LFC Legend – Arsenal Title Contenders, Man United Are Now Mediocre at Best

LFC Legend – Arsenal Title Contenders, Man United Are Now Mediocre at BestArsenal are no less than eight points clear of Manchester United in the Barclays premier league already and are proving to be strong title contenders.

Red Devils who won the title with a comfortable lead last season are now in the bottom half of the table after six games and clearly look really weak, at times clueless under David Moyes.

Liverpool legend Jan Molby believes that Arsenal are strong title contenders while Manchester United have gone from bad to worse this season and are mediocre at best.

He wrote on Eurosport.

“Arsenal’s amazing run of form has got people asking the big question: can they really win the Premier League this season? The answer is simple. They can”

About Manchester United

“Fergie left David Moyes a very mediocre squad. Last season they managed to paper over the giant cracks between Rio Ferdinand at the back and Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney up front, but they’re not going to pull that off this time.”

Perhaps Ferguson did leave a relatively weak squad but arguably his biggest mistake (may prove that way) was to select David Moyes is his successor. As far as things stand, they have been really poor.

Arsenal on the other hand are top class, not many favored them to qualify from CL’s group of death but Ozil magic is flowing and they have been devastating lately (currently top of the group).

Is Molby right about Arsenal and Manchester United?

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  1. Macky says:

    I think wenger has learnt his lessons….with his experience & the fight his squad is puttin’ on, i believe they will be very close,yeah,they can,if they are lucky with less injury worries.

  2. Killah says:

    Wenger is the best coach in EPL-he clearly knows what he’s doing. Plus the “Ramsey effect” and, above all else, the “Ozil effect”, has been incredible. So it’s safe to say the gunners are all out to fight and genuinely contend for the title. Man U? Well, that’s history now!

  3. koops says:

    Hahahaha I can’t remember a single season where united haven’t been written off early. Uniteds squad isn’t isn’t “average”. United are one of the few teams in the world with the ability to field 2first 11 teams of nearly equal strength. Granted those “1st teams” arnt comparable to some of the best in the world (bayern, barca and co) a season lasts 38 games. People love making strong calls after 4 or 5 games but the realisty is that every team has its weakness. Chelsea lack in attack. Arsenal lack in defence, united lack in midfield and city lack coherence over a season. I will concede that arsenal are looking strong but when last were they a team not plagued by injuries? They have done little to nothing to address the lack of competant support/backup for their key players. An injury or two and we’ll see where the so called title contenders end up. Untill then….

    • mudah says:

      Injury or two?? What if I tell you arsenal are doing that with so many injuries to key players? E.g theo, santi, poldi, ox even arteta is just back

  4. Afc says:

    How do arsenal lack in defence? Where did you get this theory from mate? Every position is covered in defence with capable players playing when the first line of defence is injured. Do you even watch arsenal? If anything arsenals weakness is if Giroud gets injured who can replace him? The maddest thing is cazorla hasn’t even played with ozil yet! When cazorla comes back arsenal will be even better I don’t know if any defence will be able to stop arsenals midfield from ripping them apart.

    • DJ says:

      Fully agree Afc, also, last season Arsenal had the best away defence, and also were 2nd best defence overall in the league conceding just 14 goals. Only Man City conceded less, so not sure about the comment that Arsenal have a bad defence…

  5. Kanzi from calabar, Nigeria says:

    koops, i believe you will surely make a terrible analyst! Arsenal are playing some devastating football at present without lots of injured 1st team players (santi, oxlade, podolski, walcott, etc). so i don’t know where the one or two injury your wagging your poorly arranged teeth is gonna come from to make arsenal fall… sheer jealousy is your problem. I LOVE MESÜT. I LOVE ARSENAL FC.

  6. ak says:

    united got powerful attack moyes used them correctly and don’t forget to use the famous hairdryer if they seem sleep on attack. We fan want goal not watching them defending.
    My predict line-up: 4-3-3.
    in defence
    carrick,fellaini – as defensive midfielder.
    Kagawa as attacking creative midfielder.
    Valencia (right),van persie,rooney(left).
    With this statistgies kagawa will play in central and will giving wonderful assist to van persie to score and valencia,rooney also cross for van persie to score. That seem the way for goal david moyes try this in sunderland match.
    As for sub coming
    anderson or cleversly (fellaini)
    chicharito(van persie if he doesn’t score or seem lost in the game because of injuries recover he will take time to score)
    januzaj(rafael) then valencia went in rafael place. Wow it will be great powerful attack.

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