Moyes Permitted, Man United Ready to Bid €50m for Playmaker

Marco Reus DortmundManchester United lost their 6th league game of the season as Spurs registered a win at Old Trafford for the second year running.
With United no longer holding strong cards at their so called fortress and not being able to stay consistent, they may as well lose out on the minimum target i.e. Champions League qualification.
Already 11 points behind league leaders, Manchester United should forget about winning the title with the level of competition that high and their squad that poor.
However, to turn the season around, David Moyes needs more than a few world class players. Alex Ferguson left him a mediocre side but Moyes failed to lure any top star in summer because of his own sheer presence.
Can he change things this winter, we shall see.
For now, the latest reports suggest a brilliant news for the Red Devils supporters. According to German source Ruhrnachrichten, Man United are ready to bid €50m for Dortmund playmaker Marco Reus in the winter transfer window.
As per the provided link, it states that United manager David Moyes should therefore have received the permission from the Board of Directors to spend this record breaking amount for Reus.
Manchester United are linked with more than a few attacking midfielders already. However, Reus is arguably the best of the lot and United must do all to lure him if it is possible.
Signing the German international is easier said than done as this is World Cup year and he would not want to leave CL football this season and risk his starting place with the German squad where the competition for attacking midfielders is very very high. The likes of Schurrle, Draxler, Ozil and Gotze are by all means top players.
Reus has a contract with Dortmund until 2017 but a mammoth offer of 50 million Euros plus a lucrative package for the playmaker may as well work for Manchester United. Highly unlikely, but only time will tell.
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  1. Highly unlikely for January looks like we’re set for further disappointment this window

  2. derickbanks says:

    if signed he is a good player and will add something to utd. but utd biggest problem will remain. the problem is the coach. just imagine SAF was still the manager would utd be in the position we are in now???? if we get a good coach, good players will come but now all player do not want to come coz we have a mediocre manager (moyes). if not carefull utd will be like liverpool no champions league bcoz everyteam is improving. believe me or not moyes is a liability to utd rather than an asset.
    take a look at coaches of big clubs in Europe, ie madrid, barcelona, bayern, man city, PSG, chelsea, juventus, etc compaee them with utd’s moyes. i used to love fergie but i hated him for choosing us a mediocre coach and i know he is also regreting his decission.

  3. Desalegn says:

    Things are getting bad at oldtraford unless the manager take immediate action, it is really doubtful to compute even for champions league competition for the coming year. If takes corrective actions, I can say that it can finalize the schedule with 2 to 3rd rank places. The immediate action needed are to transfer two players on the position of play maker and one central defender.

  4. sumit says:

    If Rues is not available then it bad luck for united, then united go try for Antoine Griezmann .But I think united need to bid for subotic united need a classy defender

  5. temmy vincent says:

    Marco Reus will be a perfect additional to united squad,but my kindid opinion is that we need sniejder he’s ageing but his experience,vision,versatility, and goal scoring prowell is what united want at this point in time and could be pivotal to us making the champion league spot .Therefore i dont think the acqusition of both player and a defender is to much as of now.another player which must be greatly considered is everton robeiro who could be a perfect additional and asset,as a brazilian he’ll keep on developing everyday.Unite till i die.

  6. dany onye says:

    Buying new player is not a problem of united. Our problem is managing the one we have. With same players sir alex was able to win the league,moyes is still a learner and he doesn’t knw what his doing,the kind of training method he is putting on these guys is bad and he is not getting any good result. Fk moyes.

    • James Hanna says:

      OMG! Same players blah blah bah! We were lucky to win the league last year, we were terrible!! We just happened to get really lucky that the other teams played just as bad! It was NOTHING to do with SAF and everything to do with LUCK. Get behind yr manager and prve yr a United fan or go take yr plastic scarf somewhere else.

  7. James Hanna says:

    @ derickbanks. the last thing this team needs right now at this stage is people like you preading discontent. Fact is, Moyes is our manager whether we like it or not, get behind him or get out. SAF was almost being sacked after 3 years in the chair, Moyes has had 6 months. He wasnt my 1st choice either, but hey, Im behind him.
    Ref transfers: Forget Reus, you think Dortmund will sell him midway through the season? Aint going to happen. We should go after Matic, box to box midfielder, Gundogan, creative powerhouse CM, has only played 1 game for Dortmund this season with injuries, but back now. Shaw, young LB, potential to be the best, if we can get Barkley for 25m then go for him too, but think summer will be better time.

  8. Franklin says:

    It was crystal clear many seasons ago to everyone that utd lack midfield playmaker yet moyes never signed anyone b4 season commenced…i agree that utd were lucky last yr and i blame sir alex for configuring utd to this shape b4 he ran away…he signed alot of medicure players into the squad and promoted and retain few bcos of british sentiment..cleverley,welbeck,should not be in man utd..valencia,young,nani,anderson can not make barca,bayern or dortmund bench yet they are stars of man utd…i hate to say this but have already lost the appettite to watch my man utd cos everything abt utd is gone except for the name…the aura is gone,the fear factor is dead…its unfortunate that people in oldtrafford accord importance to business deals they do with man utd thaninvesting in the football itself that utd is all about..utd till i die

    • Eoin says:

      United were not always one of the greatest football clubs in europe. Where were united in the 70’s?? When United met Benfica in the final of 68 Benfica were the greatest team on the planet with Eusabio in there team.. Law relegated united they were shit in the 80’s. Alot of fans follwoing united are young supporters that tagged onto united during the Beckham era. Fact is teams rise and fall Leeds, Nottingham Forrest etc etc. City haven’t won anything for decades and then BANG!! the money was invested. The reason united were the team they were is because of two players that have never been replaced Scholes and Roy Keane. There was a dynamic shift with the rise of Ronaldo and Rooney and supporters harked back to the busby babes with Best and Duncan Edwards comparisons made respectively.
      United have an excellent team RIGHT NOW but they have NO midfield. This hasn’t been rectified for three four years now why?? because the Glazers won’t spend the money it’s alll talk they’ve been harking on about getting this player and that player since Ronaldo left
      Snielder, Hazard, Aguerro , Benzema, Moura, Sanchez, Robben, Mikel, Essien (peter kenyon thankyou)
      Drogba all the way back to 2002 when united let Beckam go and they said Ronaldinho was signing for united. Last summer was same old same old the only difference is Ferguson brought in a load of mediocre players as sweeteners because HE TOO couldn’t lure the stars BECAUSE THE GLAZERS ARE GREEDY F**KING TIGHT FISTED BASTARDS. Where did the money from the Ronaldo fee go?? back pockets WAKE UP!!
      The icing on the cake for me was when United supporters turned up to old trafford waving green and yellow scarves in protest of the Glazers hahahahaha how they must have laughed waving their scarves and paying us to do so hahahaha.
      I have boycotted buying merchandise and going to games for seven years now and I will still follow united as I have done the past fifty years but the game has changed and the best thing for united right now is that they fall into decline and have to go back to the roots. Bring back the graft bring back the fighting spirit get rid of these imposers that are milking my club.
      The Glory years have ended long live United

  9. Gabara says:

    I strongly believe that Man United have many sponsorships due to its successes. Their present mediocre performances under a mediocre manager affect their future business. It must be clearly stated that the manager must be replaced as a matter of uegency. His expertise is not good enough for Man United. Roberto Martinez has already proven him to be a weakling, why keep him? He was hiding behind transition, what a shame! Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea, Everton, Man City, Real Madrid, etc have had new managers, how are they performing? Exceptionally well!!! Even if Man United can buy top stars Moyes cannot succeed. He has got no tactics, techniques, style, man management skills, cup winning mentality except blowing a horn to say he has turned a corner. You can’t turn a corner if you can’t make your team to tick so you can break other teams ‘ stubborn midfield. Allow your backroom staff to advise you on how to break the other teams’ midfield into pieces. If not resign immediately before it is too late for this club. Humility seems to be lacking on Moyes. Never be stubborn! Do not hate players!

  10. Tom says:

    If United fail to make the lucrative all important Champions League , they can perhaps recoup some of that money by sending their players to various diving competitions around the world .
    Januzaj , with his slender posture, would do great in the ten meters platform .
    Welbeck and Young might excel in synchronized diving ,seeing as the champion similar style and Rooney, well I don’t know what discipline he might be good at , but I’m sure people would pay a lot of money to see his hairy ass in the speedos 🙂

  11. Halliru says:

    Goundogan will be better than Reus but we hope to hear that he is on the way to oldtrafford!. Even though we all know that moyes has lapses during transfer window!

  12. fkgalore says:

    Who selected Moyes? And why? Was it a good decision from such a great coach?

  13. Phils Kome says:

    We all know that manu is not like other clubs that employ and sack managers, so pls give our mediocre manager time and encouragement. Our major problem lies with our technical advicers, support managers like Giggs. He knows so well that u can’t substitute smalling for valencia just not possible. We fans should pray for new signing in all key positions.

  14. robbie1206 says:

    I cant see too much happening in January tbh.
    and as much as we need new blood in the squad, this isnt Championship manager !! A new player takes time to fit in to the team, Vidic and Evra were January signings and they took alot longer than people thought to settle in, which is why we dont normally sign players in January, other than ‘ones for the future’.
    We really are paying for the awful summer transfer window, but we dont really know if that was down to The Glazers, Woodward, Moyes or all 3 !!!

  15. @gwens1356 says:

    U man u supporters never cease to amaze me. U appointed a top 10 manager with no history. Virtually nothing n expect him to do miracles all of a sudden. Well, sober up guys u still have a very long way to go. Saf chose moyes, sum1 who will fail/struggle to make it to his level. There are two things here, 1) to give homeboy opportunity @ the top. 2) to make sure his record stays 4 many yrs 2 cum. Its called the scottish connection bro. Will never bit it. Well orchestrated. So dont make noise coz, u knew his ability b4 u appointed him, n this is what he’s giving to u. Top 10. Kkkkkk

    • touljier says:

      @gwens1356….sadly you are correct. We saw the Hero in SAF and the Villan and I am starting to remember him more for the latter than the former. But hey, Man U can fire coaches too so I think that Moyes will see the chop soon!

  16. D nice says:

    What a massive disappointment have we encountered from Moyes. If this stuff persist i fear he might loose his position @ manchester united

  17. phillip gessa says:

    saf committed a great blund when he said moyes. yet there was ole solsjaar our oldtrafod legend who has lots experience. even when it comes to champions league. can some one pliz correct this before we miss out on CL football

  18. donatello says:

    You peeps are crazy I don’t think man utd would have played any better even if pep was at old trafford so all your comments are totally utter bullsh¤t,I mean look at how rodgers spell at liverpool turned out last season no one in the world can replace fergie

    • Touljier says:

      Your comments are a certain extent when you want to compare us to Liverpool.
      Liverpool last won anything when most of us were not born or the beautiful game was televised in black and white TV and they played with a ball made from a goats stomach and testicles.
      Your point is noted though – thank you!

  19. Sally says:

    A staunch Man U fan all my life. But now, looks like I must 4get da EPL and follow Bayern Munich! Why? Weak manager with lots of pathetic second-string passengers who really need 2 b off-loaded! No Europa league as well- nothing!

  20. Igwe Collinsmary says:

    SAF is one man i love almost the same way i love my dad,not for his colour but for the laurels and joy he brought and/or gave Man utd fans all over the globe. But the moment he chose Moyes to succeed him, my love for him dwindled. Worst of it all, the board which Sir Alex is part of gave Moyes a six-year contract instead of four. Today Old Traford that use to be a theatre of dream has turned to a theatre of nightmare. You could imagine Man utd loosing four games at home and six in all after twenty games. Unbelievable truth!. Marco Reus is a wonderful player but Moyes is an average coach and will not bring out the best in him. SAF won his twenth trophy with these players we’ve, so why is Moyes complaining. He do not simply know how to use them. We’re patiently waiting to see what he can offer but he should know that millions of Man utd fans across the globe are bitter about how things are going with this great club.

  21. caleb says:

    United need a creative box to box midfielder like gundogan or modric..our scouts tend to sleep when it comes to the transfer window and let good and cheap targets get away from us,we could have got many good players bt we let them slip away to easy…why over price reus when arsenal payed 42mil only for ozil wich is way better than reus and chelsea payed 32mil for hazard only…mata is unsettled why don’t we go get him

  22. Suman says:

    We cant giv u Mata 4 de same reasn u refused to give us Roony. We better sell him to cardif dan utd.

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