Stats that Prove Arsenal Star is World Class & Owen is Clueless

Mesut Ozil ArsenalFormer Manchester United and Liverpool star Michael Owen has come up and stated that Arsenal’s record signing Mesut Ozil is not world class.
No one is aware of the problem Owen has with Arsenal lately as before the start of the season he predicted that Gunners will not be in top 4 come next May.
Then when Gunners have been flying high, he again claimed that Wenger’s men will fall down. If that was not enough, now he has targeted one of Arsenal’s best player who has proven world wide that he is a class act.
Michael Owen claimed:

“Despite people constantly telling me Mesut Ozil is world class, his inconsistency means that we only see occasional glimpses of real quality.
“His odd good performance is usually followed by half a dozen poor ones.”

First thing first, he has been world class in one of the best teams in the World, Real Madrid provided more assists than anyone else in his stay there.
In 13 league appearances, Ozil has directly contributed in no less than 10 goals for the Gunners. Owen talks about odd good performance being absolutely clueless.
Knowing that it has been real hard for players to settle in England in their debut season, Ozil started impressing immediately.
Even Fellaini, who has been here for years has been a flop since joining Manchester United.
Ozil is doing what was expected of him. Despite being a newcomer, the German international is the Assist leader in the league having provided no less than 7 Assists.
With a better striker upfront, Ozil could have had more. Yes, he was average for sometime and against City and United but that is about it. He was class versus Liverpool, Everton & Southampton who have been real tough opponents this season.
Ozil has proved the doubters wrong. If not Owen, then he should wait for the season to end and till then he really needs to zip himself up.
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  1. deno says:

    that guy called Owen must be called to order ,what at all has arsenal done that makes him criticize us unnecessary.i think he is not an analyst of de game but a fanatic.Foolish Owen.

    • David says:

      Owens got you all excited, but l doubt if you disagree with his criticism of the incompetent officials when Man City won the game because they disallowed 2 GOOD gals for offside, plus other chances given offside incorrectly, disallowed a penalty appeal that was MUCH MORE of a pen than Milner won with his dive (his leading load bearing foot cleared Scheznys leg and he dragged his trailing foot to simulate contact with a leg that was less than 3″ above the ground) all this left Arsenal chasing a game they could have drawn or WON
      All the !!!! pundits praising Man Cities amazing performance seem to ignore the fact that this game was much much closer in terms of actual goals than the result shows, add in the two GOOD goals denied, then a pen for Arsenal and take away Milners and you actually have an Arsenal win !
      This would have reflected the game even if not the technical superiority on the day of City
      The result once again determined by incompetent officials an Unfit for Purpose FA who should have video replays at this level

  2. Lait says:

    Owen definitely has problem with his own failures, particularly at Man United. Hence he doesn’t see anything good in any player. How earth can someone could be so shamelessly bias, is still what I find so incomprehensible ! Ozil has had 5 goals for Arsenal since he joined, probably more than what Owen achieved in his entire one season in Man United !!

  3. Kareem A Oluwasegun says:

    I don’t really know what is wrong with this wounded lion Owen? He open his mouth and demand what he want from Arsenal. How time has he critise liverpool, Man u, Chealsea, toit,Man city etc?

  4. Ogban says:

    The best thing to do for Owen and his ilk is: just ignore them.We dress them in borrowed robes of relevance when we make all this fuss about the rubbish they spit out.

  5. Delford Magaya says:

    He will eat his words at the end of the season, I have previously indicated that, he cannot analys football until end of
    the season, because he is stil a small boy to analys football. The problem, if you quotes all his comments about
    Arsenal, it is all negative, there is nothing good about Arsenal from Owen’s mount. He has good mouth when it comes
    to talking football about Arsenal but the point is Wenger is a wise person than Owen when it comes to football and he do not argue with the kind of
    a person like Owen.

  6. TAJ AZIZ says:

    He was a bench warmer @ bernabeu always starting from the bench and a flop in every team after that

  7. Millz says:

    Why bother paying any attention to his comments? The fact he said arsenal aren’t even a top 4 team this season pretty much invalidates everything he’s ever going to say about arsenal or even football in general. Sadly a once world class striker is now a bitter washed up pundit.

  8. Awal muhammed says:

    Owen is so stupid he lack concentration.he play football without knowing what football is.owen is always inconsistence thus makes him a bench he believes if one is not a bench warmer like ozil one is not a world class player.but has he(owen) good records merited his years in with OZIL the arsenal and world’s goal assisstance

  9. Olayemi David says:

    Leave that good for nothing buffalo & empty player. Because of his failure in time past when he was a footballer,he does not want an achiever like Ozil to outshine him.

  10. Macky says:

    Owen was a one club wonder,he was never a world class.At madrid he was a flop,the idiot went to man u,he was a disaster,pulis wanted to manage him at stoke,i could remember him sayin’ he can still do it,but pulis discovered he bought a deluded finished player..Owen is only exposin’ that he is a fool & childish,he allowed hate to becloud his sense of reasonin’.This beef started when we bidded for suarez,but is not arsenal’s fault that suarez wants Ucl team..back to Ozil, he is world class,from 2010 to date he has been consistent,his was confirmed by people that matters in footballin’ world,the likes of mourinho that knew him better who said he is the best 10
    in the world,capello,klopp,ancelloti,joachim low,his real team mates,his name was even echoed durin’ Bale’s unravellin’ Owen is nobody,he can only make himself a laughin’ stock,because his analysis is utter nonsense,clueless & baseless.

  11. fredy says:

    What I have noticed is that always loosers look for peaple to fall with . Enway let mi take this oportunity to inform aall arsenal surporters owen will remain a losser and will die a looser. Amen

  12. Giddy says:

    Owen is a hater and does not see anything good in Arsenal. First before arguing with Owen, ask yourself this question, “can owen manage any team and deliver tangible results?”. We need to let him talk but end of season, he should be able to swallow his pride and salute the champions.

  13. joseph says:

    Michael owen or wateva u’re called. U neva cease to make me laff. Ozil isn’t world class? please don’t say that in ronaldo’s ears, he could be imprisoned for murder (he’ll kill you). Do u even read d stats? Just because sm1 doesn’t play well against d manchester clubs, means he’s a flop? Despite d fact it’s hard to come to the premier league and hit d ground running, Wizard of Oz has done just dat. He was sick in his first match, look at dat assist for Ollie. It’s like you don’t even watch dis things. Soldado was bought for 25mil, wat has he done so far? Owen, please just mind ur business cos d totality of ur career was a failure. U only played @ liverpool. So wats ur problem

  14. seini says:

    To me he is only trying to push our players to do more.He is using those negative comments to motivate our players.Let’s only thank him for his words of motivation.

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