Liverpool – How Closer a View Howard Webb Wants

Liverpool FCLiverpool were eliminated from the FA Cup by Arsenal and their manager came up and claimed that the merseysiders were robbed.
The game was evenly balanced with both sides playing end to end football and perhaps draw would have been a fair result.
However, once again it was Howard Webb who denied Liverpool a clear penalty to go level with the gunners in the second half.
Webb has always been criticized by some set of fans mainly the Liverpool supporters for his idiotic decisions and yesterday, the foul on Luis Suarez was ignored as if nothing happened.
Webb had a clear view when Chamberlain wrongly tackled Suarez but perhaps the referee was sleeping.
Liverpool were denied previously by Webb in the premier league this season as well when he again had a clear view of Eto’o tackle on Suarez.
Howard Webb, the WORLD CUP referee, how closer a look you want to give the right decision?
Howard Webb vs Liverpool

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  1. Chas Cartmel says:

    Webb has made many dubious decisions over the past few months, perhapseven since his World Cup Final shambles. I am an Everton supporter but must sympathise with LFC fans as they had a clear penalty denied. He did however refrain from giving Gerrard a second yellow for a late tackle, but that does not compensate – two wrongs do not make a right. In my opinion he is no longer the best UK referee and should not be our representative at the World Cup.

  2. Stephen Trousdale says:

    It was as clear as day in should of been are second pen but Webb showed again is hatred for Liverpool and Suarez . Suarez will be hoping he never get used in any of his World Cup games as they will get nothing from him . He should be held accountable for his lack of respect for Liverpool and the job he should be doing . He put refs to shame

    • gerard mc laughlin says:

      The last 7 games Webb has officiated in where Liverpool have been involved ,Liverpool have lost all 7.Those sort of stats dont lie. He is a cheat no other explaination needed.Would loved to have seen an all Merseyside quarter final but he put paid to that.

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