PROOF – Why FA are Wrong to not Ban Chelsea's Torres

PROOF - Why FA are Wrong to not Ban Chelsea's TorresChelsea supporters will be glad that their in-form (lately) striker Fernando Torres will only be out for one game and survives further ban for his scratch on Vertonghen’s face.
However, FA have once again come up with a shocking decision with little justification to why the Spaniard survived.
FA stated:

“One of the match officials saw the coming together of the two players, albeit not in its entirety.”

Since one of the match officials saw the coming together of two players therefore FA cannot take any retrospective action against the Spaniard.
Let’s not get into the argument that if it was Luis Suarez, FA would have handed him another hefty ban. The thing is that the statement itself is baffling once again.
The joking part of the statement is that the official did not see what actually happened, he just saw the coming together of two players.
Well, that is routine in football, players come together all the time, during a corner, during an argument, and if the officials have just seen the coming together and not the real incident, how can that be enough to avoid punishment.
An example will help. Remember Antonio Alcaraz of Wigan was banned for spitting.
Antonio Alcaraz Banned for Spitting
The image provided clearly shows that the players came together (please do not tell me that no Official saw that coming together either). However, the act of spitting was not seen and in the end video replays were utilized and FA handed Alcaraz 3 match ban.
Im sure, there are many examples where FA have made an absolute fool of themselves.
In Torres’s case, going by FA’s statement, Spaniard could have punched, spitted or scratched Vertonghen but still deserved no ban if the officials just saw coming together but not exactly what happened.
The FA are a laughing stock, their inconsistencies and senseless decisions are never ending.
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  1. haeak says:

    “Albeit not in entirety”
    who finalizes these statements anyway

  2. Jijji Muhammad Zurmi says:

    The FA hv taken d right decision

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