Arsenal vs 4 Champions League Winners – Doubters Everywhere

Arsenal vs 4 Champions League Winners – Doubters EverywhereChelsea, Liverpool, Dortmund and Manchester United are the teams Arsenal will face in their next four games.
All tough fixtures against the sides that have won the most coveted prize in Europe. Arsenal obviously have never won the European Cup.
Gunners sit at the top of the premier league and are in brilliant form but like always Arsene Wenger’s side has shown consistency against weaker oppositions. Something that has guaranteed them the Champions league place every year.
However, against the top sides, Arsenal normally suffer and that is one of the main reasons why they are nearing a decade without a title.
There are doubters everywhere that this season Arsenal have got an easy ride for now but the real test begins from now onwards.
Gunners have not yet faced a top team in the premier league and Liverpool will be the first one. Well, Tottenham are doing good but perhaps for Arsenal they are still a small team especially when visiting Emirates and they did beat Spurs 1-0 thanks to Giroud’s goal.
The first test will be against Chelsea who have a super quality squad and depth, we shall see how they fare tonight.
Dortmund defeated gunners at the Emirates Stadium and will be favorites to beat them again in Germany.
Lastly, they will face Manchester United who are not really in good form under Moyes but will hold strong cards at Old Trafford, a ground where Arsenal really have a torrid record.
Just because of Arsenal’s previous record and the habit of choking, doubters are there.
The biggest question is, Can Wenger’s men prove the doubters wrong?
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  1. osagiele says:

    .the reason the arsenal has been bereft of silverware is because they have consistently been inconsistent. The most consistent team wins the league…ie the team that consistently disposes of the smaller teams. I’m not saying that the big games are not important, yes they are…but only because they serve as confidence/belief boosters, that is all. That being said COYG!!!!!!

  2. AShey says:

    The defeats against big clubs shatter our confidence. Or sometimes games liek Newcastle 4-4 , or an unlikely upset cause us to lose form badly for some period and that is where we have been losing in the title race

  3. AtomicGeneral says:

    Important not to read too much into this game.
    Now’s the time to buckle down and be stingy in defense against Lpool.
    w’o Flamini, Sagna and Mert our Defense was leaky. gotta stop getting scored on from corners FFS.
    W/o Giroud (and for most of the game, Ozil) our offense was toothless.
    but i’m still optimistic: Pod will come back soon, against Lpool we’ll have our 1st team.
    I also hope Gnabry starts against Lpool: he’s > than Wilshire in that spot right now.
    And we will win and we will build from there.

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