Arsene's Nuclear Arsenal

Arsene's Nuclear ArsenalThis is what Arsene Wenger must be exclaiming in his mind after watching his team’s dream run this season.
Yeeeaaah! Yippieee! Woo Hoo!
Ever since Aaron Ramsey started scoring prodigiously and Mesut Ozil arrived in North London, Arsenal are looking unbelievably strong this season.
It is not that Arsenal were not a strong unit till now, but at the moment all the players are in fine form and the Gunners have become serious contenders for the Premier League this time around.
Mesut Ozil, as we all know, is a class act. He has become an integral part of the North Londoner’s midfield regime in just a matter of time.
Also, the return of Mathieu Flamini has added depth to the midfield options.
It is also of note that some key players are injured and will be out of action for some time now. Mathieu Flamini got injured during the home fixture against Norwich City.
The injury list also includes Theo Walcott(Abdomen), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain(Knee), Lucas Podolski(Hamstring), Yaya Sanogo(Back), Abou Diaby(Knee).
Even with so many players out injured this team isn’t looking even a bit weak. One can only imagine what effect will the return of these players have on the team.
It is obvious that it will only boost the players’ morale and take their confidence to a whole new level.
At last it should be noted that the season is still in its early stages and nothing can be said about the end result but if this team keeps playing as it is currently, it is quite possible that they will win the Premier League.
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  1. Macky says:

    Any team can loose to any side… B.dortmond beat 4-0 last season…chelsea lost to basel this season,the list goes on,nobody crucified chelsea.. Arsenal lost to dortmond marginally yestarday,is football,they are in the most difficult group & are doin’ well…people are not just fair to Arsenal,it looks like they are waitin’ for them to stumble,so they will say here we go again…is a shame how pundits in England criticize a club doin’ well because they’ve not won anythin’ in 8 seasons..JUDGE ARSENAL BY MAY NEXT YEAR!!…c’mon guys!!

    • Chinmay Modak says:

      Sir, we all know how media is. Its just a matter of time when arsenal shows what they are capable of. Actually they have already started showing what they are capable of. 🙂

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