Chelsea Boss Ignites Fire in Liverpool Camp by Mocking Suarez

Liverpool Luis Suarez MagicianJose Mourinho is famous for his mind games and like always he just does not care about anything or anyone.
The Chelsea boss likes to take a swipe at every opportunity especially at the rivals and lately Liverpool are the target.
After the victory against Tottenham Hotspur, he was asked about Hazard missing the open goal after rounding the keeper. Instead of just simply replying to the question, Mourinho opted to mock Luis Suarez as he claimed:

“We had a big opportunity in the second minute of the game, when other players with other shirts would go for a penalty and a red card for the keeper”
“Hazard doesn’t do that. He tries to go away from the keeper and he misses from a difficult angle. But other players in this league, in that situation, they attack the keeper.”
“I did not see a video of Eto’o and the penalty but I want to. But you know the kings of the penalties, you know where they are – and they’re not here.”

Mourinho should really see the video as Eto’o clearly fouled Suarez. On the contrary, Jose said that Suarez made an acrobatic swimming pool dive.
Now he calls him the diving king. With Liverpool now one of their closest rivals in the title race, Mourinho was always going to use his minds game over them as well.
Such a statement may as well ignite fire in Liverpool camp who do whatever it takes to back their superstar Luis Suarez.
The Uruguayan is one of the best players in the world at the moment and the best part is that criticism only gives him more motivation to succeed and shut the doubters.
Chelsea face Liverpool next month and Suarez would surely like to reply Mourinho with a brilliant performance at Anfield.
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