Man United – Why Moyes is Still Safe as AVB Exits Spurs

Man United David MoyesLiverpool dismantled Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane and finally Spurs have realized that Andre Villas Boas has been clueless despite having a quality squad at his disposal.
However, there is one more manager who has been utter crap since joining the best club in England, Manchester United and is still safe.
One look at the premier league table, despite all the humiliation, Spurs are still ahead of Manchester United, 5 points behind top 4 places.
Understandable that Villas Boas signed so many new players and they are taking time to settle, but only David Moyes has the art of turning a champion side to a mid table club.
Baffling that the supporters are still backing the man just because he was chosen by the one and only Alex Ferguson. His record speaks volumes, Moyes has won NOTHING.
After 4 games wihtout a win in the premier league and losing back to back games at Old Trafford, United win an odd game against Villa and suddenly they are back on track. Clueless to say the least.
Alex Ferguson finished 11th in his first season, but he got an okay squad and needed time to change. To say that it will be fine if Moyes finished outside of top 4 after taking over the English Champions is the worst that has happened to United fans with their expectation levels dropping to such drastic extent.
Nevertheless, he gets time but it will not be long when each and every United fan realizes the fact that Moyes is average at best and now no one fears Manchester United.
If Villas Boas deserved the sack, then surely Moyes deserves it more and that patience is getting painful by the minute.
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  1. Ben says:

    Moyes doesn’t diserve a sack,bt we the fans are nt happy with the way things are going,he should make our expectancy come true

    • Moyes does not deserve any sack becuase it is not easy to handle a big club like Man-U this is his first time & i think he should be given more time he will deliver perhaps Sir Alex Ferguson’s first league as a coach in Man-U he ended in 11th position & has quality players then than Moyes despite Sir Alex lifted the trophy with this current team of Moyes, but remember how Man-U normally start their campaign every season from the scratch AVB should be sacked becuase he has the best squad a coach could ever think, & he has been there ever since even in the time of Sir Alex he should be sacked his not managing what he has very well some one else should try. So less give Moyes more time Thanks.

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