Stamford Bridge

Drogba GalatasarayChelsea will face Galatasaray at Stamford Bridge in the second leg of their Champions league contest.
The Blues will welcome one of their legends Didier Drogba who will hope to score in his favorite ground.
The Ivorian striker is back at Stamford Bridge and surely by no means he will feel that it is an away game for him.
Chelsea supporters are surely going to sing his name even thought he will be playing against them tomorrow night.
As per Chelsea’s twitter account, “Drogba says he is very happy to come back and see some familiar faces, but it won’t be difficult to play the game.”
Here is the image of Drogba back at Stamford Bridge, in press conference.
Drogba Galatasaray Chelsea Stamford Bridge

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