€30m Star Snubs Deal – May join Manchester United

Toni Kroos Bayern MunichManchester United manager David Moyes is eager to add more new names to the club before the end of the winter transfer window.
Breaking the club transfer record to sign Juan Mata shows how desperate the English champions are to turn the season around and they surely need more top players.
The former Evertonian visited Germany and met Bayern Munich star Toni Kroos’s agent.
As per reports, there were negotiations going on between the European Champions and the 24 year old German international for a new long term contract.
However, Kroos has snubbed the deal as he is not satisfied with the offer put forward by Bayern. His current deal will expire at the end of next season.
For now, Manchester United are the main contenders looking to lure €30m Star and must do all to bring him to Old Traffod.
Kroos was one of the key members of Munich side that won the treble last season and has been a vital part of Guardiola’s system as well.
However, his snubbing of new deal has amplified speculations and he has not ruled out an exit from the club as well as he claimed:

“I can’t rule out anything,”

Kroos has not been at his best for Bayern this season as he has only scored once in 17 appearances in the Bundesliga.
However, the quality is undeniable and he will largely improve Manchester United’s squad. Will Moyes be able to lure him, only time will tell.
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  1. Avatar Jimmy says:

    It will be a great piece of business if we were to sign him but this window it seems very unlikely n we need reinforcements in midfield so for now i feel cabaye is th ideal candidate.

  2. Avatar Magnus says:

    Goodnews for united fans.But Moyes should step up and lure kroos before crazy ch***e will hijack tnhe bid.They have the record of doing that

  3. Avatar ISAH HABU says:

    We want you to bring cabaye and you are taking his negotiation to the last minutes of the transfer.Moyes, cabaye will be the successor signing in this window!

  4. Avatar Adam says:

    With Cabaye looking set to join PSG and Vidal claiming that he wont be leaving Juve, Kroos must be an ideal candidate with statements such as these. Gundogan is another. It may sound premature and ambitious but why not both?

  5. Avatar Stan says:

    Kroos is a better option than cabaye. Moyes pls fasten ur seat belt and finalise this deal, because the market will soon close

  6. Avatar malky says:

    This guy needs signing up. Very much doubt it tho as were probably being “used” to scare Bayern into offering bigger contract. Moyes needs to get off his arse and persuade the guy now. We need more than Mata in this window. Money talks and we could offer massive contracts to numerous targets. Papadopulos is a tank, he’ll terrify strikers. Reus and Gundogan would near complete the midfield and Diego Costas buy oit claus is a no brainer. Come on Sir David the time is now 🙂

  7. Avatar D nice says:

    We have got four to five days to go. Dave,get up from your wheel chair and make it happen!! Make double or triple swoop deal before the window closes and raise united up from slumber. Sign more!!!!

    • Avatar Jonathan Bianco says:

      Moyes cannot be faulted as he has taken hold of the reins and scoured Europe. If Bayern say no then its no… Personally I would rather he buys well and not just stop gaps. BNUilingf a new team takes time an one cannot just by – a lot of chemistry is involved. I think with a fit Rooney and Van Persie plus Mata and Januzai – we should easily make the top four. Yes another DM, CB or LB will greatly enhance our team, but I definatly do not like stop gaps. Rooney signing a new contract will be an incredible message to one and all that UTD are alive and kicking.

  8. Avatar Sinclair Philip Orji says:

    We need someone who can replace Paul Scholes i don’t know if Kroos can do that, i’ve not watched him recently, but Pogba i’ve watched and i know he can do it.

    • Avatar Jonathan Bianco says:

      Pogba… I cry when I think he could have been there already, but yes he is a incredible talent – who knows he may be enticed to make a return… I really hope so cos he is a powerhouse.

  9. Avatar Agama idoko says:

    All we what is gud central midfilder, at least two more signing, Dave hw best with you now or never.

  10. Avatar Gabara says:

    Mata alone is not enuf, Moyes must get a CM, LB, CB and a right winger – all top quality players. But I doubt if Moyes will make them tick. Time alone will tell!!!

  11. Avatar Syed zulkifli says:

    Remedy, remedy and remedy. That’s what is expected from DM. Good move to have bought Juan mata. But there are still deficiencies in the defensive midfield spot. Carrick is not good enough. He rarely exhibit tackling ability and plays squarely most of the time like playing safe and stagnated the attacking aggression. Two more world class central defenders are required apart from evra’s replacement. With the existing players and possibly rejuvenated Anderson, Man U will be a force to capture trophies in all fronts.

  1. January 30, 2014

    […] Manchester United interest has grown, Kroos snubbed the new deal and now even Pep Guardiola has left the door open for him to join Man United by […]

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