Moyes wants €102m Worth Midfield Stars for Man United

Man United David MoyesDavid Moyes’s side have now won four back to back premier league games and are only two points behind 4th placed Liverpool.
Moreover, in this kind of from, it will not be wrong to say that the Champions are back in the title race as well.
Just a few world class additions in the January transfer window along with the same consistency and there is no doubt that the Red Devils can turn the tables around in the second half of the season.
Manchester United surely need top quality stars at the earliest and the department they are looking to reinforce heavily is midfield.
According to Express, David Moyes wants €102m worth Midfield stars for Man United in the upcoming transfer window.
The manager is a big admirer of Atletico Madrid’s star midfielder Koke who has provided 9 assists this season in the league. The Spaniard will likely cost around €36m.
Adding to that, Moyes is also looking to lure attacking midfielders such as the likes of Adam Lallana of Southampton, who has been brilliant for the Saints this season and one of the best playmakers in the world Dortmund’s Marco Reus.
As per the provided link, Lallana may as well cost around €18m where as Dortmund have told United that they can lure Reus for €48m.
Manchester United do not really need two attacking midfielders unless they offload one or two as well.
Nevertheless, with such signings, United can bounce back in the title race. The only main question is, even if Moyes is ready to splash €102m on the mentioned stars, will he be able to lure them in January especially when two of them are currently playing in the Champions League.
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  1. Yes he will, spend the cash and get them

  2. Simon says:

    Reus €35m
    Koke €17m
    Vidal €25m
    Herrera €36m
    Sneijder €12m
    Fellaini €20m
    Young €18m
    Anderson €15m
    Kagawa €17m
    Bebe €10m
    Thats €125m Gross spend with €80m recouped meaning a Nett spend of €45m which is excellent business to bring in the 5 midfielders mentioned above! If Moyes goes ahead with these transfers now in the Jan window then it’ll give the new players time to settle during the remainder of this season so we can push on next season with possibly one of the strongest midfield’s assembled in world football.

    • jamie w says:

      Simon sounds good mate but the prices you say are way off mate. No way we will get those players so cheap. And if you think anderson and young will get more then 5/8m each. No one will pay that for them.. but your players sound good I do hope we get a few of them. Herrera vidal sniejder has all snubbed us. Maybe koke. Doubt reus.

    • ur post agn nd try to rmve it.isn’t helpful.ur targets ar nt needed@ man utd
      This is all we need nw:
      Reus €50
      Everton riberio€10.
      Then try to ship out
      Rio ferdinard

  3. Tunji says:

    It’s not a matter of just the case of spending, It should be about adding quality players that can add quality to the squad .

  4. touljier says:

    What kind of team is David Moyes and Man U aspiring to create ? Is it a League winning team, a top 4 team or a team that has the depth, skill, mastery and world class coach that wants to win a Treble, as a minimum ? Right now I cannot see any of the above being achieved in the next 3 yrs with the current squad and coach + coaching staff we currently have. #MoyesOutNOW. #SAFTheArrogantSOD.

  5. Felix says:

    I am vry sure that if moyes bid the £40m & £30m for reus & koke, he will surely get them in the upcoming tr. Window.

  6. Moyes pls sign koke , hereira, contrao, di maria and garay that is all

  7. Pascal Mkuyu says:

    I think reus & koke are enough to improve united

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