16:00 Huachipato – Colo Colo

Huachipato – Colo COlo
Chile, Primera
pick: 2
odds: 1.85 tipico, betsfa; 1.80+ asians
stake 5/10


Huachipato are a team with really poor attack. Like most chilean teams, they come from low altitude.
COlo Colo are imo the ebst team in the league, huge budget, great players and ambitions. They suffered two losses from Catolica ina derby and San Marcos (who are really in-form). Hwoever, for today they welcome back Valdes and Paredes which is a big boost.
Visitors don't have such impressive record against Huachipato but they were domiannt but unlucky lately.Big quality difference + 2 returnign players. Nice valeu for medium stakes imo.:




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