Strong Man United Starting XI vs Swansea – FA Cup

Man United David MoyesManchester United and Swansea lost their latest game in the premier league and will look to bounce back when they collide in the FA Cup on Sunday.
Despite the fact that Red Devils will play at Old Trafford, Swansea have a decent chance of nicking a win as under Moyes the English champions have lost 4 out of 6 league games at home.
Not to forget, United have not won the country’s biggest cup competition for 10 long years and will take the competition seriously.
After all, they are most likely out of the title race and cup competitions offer the best chance for them to win a title this season.
For that reason, David Moyes has to start a strong Man United side against Swansea to ensure qualification to the next round.
With the likes of Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Ashley Young out with injuries, the boss faces a selection dilemma.
Here is Man United’s Possible Starting XI vs Swansea

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  1. Momoh Yomba says:

    Moyes if am the owner of man utd this game shuld have your last chance

  2. akash says:

    Wat headash there is no selection problem. With macheda,jesse lingard return from loan and our best young striker will.keane.
    I go with these experinces player with young player.
    zaha,carrick,fletcher,giggs or macheda
    This look best line up. CD DUO-experience and DM DUO-experience.
    Then bring jesse lingard if fletcher is tired
    giggs or welbeck in zaha
    now tell me moyes where is the headashed

  3. semih from ethiopia says:

    First of all i don’t want to blame any persons or players,because everyone has tried his best to defend for our beloved champions “RED DEVILS” and work harder to achieve EPL at the top.
    Next i would like to express my feeling,i am a loyal fan since i was 4 years old now i am 16,i never and ever wanted to support an other team,not even once when we lost champions league final with barcelona f.c & 6-1 loss in man city and much & much game loses that shouldn’t be lost. We are the champions & inorder to be always
    here are my and my football coach suggestions-
    to buy midfield holders like Luiz of chelsea,Song of barca,Khedera of madrid,Rosicky of arsenal
    to buy creative & talented(like how ronaldo & beckham was at old traford) midfield like Mata of chelsea,Gotze of bayern munich,Koke of athletico madrid
    I Sacrifice everything for a machester united But don’t Sacrifice machester united for Anything.DEFINITELY !
    to bring defenders one of a kind like wall saying no ball trespass or saying no balls passing by are allowed like defenders like dante of munich,company and kolarov of man city
    to make the young players like under 21 & 18’s train with the main squad to choose the better once
    to give chances to the young teams to show their talent & improve their confidence and teach them to take responsibilities & get experience from the game and from professionals specially Ryan Giggs
    to improve the way to train players that keeps them away from injuries in training pitch
    to learn or get experince from other managers like SAF,Delbosque of spain,Rogers of liverpool,and mainly from Martinez of everton-how he communicated and become better manager & more he become a good coach so please try to be more understoodable for the players
    to work on tactics and change united’s formations to not make it easily understood for the team against man utd plays every game like not to make changes to more understoodable to other teams
    50 years from now, I’d be so old I might forget united. I might not remember ever knowing united, or might forget I once supported for united. I might.. but I won’t.
    to play games away from the our goal and in the half of opponents
    to make midfield players available to keep passing & crossing the ball to the forwards and keep danger & threat from the opponent(to make the number of midfield players to greater than the opponent especially the defence midfielders to keen ball possesion )
    to play more or less in attacking way to score more goals like man city and barca
    to change keepers sometimes to make them compete other wise we always conced goals & work more efficiently on keepers to make them become like schmicle & van der sar the flying legend(star) the undefeatable easily,the impossible man to score on him.
    And need to make our superstars work inside of old traford like paul scholes to train our young to become like him “THE MIDFIELD MAESTRO”
    to modernize how the technical directors works & pushing them to work like barca , athletico madrid & bayern munich works
    to communicate more with community holding the whole squad to become liked more like liverpool does in its closed time
    to work training with the team so that they could feel like they are free to talk and discuss on foot ball issues and being close to the players by having fun sometime & telling them that they have a good potential & talent to use it in a games like how SAF really does
    Thank you,that is all what i can say right now and see you next time
    united . . . united till i die never support other teams ever & ever,ma blood,heart,world,country,mind is united,simply born to support united maybe to play for united if it is God’s will as an attacking midfielder and now i am playing for my school since 11 & awarded as player of the match by being threat for opponents and player of the year and month by delivering more balls to the forwards and helping the defence by clearing the ball out of our zone and awarded as the goodmannered player with no red cards and less yellow (like ryan giggs)most of the time no yellow but sometimes when it gets the team to lose i get anger for the team and i kick the ball far from the opponent & some fouls not to conced goals.
    I like very much trainings to become like giggs and scholes & i am working hard to achieve,me & my coach always talk how to improve on ball handling & running like aaron lennon & walcot .
    Thank you again for your time

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