Why Chelsea are Our Favorites to win the Premier League

Chelsea Jose MourinhoHaving knocked Manchester City’s unbeaten record at the Etihad Stadium, Chelsea are now just two points behind league leaders Arsenal.
Despite an outstanding display against the 2012 champions, Blues manager Jose Mourinho downplayed the idea of winning the premier league this season.
In fact, he claimed that Chelsea are a work in progress and may compete for the title next season as for now, Arsenal are favorites.
However, Mourinho may say what he likes, for us, Chelsea are the favorites to win the premier league crown.
Why is that so? Because of none other than the master class of the same man, Jose Mourinho.
Yes, Manchester City have the best squad in the league. Yes, Arsene Wenger has taken a lot of time to build brilliant Arsenal side and are all set to be winners. Yes, Chelsea had many problems that still need to be fixed and will take time.
Even after all that, it is the sheer presence of Mourinho that makes them favorites in our eyes.
Mourinho is arguably the best manager when it comes to managing big games. He will talk and talk, little sense, more nonsense at will to take all the pressure and limelight on himself and make his players prepare for the game.
His mind games worked against City big time as he talked about media favoring the citizens, complained that the sky blues have more funds even though Mou has always been playing with $$$ for Chelsea.
It is evident that acting as the little horse in the title race is another step of taking the pressure away from the players and obviously involves more of his mind games.
For everyone, it should come as no surprise if in the end it will be Chelsea lifting the premier league trophy and the reason behind that will be one man, Jose Mourinho.
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  1. Tai Obasi, Lagos says:

    Mourinho may be a big game expert but the League is not made up of just big teams. While his mind was on City, he dropped points against West Ham….as he did against Everton, Stoke, Newcastle, WBA. Arsenal are more clinical in this respect and that’s why they top the table despite loses to Man U and Man City. There definitely less big teams in the League.
    Whatever Mourinho blabs, he’s trying to mask the fact that he loaned players all around to help him reduce rivals as well as sold Mata to desperate Man U for same effect.

  2. hamza says:

    Mourinho is the Best coach master class,blues are picking up and next season will be tough for everyone,every team,every coach get set and ready….Up blues,this season is just to shaping our team

  3. Both jos-mouriyo as a coach, nd cfc players as a team, has one thing in commone. They have ways of reacting to games.if u most agree with me, they allways give all they have to only the bige gams and not to all gams.

  4. chukwuemeka says:

    Man city and arsenal are favourites to win the league this season.

  5. we the funs of chelsea need costa at chelsea.

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