€32m Star is Man United's only Hope of Turning Season Around

Marouane Fellaini EvertonThe reigning premier league champions are in turmoil under the leadership of David Moyes.
Even the very patient United fans have started to realize that the chances of ending out of top 4 are highly likely.
Roberto Martinez is doing wonders at Everton with a decent squad left by Moyes even after selling key player. Whereas Moyes is doing crap at Manchester United with a squad that won the title last season.
No doubt, United need reinforcements and more quality but over the two transfer windows, Moyes has signed only two players for hefty sums i.e. Fellaini and Mata.
The most significant dilemma United are facing at the moment is in midfield. Man United’s central midfielders have been average, each one of them.
Marouane Fellaini was Everton’s star man under Moyes but since his €32m move last summer, the Belgian star has literally been confused for Red Devils.
The former Evertonian is nearing a return to the team as he recovers from injury and perhaps he is the only hope of turning the season around for the champions.
Moyes has tried everyone, Cleverly, Fletcher, Jones, Giggs, Anderson, Fellaini and even in desperation he tried out Wayne Rooney in central midfield against Stoke but nothing has worked.
Fellaini as we all know, before joining United, he was widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in the league and has the ability to add to attack as well as defense.
With no transfer window till the end of the season, United’s last hope is that Fellaini returns in his best form to help United out of the current disaster.
He surely has the ability but this is no Everton where he has all the freedom in the world. Hence Moyes has to utilize his talents in the right manner to get the best out of the Belgian.
In your Opinion, Can Fellaini help turn United’s season around?
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  1. Wakheel says:

    Yes,but,with the help of strong,energetic&creative midfielders,except this,relying on our deadly midfielders,will make the fall,i dont no Moyes problem,he was given certain amount of money to by players&he didn’t,only buy shewing gum player,who worster than Kagawa,when talking of ability,because to both of them play the same pattern,Kagawa even superb Mata.

  2. julius says:

    i think fellain is good but he has failled to catch up with the united profile,he came as the only signing for abig team with big dreams and all fans were waiting on him ,he developed self pressure and this made him perform poor at the start,given time he will improve.

  3. boyjonauth soumendra says:

    utd will not get anything this year even the fourth place for european cup till moyes is on we should have taken mancini instead of moyes in transfer window 2009 he bought 6 key players and in 2010 he bought 13 great key players result they won the league after 44 years and moyes in 2 transfer windows he bought only 2 midfielder players and still united are defeated so better change the manager at first he is not worthy of doing the job.

  4. Utdfan says:

    Time for Moyes or probably Fergie to bring in Lingard and Petrucci in midfield with Fletcher playing anchor. The key is don’t start Carrick because that idiot only knows how to pass sideways or backwards and score for the opposition two games in succession now, and also Cleverly, what can we say about him…..A Lemon or perhaps Headless Chicken !!!
    Finally if the board has enough sense, sacking Moyes and his bunch of Everton coaches with immediate effect would be a tremendous help in fact even better than the midfield problem currently.

  1. February 7, 2014

    […] star has been out for long with a wrist injury and perhaps he is what United badly need in the central midfield […]

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