Keen to Move, Man United in for €64m Superstar

Cavani UruguayManchester United fans are getting frustrated every passing day as the club has not signed one player despite the fact that they are in turmoil.
Chelsea made sure they piled more misery on the English champions and their supporters as they defeated the Devils 3-1 at Stamford Bridge last night.
United need top quality players and that too in every department it seems.
They have been searching for a midfielder to solve the conundrum in the center, want a defender to diminish defensive woes and with the latest injury concerns the reports suggest that David Moyes wants a striker as well.
Robin van Persie is still injured and we do not know when he will be back. Moreover, not only Rooney is out, the speculations of his departure are growing as well.
Hence, the under pressure United manager is looking to sign Uruguayan international Edinson Cavani according to Metro.
The former Napoli striker who topped the goal scoring charts in Italian Serie A last season, only moved to Paris Saint-Germain last summer in a deal worth €64m.
However, as per the provided link, the prolific goal scorer is keen to move to premier league and is frustrated at the standard of Ligue 1.
Also, with Ibrahimovic as the main man, Cavani has been mainly utilized on the right side and not in his preferred CF position.
The quality of Cavani is inevitable, a proven goal scorer in the Italian league and has netted 12 times in 18 league appearances this season for PSG.
Understandable that Cavani wants better standard of football and wants PL move but he may as well think twice about moving to United of all the teams because of their alarming slide. Chelsea ofcourse need a striker as well.
Can David Moyes pull off this miracle of a deal and sign Cavani, United supporters may as well keep their expectations as low as they can.
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  1. Gabara says:

    Moreyes is an average coach good for an average club. Right now he is no longer fit to manage Everton, then what about a big futbol club like United? With due respect Mr Moyes is not wise,how can he still dream of winning the EPL? Only a fool can harbour such a dream? I assume the owners of United cannot support DM becos of the extravagance he has shown on Fellaini. The Glazers want to save as much as possible. The only honourable thing that DM can do is to resign. How can he bench Darren Fletcher? How can he refuse Zaha a loan move whereas he does not use him? Moyes can’t make United tick, why keep him? Man United should have been the first one to bring in new quality players but he says the winter window is too cold for new players, will any top quality player come cheap from the world cup? A big no. Think twice Moreyes!!!

  2. Ankrah says:

    moyes could have won the game against chelsea.He not playing nani,kagawa and fletcher makes everything worst for man united.moyes used the the ryt info which is the 4-4-2 but this is how moyes was to use the players in our 3-1 lost againt chelsea;
    de gea
    rafael jones vidic evra
    valencia fletcher carrick nani
    reserves:januzaj,hernanez,,smalling and evans

  3. Aku OBinna says:

    moyes is a clown… in moyes every team true… manutd will also loose at old Trafford… ggmu… GONE GONE MANUTD….what a manager

  4. gabriel smith says:

    AMoyes must get fuckin fired I don’t understand kagawa played a 5 star game against swansea ccreative in midfield u leave him out the game u play. Jones and young that came from injury u play them then moyes talk shit 2 say kagawa a light weight in midfield but u play januzaj that’s a feather weight falling all the time fuck moyes not a coach his useless sack him

  5. gabriel smith says:

    Moyes don’t play the winning team that played swansea why change the team why why why why leave kagawa and fletcher out the game no top coach will do that what moyes did young and jones did nothing the first goal came from jones we need players 2day not 2morrow 4 new players I’m sick moyes make me sick upset I can’t sleep he must get sacked with fellaini

  6. Syed zulkifli says:

    David Moyes is the EPL’s biggest clown. He is the most capable manager to transform a champion club to mid table club like what he had done to Everton. He should leave the club honorably before inflicting more miseries to the club.

  7. Umar sheriff says:

    moyes ever best performanced in Everton was to maintain the 6&7 positions in the EPL.and that is far below champion League qualition, do u think moyes will go above that with manutd?answer my question. coz even the wys he does his changes is a pointer.DM will not even qualify for the champion league.prove me.

  8. Alex b sesay says:

    DM is not the right man for united job. He is a complete failure as a manager. Continuing been mamager for united will be a big disaster for us. Moyes should be sack

  9. Tom says:

    Too many idiots on here who dont understand football or even the team that can be played. Whoever said why isn’t he playing nani, he is injured. Whoever said David moyes turned Everton into a mid table team, yes he did, from a bottom of the table team, with no money or resources,
    He challenged for Europe and made them better. He didnt want to play fletcher bcos our main problem was having two holding players in the middle, so he played jones to allow carrick the space to move forward. I agree kagawa should have played instead of young and januzaj should have been played wide but he basically played his strongest 11 at the moment. There is no manager in the world that can make a team who are disheartened and underachieving win. It’s the players fault not the managers. There are no players to sign in January that we need for long term development (not just for salvaging an already lost season) now go back to supporting Chelsea you glory hunters and leave the club to the real and loyal fans.
    If you can’t support us at our worst you don’t deserve to celebrate with us at our best.

    • Antarus says:

      I’m a United supporter but the way they are playing,they would not even win the Europa league. The pendulum have swang. It used to be the Reds of United and Liverpool and now it’s the blue half of City, Chelsea and Everton. Mr. Moyes has got it all wrong, Firstly, how can one break up a winning combination of the back room staff and replace it with an amateur ex united staff. Secondly, it’s the manager to manage the training of individual players as each players are different. Train them wrongly and that’s what you now get at United, Injuries to vital impact players. Lastly. The lack of motivation to the team. Be realistic, the league is beyond reach. Even you reached the Capital One cup final, City will demolish you thus causing more embarrassment. Can’t compete in the CL as well, not in the same class as the top teams. Hope for a miracle Mr. Moyes

  10. Timmy says:

    DM dd nothing wrong, hw on earth are u fake man utd fan blaming him and nobody is talking abt ed woodwork not signing any players during d summer. pls note dt d team he inherited is full of tired legs and average underperforming players. so in my own opinion he needs his own fresh set of players to bring success and d management seem to b asleep and u pple are jst talking trash with every side of ur mouth against DM.

  11. kc_7(mu) says:

    I believe the biggest problem of DM is he don’t believe his own players ability coz @ bigining of his arrival @ OT upt now he s loking how 2get a new faces(plyers).not bad to do that, bt he must bear in mind this(squad) is current champion, if we lost somewhat quality players we stil ‘ve others as SAF used 4 many yrs. “How a manager could be successfull while he has not the confidence of his own player”(bcoz no 1 blieve he ‘ll play 2 game in raw). N thats why he missed summer transfare sighnings.

  12. ABE says:

    Hey there……… if you know you can’t support United, no one is forcing you. United fans don’t complain whether good or bad, we belive in our self. United……….till I die!!!

  13. bello says:

    @tom u are the bigger idiot , cox u know nothing about moyers , so tell me were is the new everton coach getting is money from and making new signing , moyers is not a good he had opportunity to sing london donovan 4yrs who help him to finish top 5 ago for as low as £5m he let him go to mention but a few so to so . Moyers had all the type of money given to this everton new coach but he lack scouting good players and making the right move for players .

  14. ABE says:

    Don’t forget Ferguson nearly sacked as Utd boss……… He suffered more than this let’s give Moyes some time to work. He is the perfect choice

  15. bello says:

    @Tom , u are not a man united fan , stop use those words here go and hug a transformer if u like , no body on earth want to be a loser , but a winner, if ur dream is to be a loser good for u , what do u mean by a players of underachieving win ? Did u hear ur self very well ? Instead an underachieving coach like moyers u are using to players who have many trophy and medals to there names , who are the defending champ , u know not about foot ball , was matic , not there for moyers to sign ? Ezekiel garry is still there waiting , cabaye is there all moyers knows is going to everton to buy who are bunch of underachiever like him

  16. Tom says:

    Lol you can’t even spell moyes so stop yapping. I know nothing about football? When was the last time you went to old Trafford? Probably never because you aren’t even from the country they play in you glory seeking idiot. Fuckoff back to inter Milan or whatever the hell you crawled out from. The players you mention are NOT available, why else would we not have signed them? Matic openly stated he wanted to return to Chelsea, a club he has played for before, so we couldn’t have signed him even if we wanted to. You are idiotic and clueless, thinking “David moyers must sign all dese players” who aren’t what we need. I am saying the players are underperforming and underachieving and it’s not the managers fault,
    They aren’t playing well, it’s their fault end of story. What money? Martinez has signed two players the rest are on loan and one of them was after a sale so the made their money back. Everton are not a rich club, do your homework. He is scouting players and singling out players he wants but signing them in January is not going to happen. He is here to stay, get used to it or fuckoff. Nobody wants to loose but the fact is we are going too, it’s a new era and we have a shit team that fergie left us with.

    • Antarus says:

      Fukc you Tom, the said shit team just won us the 20 th title, you fool.

      • Tom says:

        If you think last seasons team was a good team or even close to some of the united teams of the past then you clearly are an idiot. We won the league because Mancini was useless and played city teams the wrong way and because we signed van persie. Take that away and we wouldn’t have won. Not to mention every other team has strengthened and signed players to make their teams better than ours from last season and we haven’t. We have a poor team, open your eyes.

  17. Tom says:

    And these players with many medals to their names that you mention are now old and knowhere near the ability they were in when they won the medals. Giggs, Rio, Vidic and Evra are all past it now and cannot compete got trophies. We won last season because other teams performed poorly and we signed van persie. Otherwise we wouldn’t have won cos our team was shit. So yeah, get a football education before you run your keyboard off with your poor grammar and ridiculous comments.

  18. Oceng george dengole says:

    Moyes is not the right manager for united. Let him leave because he has failed in his selection. The game against Chelsea he made a mistake of starting with Young instead Kagawa. Kagawa would fit very well behind Welbeck. Secondly why is he interested in those players from Everton? Yet Fellani has failed. Everton Riberi wanted come to united but Moyes can not bring him. Moyes should know that we a not used to loosing so let him go and we look for Frank Rikhard as the manager.

  19. Moyes Out says:

    Tom, are you Moyes in disguise?

  20. Alexandra says:

    Moyes is not the man because Fergie used the same players nd won many trophies for us, then y cant he do the same, everytime we hear stories of signings still the transfer window will come and go nd their will be nobody to be signed, every week we loose points and u wants us to sleep well each night and be happy, manunited is meant for glory, we are not loosers, so Tom stop saying those shits, maybe you are really moyes in disguise.

  21. Tom says:

    Clueless clueless idiots. Go back to your shanty houses and keep your retarded and worthless opinions to yourself. When we sign players in summer and get back to challenging for the league you will all be like “oooh David moyerz so good! I suck him long time!” Typical fickle glory seeking ‘fans’ I’m bored of you now. Remember these comments when we are back on the top with moyes in charge.

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