Arsenal Favorites to Sign $25m Star Striker – Credit Thierry

Arsenal Classic – Henry Flattens Ferguson in Injury TimeWith Arsenal dismantled for the third time this season by a rival, Wenger has turned fans against himself and rightly so.
Whether he will be at the Emirates next season, most likely yes because Board loves the fact that he spends less and still manages to qualify for Champions league every season.
Gunners finished the year 2013 on top of the Barclays premier league, 3 months later, now they are 4th with the title hopes fading quickly.
They desperately needed a striker in the winter transfer window but like always wasted time and in the end signed an injured player on loan who still has not featured for the gunners.
Whether or not Wenger stays, one thing is for sure i.e. Arsenal need a top quality next summer to start with.
According to reports, there is some good news for Arsenal as QPR striker Loic Remy who is currently playing for Newcastle is desperate to join Gunners next summer.
The main reason why he wants to wear that Red and White shirt is because Remy is a massive fan of Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. A source close to Remy claimed:

“If Arsenal want him that’s where he will go. Where else would a big fan of Thierry Henry want to go?”

Well, if they do sign him, credit must go to Thierry as well. The French connection of Henry and Wenger may help as well but QPR want $25m for their star.
He is definitely worth the mentioned amount and very much within Arsenal’s bracket as they do not like spending much.
Remy has netted 13 goals in 23 league appearances for magpies. Arsenal should be considered favorites to land him as the players wants the move and they must sign Remy as he is a proven versatile striker available for cheap.
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  1. andrew says:

    yeah he fits our type of game and he is an all around striker, atleast arsenal this time will have made their bets on favourable odds according to his quality!

  2. OPIO says:

    Wenger must retire first before any deal is struck.

  3. lango says:

    pls take him,he is a ready made striker.

  4. LESLIE says:

    Remy for 25mil?trust me wenger won’t sign him for such a price

  5. Alemayehu Bokan says:

    change required in defence, mid field and striker position. I suggest and additional of at least top class players. Selling of some players like, Giroud, podoliski, Arteta

  6. wilson says:

    When Arsenal win epl ? when will Arsenal gain its lost glory ? Its all up wenger and the board. The board loves wenger becoz he is making money, spend less in players and qualifys for CL. Wenger out????

  7. Les Naidoo says:

    Wenger should go. Get someone who is serious about winning trophies.We are too scared to play the big clubs because the players are shielded too much by Wenger always taking blame for our poor performance.
    I cannot understand why the players do not play consistently,We play like a yo-yo type. If Arsenal is to compete with the major clubs then we need to buy another six or more players because we have injury prone players who are letting us down when we need them most.

  8. Percy says:

    Its a shame arsenal fans are talking about Loic rent.wat arsenal need rite now is not rent.we need a lionlike striker someone who cannot rest until he scores aguero tevez falcao cavani Suarez Jackson Martinez.not remy 4 christ. Sake.players like pogba lavezzi

  9. Frank Ogamma says:

    Wenger pliz leave french players. Turn to brazi, germany angentina where we can get talented and inborn players. Pliz liv france

  10. Hjorvar says:

    Our striker (Girud) is not at all up to our standards. So a new striker of highest quality is needed and this guy Loic Remy is not the one. We need a striker who netts 20 – 30 goals every year. But he could be a good understudy.

  11. Phemmy4luv says:

    Why is it dat wenger likes french player of which they don’t know how to play nothing,can some one tell me last time dat france player have win world best player of d year? Except recent time dat they nominated ribery of which they didn’t crown him,the problem dat when have is dat he want to help his country to build national team like barcelona

  12. Munzali MM says:

    Yes. Wenger shld quit at the end of the season or remain but dissociate himself from any transfer dealings as he has lost touch with modern football.

  13. George Fai says:

    The first thing is Wenger must go before any signing. With him been around, no signing will ever take place. Remember he sold all the good players and has not been able to replace any. Even the ones he has can not be properly arranged in a game.
    George Fai

  14. George Fai says:

    Wenger, Please try to leave.

  15. He doesn’t actually need to leave,but need to change his tactics and he cann’t then fine his way.

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