Like Mata, €22m Quality Star is being Wasted at Chelsea

Schurrle ChelseaChelsea have one of the best attacking midfields in the world at the moment with top quality stars not only in the starting XI but also on the bench.
In such a scenario, it was always going to be frustration for a few but who would have thought that the main one will be Blues player of the year for the past two seasons, Juan Mata.
Jose Mourinho had his own plans and in his system, Mata was not really fitting mainly because of two factors i.e. lack of pace and not being able to track back and help in defense.
The Spaniard was left frustrated and in the end departed last month to Manchester United for a club record fee that eventually helped Chelsea in reinforcing their squad more.
However, Mata is not the only Chelsea playmaker that was getting wasted at Chelsea.
Blues signed Andre Schurrle from Bayer Leverkusen last summer for a fee of €22m. The German international has been key member of the national side and one of his main strengths is that he is versatile.
Pacy, capable of playing on both flanks as well as a secondary striker, he was perfect fit. Unfortunately, things have gone real bad for Schurrle. Even though he has not really complained much like Mata but the disappointment is inevitable.
Schurrle has only started 7 league games this season and only once did he complete full 90 minutes.
If that is not enough, the German has only played 654 minutes in 18 league appearances for Chelsea, averaging only 36 minutes per game.
The above mentioned stats are a shocker for such a quality player and without a doubt he is being wasted. Moreover, his chances of playing for Germany in the World Cup can be seriously hurt.
Mourinho obviously cannot be blamed as Hazard, Oscar and Willian are playing at the top of the game and are perfectly settled in Jose’s system.
Schurrle may as well have to depart like Mata if playing time does not amplify to a large extent.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. Deladem says:

    Why don’t you go to Man City n cross-check the number of wasted stars before coming to Chelsea?

    • Tosinkay says:

      Thanks @Daleman for that comment. There are so many stars like that in man city without any chance for them @all. I think schurlle is stil playing in some games, If not a regular starter like d likes of hazard, oscar and willian. Schurlle should go and work with his pace, and how to defend wth d rest membr of d team. And likewise, let him work on his shootings, cos most time his shooting accuracy is stl not perfect. Mourihno can neva bench a player of willian’s quality for schurlle, cos, willian is an utility player, he is always present everywhere on d pitch, running up and down, attacking and defending seriously and wit a very good pace which I think schurlle can’t match-up to dis quality. He needs to do extra training like C.ronaldo did. That’s d trick.

  2. Admire Tarasana says:

    I think Jose should give Schurrel more playing time he should rotate his team regulary yes willan,Oscar and Hazar are doing goos but we cant afford to waste Schurrel on bench and even Salah as well

  3. Igwe chimara okeyadibe umuowa orlu says:

    Mourinho has been known for killing talents and its high time players get to know about is simply go to chelsea and kill your talent.

    • prince joseph says:

      U are totally deluded how can u say that, mou is a coach who has made soo many young players super stars today, for example. Mesiut ozil, di maria, drogba, lampard, j cole, deco during his spell at porto and soo many more that I can’t remember, so check ur facts b4 u make those comments.

    • makatu says:

      it is very hard to bench the top form players because you want to play everyone in the team…..instead it brings competition in the team hence better results. its inevitable………

    • Ibrahimu says:

      There is something funny about you type of player fans. If Mou starts rotating players you say hes fo because he hasn’t got first eleven, When he selects a winning team you come here blaming Mou for only Schurle. Yes Schurle is a great player with a lot of qualities, butI believe if he performs badly and his contribution to the team leads to our defeat you will be the first to call for his head. At Barca they have Pedro, Cesc, Sanchez, and many others but their coach sticks with his winning team. Im a Chelsea fan and a will support any coach as long as he is at my Club

    • pierce henrique says:

      pffff… do u know anything about football at all….? This man won’t play 15 players at a time on the pitch for God sake ……!!!!!

  4. Bugatti says:

    Andre Schurrle have the really quality to shine at EPL and not joining a club like Chelsea. He have the pace and talents can do well in EPL. He should be sold to liverpool, although Chelsea alreday have William, Hazard and Oscar. Chelsea should not be killling away his talents, as he is still young and also need more game time to be selected for Germany National Team.

  5. Jimmy says:

    As much as schurrle is good, he isnt better than the rest and shouldnt play just because of the wc.

  6. Jimmy says:

    And which talents has mou killed?

  7. ibrahim says:

    You people are like lilte Kids. Every great team in the best league have this kind of competition. Kagawa at United, Adam Johnason was at City, Allen from Swans to Liverpool, Song at Barca (usually plays when the regular fugures are injured). He has to compete in the training and show that whenever he has been given a chance. I believe he knew that before coming to Chelsea. You post is disgusting because instead of incouraging a player tstep up his game you are discouraging him . Go to City may be you will be OK.

  8. Akintade Adeola says:

    mourinho z not killing their talent’s.,he cant afford to play playerz that are not strong both physically and mentally.try to understand him.y cant him kill hazard,oscar & willian talents despite d fact dat he bought willian mainly jst to stop tottenham from geting stronger.willian proves himself and he include him in his plans.try to understand mourinho.he cant b one of the best coach in the world if he has been killing talents right from porto..d likes of deco,drogba,terry,sneidjer, & even ronaldo has mourinho to thanks for wia they av been today!

  9. Whoever is blaming Mou, is wrong, as agood analyst n agood fun you can flash back at da begining of da season, n tell us how waz da results, surely let’s b honest we even reached a point of calling Mou, da beaten one, confused jst because of not coming up with an established first X1, now dat he haz it, we have started murmuring again about Schuler, surely am not against Schuler, bt dat guy is selfish, he wastes alot of chances if u r agd spectator, he fights 4 himself n if am wrong, out of seven starts y is dat he didnt register even a single assist. So 4 me wat i can advice him, is jst 2 remain silent like John Obi, not be greedy of world cup which will see our 2yr best player play Europa if am not wrong. Y don’t pple go 2 Man’city n see how big dat squad is as compared 2 ourz. Stay at chelsea n enjoy success, world cup is coming n will leave us 4 da next 4yrz. So mind ur future Schuler.

  10. Penny says:

    Chelsea arent de only team with qualities on de bench.Isco is glued to de bench at madrid,Xhagiri at bayern munich.You just checK on de players in City’s first team squad n u will see quality players who are routing on de bench n even Jovetic n Dzeko are playing mainly bcos Aguero n Nasri are injured.Shurrle would be a great chip in if we lose one of our first choice attacking trio,but they are always fit to play.GUYS DONT TELL ME U WOULD PREFER SHURRLE TO WILLIAN OR OSCAR OR HAZARD IF U WERE DE MANAGER.

  11. Ray says:

    Schurlle may not be in Hazards class but he is a far better all round player than Willian or Oscar who have 1 great game followed by 2 or 3 average games, Mata is too great a player too be wasted on the bench so he did the right thing by leaving maybe only problem he joined the wrong club. Players have to be given enough game time to prove what they can do not only Schurlle but all the fantastic youngsters we have who will probably never be given opportunities. Thers no need to buy players, we have Lukaku and Bamford both good enough for next season and theres others too like Swift, Baker, Loftus-Reed, Boga Piazon, Hazards younger brother, Ferus and more, but they must be given the oppostuniites not 5 or 10 minutes here and there.

  12. coldspade says:

    Hypocrites! If Mou starts playing everyone and start losing matches u will be de first to call for his removal, come to think of it those asking Mou to play everyone can’t be chelsea fan but those who wish to see chelsea fall, cos no right thinking couch will change a winning team, dat is simple logic.

  13. Vin chelsea mpundu says:

    I see some plastic fans

  14. Bob Yekwe says:

    I have learnt to always stick to the manager’s plan. Firstly, I can’t change anything. Secondly, he has been getting the results I need with his plan. Thirdly, Chelsea is for me and it should come first before the world cup, which is for individuals.
    As for Andrea S, he has not done much to replace any of the WHOzcar…

  15. La Paix Se Gagne! says:

    Its about being on top of the game;being the best not only being GOOD. Schurlle is of course a very good one but he needs to fight for selection and convince Mourinho! That’s why we let MATA leave…

  16. Made kings says:

    Mind you guys Schurrie is a great guy with fine talent to display… All he need to do now is brace up and add to his mental response and fight really hard with starters”hazard,oscar,william” for him to be a starter… Dis is not absolute time to put blames on anybody… Schurrie should stand as a man and prove what he can do. That is the spirit of a winner

  17. milton says:

    Chelsea with Mourinho have their phylosophies.Mata is a player no team in the world cn manage to lose him bt he ws allowed to evn A.s hs to prove himself.World cup cnt affect us.

  18. Engr. Ebere, Echidime says:

    Jose Mouriho choose the players that can make Chelsea FC champions. What is important is to be winning Games. Make your choice the Special one. The results are speaking about your selections. Up Mourinho, Up Players, Up Roman Abramovich & Up Chelsea FC. Blues for live, up Blues…

  19. Faizal Hazrath says:

    It is easy to give your own opinion as a fan but from a viewpoint of a Manager, there are so many other things he has to think about, not just trying to make one player happy, and what he’s more interested is how he can help his team achieve results that will make them to win the league or Cups. Not trying to help his players to have the chance to play in the World Cup which is just an event once in every 4 years. I think Jose Mourinho has been doing a perfect job at Chelsea and I believe he is the only one who is able to win many silverwares for us. And I dont really care if any player is happy or not, that is not really important, because at the end of the season, he has to be happy if his club win something, that shows he is devoted to his club and not just trying to satisfy his own inflated ego. No one manager can make all his players happy at the same time after all unless the players understand themselves that the club is way much bigger than themselves.

  20. Anyinature says:

    I personally think schurrle’s talent is being wested at chelsea.comeon pple d guy is too good to be benched by willian,schurrle is a guy who can score goals,dribble nd every defender will b scared of while willian is simply d opposite,all he knws is to run d whole field round.u can’t rili blame him 4 nt doing gud when all mou dose is to use him as substitute just for few minutes on the pitch. I rili still can’t help bt wonder if schurrle cant break in, hw can our young stars do?

  21. Mr Nice Guy says:

    He never criticised Mourinho, the post is all about Schrulle being a benched player. Example of Mourinho killing Talent was Kaka he wasted at Madrid. Even Carvalho that won trophies under him at chelsea, he ended up exiling him from the team.
    I wonder what Etoo does in the team and still Demba Ba doesn’t have any Game time, if He cannot fit any player into his formation let him not even but them at all.

  22. Abraham chale says:

    same applies to kagawa at united but i hope his time will come

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