Arsenal: Is Ozil a Waste why Fans are Crying for Liverpool Star?

Liverpool Luis Suarez MagicianWho can forget the long summer transfer saga surrounding Liverpool star Luis Suarez that ended with him staying at Anfield club.
Arsenal desperately wanted to sign him, Suarez perhaps wanted to leave as well but Reds were adamant and stopped him from going anywhere.
Months later, with only 10 games to go, Liverpool are above Arsenal in the league and the main reason for their surge is none other than Luis Suarez (not taking any credit away from others).
The Uruguayan is the top goal scorer in Europe’s top 5 leagues and leads the assist chart in the PL as well.
In such a scenario, Liverpool owner John W Henry has revealed that Arsenal actually met Suarez’s release clause but Reds just refused to sell. Perfect timing to reveal that, much better than his renowned tweet “smoking at the Emirates”.
Now that Liverpool have leapfrogged Arsenal, gunner fans have started crying for the Liverpool star when they should actually blame Arsene Wenger for not signing a top striker in 2 transfer windows. His only capture, Mesut Ozil.
The main question, why are Arsenal fans crying for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, do they feel Ozil is a waste?
When Gunners failed to sign Suarez, they spent the cash to lure German international Ozil and Arsenal fans were OVER THE MOON.
The former Real star immediately impressed in the premier league by providing assists and Arsenal quickly went on top of the league. They have stayed there for long, but not anymore. Moreover the fact that Liverpool have overtaken them (on GD only) hurts even more with difficult fixtures coming ahead.
Suarez is never going to be an Arsenal player and fans should back Ozil to the fullest who is a world class player as well.
Lastly, Liverpool or anyone else is not to blame for Arsenal’s downfall, the fingers should again be pointed at one man, Arsene Wenger.
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  1. Stan says:

    Sad and very bitter arsenal fans,just because they have only taken 8 points out of the last 6 games ( While Liverpool have take 16 points.Now an idiot fan has started a FreeSuarez Twitter petition pmsl,they think we should give Suarez to them for free plus £4.5 million pounds compensation 😉

  2. Ekeng says:

    Arsenal’s wailing is medicine after death. They should prize Messi and Ronaldo since Ozil has failed to deliver. Arsenal opponents beware, Wenger is now a boxer.

  3. Ahmad zaki says:

    fingers crossed Mr Wenger right??? Wrong. he is still adamant he would sign the genius all-round world class Liverpool star. dreaming is one thing getting it is another Mr Wenger or 2 be precise “Mr free Suarez” on twitter. arsenal r now laughing stock at the red half of mersyside.
    count the wonderful “S” in reds team
    FRONT :Suarez Sterling Sturridge
    MIDFIELD:Stevie Showtinho
    Defence: Skirtel Sakho
    Gk : Simon
    that is 8 s wonderful ryt

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