Talks went Well – Arsenal Slapping in an Offer for €48m Star

Mario Balotelli AC MilanArsenal failed to go back to the top of the Barclays premier league after only earning a point against Manchester United at the Emirates.
Gunners were concerned about their defense more because of thrashing received at the hands of Liverpool but their striker Giroud had decent chances to win the game.
However, the French star failed as he normally does. It has now become very clear that Arsenal need a top quality striker upfront to complete the set.
They have a brilliant attacking midfield but Giroud is just average at best. Therefore, as per reports, Arsenal are looking to lure one of the brightest stars around.
According to Metro, Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger met Milan’s striker Mario Balotelli’s agent looking to lure the talented Italian and the talks are said to have gone well.
As per the above given link, Arsenal are now weighing up slapping in an offer at the end of the season for €48m rated former Manchester City star.
Balotelli will be a world class addition to Arsenal. Although, he does cause some trouble with his hot head but his abilities cannot be denied.
This season, Milan have struggled badly in the league but the Azzuri star has been shining since joining the mighty Rossoneri last winter.
In 17 Serie A appearances this season, Mario has netted 9 goals and also provided 3 assists.
He will surely be a brilliant addition for Arsenal and the best part is that Puma will help the gunners in securing the deal for cheap and the club will only have to pay 30 million Euros.
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  1. peter tosh says:

    Giroud/girout/gayroud is nt a ftballer i just thnk arsenal can win ECL with a false striker coz they are briliant in MID

  2. Delford Magaya says:

    There is a problem with either from board members or either the management of Arsenal, they must buy a good striker, not to take to-much of time to pay money. Arsenal always lose good players, because they do not want to pay for the right price.

  3. baraka malekela says:

    Giroud is less capable new striker must be added.

  4. The problem is 4rm wenger he is d one that denied the arrival of new striker becous our mad strker giroud is his country man he dont want him to loose his place but there is death and it’s inevitable.

  5. The problem is 4rm wenger he is d one that denied the arrival of new striker becous our pool strker is his country man and he dont want him to loose his place but he must one day one time there is death and it’s inevitable.

  6. muganda herbert says:

    Giroud is astrong & tactical striker who needs to play with another poaching striker. Other Balatotelli would be anice addition to our squad.

  7. Percy says:

    As a Mata of fact insulting Olivier giroud at this time of the season won’t help at all. Its not his fault he is baulky and can’t control the ball.but wenger could have helped him by giving him competition.he failed to.I just don’t know. We have elshawary not getting playing time giovinco berbatov. But probably just because they are not French guys. Take this from me. I really can’t tell but it’s like arsenal won’t taste trophies until wenger is gone.HE IS A GOAT

  8. Izuchukwu Okosi says:

    During the transfer window in January, giroud insisted there was no need for a striker for Arsenal but in February after the end of the window, he admitted(as if we don’t know)that he knows Arsenal fans wanted a star striker. The idiot is afraid of losing a starting place to Karim Benzema in the French NT

  9. H2J says:

    giroud he’s the must fail player on the football history. everyone beta than giroud.

  10. Felix says:

    Lets face the fact, wenger is arsenal headache, look at chelsea 4 instance how many gud player has chelsè taking away from wenger, who else should have add to his team after the injury of theo, but wenger has fail arsenal in soo many ways, i think if anyone want to learn how to become a failure, he should sturdy wenger

  11. I cann’t imagine a club of Arsenal’s pedigree having a striker like Giroud,though th isn’t due for any unreasonable satirical,if not the one who a team without a proven goal poacher,a freekick specialist,I always feel embarrass when fans of other club,pundit talks negatively about Arsenal,if wenger cann’t do the right thing he should part way because the insult in getting too much.

  12. Mr stone says:

    If ur church cannot change u,then, u change ur church.if wenger cannt change arsenal any longer,arsenal shuld change wenger.period

  13. Evans Amoro says:

    My dear Arsenal fans Ozil is not the problem,is Giroud who is not scoring.u compare podolski and Ozil playing.Arsene Wenger should always feature podolski if we want goals.

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