Man United Aim to Seal €51m Midfield Deals to solve Crisis

Wesley SneijderWho would have thought that after just 15 premier league games, the English champions Manchester United will be out of the title race being 13 points behind leaders.
Well, their manager David Moyes still thinks that they can turn the tables around but even the realistic target of maintaining Champions League football with a top 4 spot seems unlikely with 4th Manchester City no less than 7 points ahead with a more quality squad.
Still a few games left this year before Manchester United will have the chance to reinforce their squad next month.
One department they really need heavy investment and quality is that of midfield and according to latest reports Manchester United want to lure midfield players worth €51m in winter to solve their crisis.
They have failed to lure Wesley Sneijder on more than one occasion but once again Manchester United are looking to sign the former UEFA midfielder of the year who has a release clause of €15m in his contract.
On the other hand, Man United have been linked with a move to sign German international and Dortmund midfield star Ikay Gundogan. He has been injured this season yet United still want him. However, there is a major obstacle as perhaps Barcelona are also interested now.
Gundogan has a release clause of a massive €36m in his contract and despite his injury concerns, the quality midfielder is not going to come for cheap as he is a significant player for Dortmund.
The real problem is once again none other than David Moyes. He failed to sign top quality stars with all the time in summer and more importantly with United as Champions. How can he lure top stars now while his side is struggling in mid-table?
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  1. osei Jonathan says:

    we are tired of speculation, Moyers this time we don’t won’t any last minute show.We are weak in the
    middle so buy as Gundogan, Everton Rebiero, Marco Rius, Angle Di Maria andr get raid of Nani, young, Anderson

  2. Matthew says:

    United needs creative players. Starting from our defence, ferdinand, evans, vidic they are just too lazy, we need smart defenders. As for the midfield, jones is the only person doing the job there. And our attack is too poor. Rvp cant do the work alone up front. We need creative players like roo.

  3. David Deco says:

    Man united is really sick and weak in the midfield, David Moyes should act fast and sign players like Koke, Niklas gaitain of Benfica, everton, Wesley sneijder, gundogan.di Maria and garay….. sell Young,Anderson, ferdenand.welbeck ,Giggs should retire.

  4. olaoye saint says:

    The solution is simple,sell nani,young,anderson and get sneider ,everton reibero and gundogan or koko or calvalho . With these three changes we will be ok.

    • older red says:

      Where do you people think the money is coming from.Too many sat back and took it on the chin when Glazer filled the club with his debt. That debt still stops us buying decent players in any numbers. ffs wake up until Glazers goes we will be a mid table team with a budget manager. The glory days are long gone, too many teams have a lot more money to spend than we do under The Gimp, the big names will go there.

      • Jack says:

        Manchester United is still one of the most profitable sporting clubs in the world you fool. “No money”?
        Are you stupid mate? You are aware that little over a year ago manchester united signed a certain dutch
        superstar for a deal worth £64,000,000 and we spent over £50,000,000 the year previous. You think they
        have no power in the transfer window?? We have well over 600m fans, a rich history, a giant stadium
        and will always be able to attract players. United are wise in the market they won’t just buy any big name for the sake of it. Also the Glazer family has owned Manchester United since 2005. We have won (except the F.A cup)
        every single major trophy going. Fool.

  5. CYRIL says:

    Moyes and United need to stop talking about who they want to buy rather than actually buying the players we do not need another disappointment like the one we had in the last summer transfer players like nani , anderson,young,cleverly vidic and ferdinand should be replaced by some top quality players i think i speak for all united supporters when i say that we are tired of listening to excuses and rather make things happen by getting those quality players our midfield is a joke .

  6. Alexander duke says:

    GLAZER FAMILY BE WARNED. Man utd problems is not only that they need at least three top class midfielders, david moyes does not know what he is doing in man utd, man utd needs a coach who can attract big players and lead man utd to winning titles or else man utd will (1)miss the next champions league (2) go to relegation (3) loses top players like rvp,rooney, david de gea etc.

  7. Yes i think Moyes is not the right man for this job so pls galazrs should jst make read of him and bring creative coatch like saf.

  8. stewart says:

    moyes should sell fellani now, nani, young, welbeck and Valencia and buy two central midfielders and two wingers.
    he should also play januzaj and zaha together.

  9. stewart says:

    anyone who dislikes my comment cant play or know football!

  10. Aku OBinna says:

    guys! guys!! guys!!!
    do u really think gundogan, reuse, koke, pogba, Vidal or even Herrera, Di maria…. will come to Manu? haaaa even Rooney and rvp want to leave… no good world class player want to play for moyes, he can’t coach them… players likely to join maybe are Everton robirio maybe snijder (old and out of form) and Baines which is not a long term replacement for evra… that’s the kind of players moyes can attract… we need coach like kloop or hiddenks who can attract and bring the best out of players… MOYES OUT..

  11. The truth about this matter is that this much talk about speculation have given me headache .moyes do u want all our fans to die? Our defence is poor midfilder is poor . Pls we need a good power change over

  12. Josh Moore says:

    Invest in some young players like Luke shaw, Barkley, Ryan Gauld, Paul pogba and bring back nicknpowell from loan and give these players experience as they will be fantastic players. Also spend on midfielders and a new striker as we are struggling for goals someone like benzema or lakaku or strootman or herrrara or finally gundegon

  13. Eric Ette says:

    David moyes is not good to coach big club like man u, he is only capable of managing laser or middle class clubs he can’t sign good players and good players are not willing to work under him as he did this summer buying bad player like Felani.moyes should be sacked before is to late,dis season big club that has change coaches are performing well eg Munich,baca,etc

  14. Sen James says:

    These guys (Glazer family ) is the problem manu has with their high debt profile no money is available to attract good players. Look at the way manu was embarassed during this summer window.

  15. kidda says:

    He he he……..!!!!!!!!!!
    Guyz let’s talk sometin reasonable here…!!!!!
    David is a Good Coach like SAf… So please guy the problem we have @man utd is our players and not coach……..!!!!
    Everyone is talking about buy, gundogan,rues,herrera,everton rebiero,etc….!!!!
    Is it not same players SAF used when he was in charger??????????
    So please leave David moyes out of this and blame ur players……!!!!!!!
    Every player in the team still feel for SAf retirement…!!!!
    David moyes should be starting nani,anderson and we suceed…….!!!!!!
    Even if we buy all the players in demand, same thing will continue if the players don’t adapt to the new manager……..David moyes not going anywhere…!!!! Up united

  16. Ugoh J.T says:

    Our problem is the midfield. Let Anderson and Young leave to pave way for creative midfielders. As such, our defence will have less presure on them and they will perform better.

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