Moyes wants €30m Midfield Maestro at Manchester United

Pjanic RomaManchester United are hoping to lure a midfield star in the winter transfer window to solve the problems in that department.
They have been linked with numerous top players but have not yet signed one, much to the frustration of the Old Trafford Faithful.
According to reports, Manchester United are yet again linked with another midfield star and this time it is Roma’s Miralem Pjanic that David Moyes wants.
Pjanic is not the first Serie A star linked as there are the likes of Vidal, Pogba and Napoli’s star Hamsik as well.
The €30m midfielder maestro has been one of the main reasons why Roma are flying high this season.
In 18 league appearances, Pjanic has scored 3 goals and also provided 4 assists as well.
The main problem and the biggest question, will United be able to lure the star when his side is favorite to qualify the Champions League next season.
On the other hand Man United are currently struggling to attain fourth spot.
As far as Manchester United are concerned, they can benefit alot from his qualities not just in the premier league but also in the Champions League as Roma did not play the competition.
Can Moyes somehow lure Pjanic, only time will tell.
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  1. 100 percent to get him is a good idea pls moyes.

  2. Avatar touljier says:

    Will never happen this transfer window. Too many factors counting against Man U this season driven by poor performance and an unknown coach leading united like a deer staring into a cars head lights. Moyes doesn’t have a clue and has nothing on his CV to draew world class players.

  3. Avatar Obi says:

    Keep deceiving your fans, no signing, united is building from dem academy, lets believe we are going to get their lyk arsenal..

  4. Avatar Roy says:

    Moyes is a joke hasn’t got a clue

  5. Avatar Siva says:

    David moyes cannot lift the team.please leave before it get worst.that is the best thing he could do!

  6. Avatar Gabara says:

    Moyes is not fit to manage Man United. Maybe his contract does not have a performance clause. But Moreyes should not be allowed to manage a Big futbol club like United. Where are the new signings cos United should have been the first one to buy new top players. Spend money wisely.

  7. Avatar kersa pillay says:

    We are leaking goals like 2nd division club what are the boys doing in their training sessions are they looking at the video of the last game to see how foolish they looking. Carrick is the main culprit of causing the low confidence in the team he is chasing shadows jones is not a football player yet evra has lost his touch smalling is afraid to head the ball when defending the goal keeper cant comprehend a corner nor a set piece compare him to schmichael. We have to let these four or five players go or else relegation is is a treat to man u.

  8. Avatar Eddy omondi says:

    Please,please let moyes go before its too late, with our state now and where i see moyes leading us no world class player will be intrested in manchester united ever. Moyes hell no . The one mistake sir Alex made and its going to criple manchester united

  9. Avatar andarge says:

    I don’t know why Glazers tolerate Moyes&Edwood fucken gays??????u?

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