Moyes to Splash €60m to lure Star for Man United

Ross Barkley EvertonDavid Moyes and his team have worked hard to bounce back from disappointments and Manchester United have started to become ruthless now.
Few weeks back, the debate was that whether Red Devils can somehow qualify for the top 4. However, after series of wins, they are just 3 points behind final Champions League place going into the new year.
Moreover, they are just 8 points behind league leaders Arsenal and are very much back in the title race.
Still, Moyes does not have a super quality squad such as the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea. In the long run, quality depth is going to be significant in the title race and United need to sign more quality players as soon as possible.
Having done all the hard work, Moyes needs to step up and sign some world class players in the winter transfer window to get Man United back to where they belong.
The English champions are linked with various top starlets and majority of them have been midfielders.
According to latest reports, David Moyes is planning to splash a club record fee of €60m to lure one of the rising stars, Ross Barkley of Everton.
The 20 year old England international has been a revelation this season. Playing for the Toffees, he has showed signs of immense quality and maturity.
His driving runs, passing and never ending attacking threat have not gone unnoticed. The youngster has netted 3 league goals this season for Roberto Martinez’s side.
United are also linked heavily with Koke and Reus. Surely, Moyes will not look to sign so many midfielders. Any of the above mentioned names arriving will be fruitful. The question is, who will that star be?
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  1. Bethildah Mpande says:

    €60 is way too much for a player of his kind. for me Koke from Athletico or Reus are best suited and that fee can land both of them at the Theatre of Dreams. as United fans we will not entertein any excuse from Moyes failing to secure any signing this time around. United for Life

  2. Utdfan says:

    If this news is true, then one thing is confirmed……….David Moyes is damn Stupid !

  3. mr p says:

    This Man should not spend our money anyhow.this amount being proposed for Ross could take care of. Everton Ribiero(10m pounds),one of Koke or rues and a left fulback we are looking for.Moyes does not have any excuse in this 2nd half of the season.we will not forgive him if he fails us.

  4. christop says:

    How can a coach who leave his club just for six months dont even know a better player in his former team , barkely is there n he went for fellani who is flop n waste of Money, Moyes sack all those tin u employ as first team couch n return sir Alex first team couch, das d only way u can succeed in man united.
    Greeting to all united fans i love u all.

  5. D nice says:

    Over the years,united has never squirted out such huge amount of money on a mere up coming player like that. Moyes should mind how he spends our money because we have got a lot of scores to settle. He should be aware the we also need sm defenders and wingers to cheer us up as well. He should make sure he buy players to strengthen our squad despite our ill gotten wins,he shouldn’t think other wise about that. Moyes should be up and doing to enable him retain united’s coach roll because United is one of the best clubs in the world.. Up united! Up Moyes! Up januzaj!! One love united fans…love you all!!!

  6. champ20ns says:

    60m does that include baines and coleman

  7. Gasper Francis says:

    That’s true. Our squad is lacking reinforcements in all over areas around the pitch. Atleast he (Moyes) shoul splash money for one winger, midfielder(s), and left back. No excuses again and we want our team to finish on the top four. That’s all…

  8. Sally says:

    No way! Dnt waste sooo muc on jus 1 guy! Instead go 4 Reus, Mangala, Ribeiro or Coentrao, C’mon, Moyes ship out Fellaini, Hernandez, Young, Evra, Rio and Anderson.

  9. James says:

    £50m for Barkely is alot of money…. Moyes should buy world class players the likes of; koke, Reus, Di Maria, Gundogan,….. okey Barkely is on form but he’s not worths that money

  10. Oldnail says:

    He’s not worth anywhere near 60m more like 20m but then again Fellaini wasn’t worth anything like 27m..
    Most worrying is that Moyes feels he already has enough talent. That suggests he isn’t aiming very high.. The top teams in Europe aim for the CL and the league as a minimum.. Uniteds squad is a long way off that.. Tottenham shouldn’t be a big test for United after the maulings they’ve had this season but they will be, which points to Uniteds real current strength….

  11. Felix manyo says:

    After wasting millions on fellaini who has fail to do what he came for,i think is time we take caution on excessive wastage of fund.£60m for barkley is to much is better that money should be use to sign people like rues,koke,riberio,garay,herera and pjanic.this is the time we have to prove that the money is there as the winter transfer window opens tomorow,we have to show intent in the market.

  12. Sunday A Bello says:

    Moyes shld leave everton players alone let him go somewhere else we dont need everton anymore after waste such of amount on fellaini enough

  13. andarge says:

    ”Mistake can only be amistake when you refused to correct it!” for Moyes. No need of everton players,orelse moyes must be Everton’s inside patriot still working for them plc be aman of worth! Don’t try to hert us!??????u?

  14. Davie says:

    Purchasing Barkely for 60m is absolute stupid, that guy is not worth that amount. I would rather use that money for buying Reibero, reus, who are better players than him. The problem is we have stupid and uselesss coach who only want english player. With moyes man u will not even qualify for CL. He fucken stupid fellow with mid table position mentality. He has made man u not to b feared at all. You will c tomorrow Totnhm will overrun and beat us.

  15. obinna nwabuisi says:

    Why must every thing come from everton,a place he could not make out anything after 11 yrs. How can he spend up to. £50 just for barkley when we have super stars like rues,koke and others.if moyes did mess up again,united fan will stone him to death. Up united, happy new year all.

  16. derickbanks says:

    C’mon Barkley for €60M hahahahahaaaa. tha money is too too much to be wasted on such a player. He has the talent but he is the cleverly we alread have. man u need world class players not that one. Moyes use the money to buy Di maria, Evarton Robeiro, cabaye, alex song, and other good players. Shipout young, cleverley will be upcoming till he makes 30yrs so let him go. valencia not utd material let him go, Nani will never live the expections let go, fellaini not utd material let go, ANDERSON enough is enough let him go, on the left back pliz no need for buying a left back yet, the problem is moyes has failed to rest evra. give fabio nd buttner some matches evra will improve but buying Baines who is 30yrs is also total madness. if u (moyes) shipout those players and replace them with quality players i guarantee u, success will be ours. love all man utd fans

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