Owen Wrongly Degrades Arsenal at the Worst Possible Time

Michael Owen Wrongly Degrades Arsenal at the Worst Possible TimeFormer Liverpool and Manchester United star Michael Owen has come up with the comment the Arsenal are not a top four side.
However, Owen has perhaps degraded Arsenal at the worst possible time. Although his arguments may make some sense but gunners have always proved the doubters wrong by qualifying for top 4 every year.
Owen claimed:

“When I look at (Arsenal) squad I see a decent collection of players but not a top-four operation.”

His statements can be viewed in the provided link. Yes, Arsenal have avoided critical fans by just signing one world class player in Ozil when they surely needed to reinforce other departments.
Still, they have enough quality to at least qualify for Champions League again, if not anything more. They have always defied odds and ensured that.
Owen has talked about the likes of Thierry Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira and how they dominated in English football but he is missing the point.
With those players Arsenal were not just title contenders but were considered favorites to win it. Surely, now gunners do not have a squad that can be considered as favorites for the premier league title but to say that they are not top four operation is completely naive.
Moreover, currently Arsenal are in blistering form, they are in line to win eighth straight away victory in the league and for now sit at the top of the table and Owen thought that is the best possible time to comment.
On paper, their squad might not seem as strong as other rivals but when on song, they are second to none.  Owen may feel they are not a top four side like many others have thought, but do not be surprised if the doubters are proven wrong again.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. Flo says:

    Who cares about owen?

  2. Oddbod says:

    I suppose Owen thinks Liverpool are a top four team… cretin!

  3. Stephen Murphy says:

    He is an idiot. In fairness, it is his first real job so he is going to make mistakes. Gone are the days when people gave him money for nothing. He is probably just nervous. Give the little moron time. Although the other idiot shearer is still going strong. Brits, sorry out your good tv licence money and stop paying for these clowns.

    • joe71 says:

      I did not want to comment but Stephen you’ve got me going. I remember watching match of the day last season (a few games before the season’ end) and Shearer commented with all certainty that arsenal will not make the champions league. Never mind that they were already in the 4th position at the time, and just a couple of points behind Chelsea in 3rd. Shearer’s body language demonstrated utter hatred for Arsenal when he made those comments.
      I cannot forget Linekar’ aping of Arsene Wenger because the manager dared to challenge a referee’ decision. Linekar aped himself like a complete idiot – I am sorry if he has learning disabilities, but he is a CRETIN. He thought he was being funny by mocking Wenger but he did not realise how stupid he looked on TV. with the rest of the fools on the commentary table laughing. I do not know why these people have it in for Arsenal.

  4. Rayj says:

    Michael is deviating from professionalism to gambling and biasness. Sori 4 the old fox who seems put mighty Gunners far away from title contention and exects to get good money at the end of the season for his bet from a betting company. Cry ur foul

  5. akinoludare says:

    Owen is only re-echoing what Graham Taylor said last season.Like other Gunners Haters,Taylor was shamed.Unknown to these haters,they have become the ingredients to cook the BPL tittle for Gunners this season.Jamie Redknap,Caragher and now Owen(all Ex pool)keep it up

  6. It’s rather funny coming from him or perhaps he thinks Liverpool are a top 4 side, “DREAM ON CHUM” . Look at the track record between this 2 clubs, who is better? Besides, football is a team game and a couple of big signings helps but does not guarantee anything unless the rest of the team contributes and not forgetting the club goes into debt. Should I say anything more, nah, get your facts right chum!!!!!!!!

  7. TAJ AZIZ says:

    Good owen go on we might suprise you let us be the underdogs so as to catch you by suprise

  8. Sullivan says:

    This comes from a guy who couldn’t get into the Stoke starting XI! Deluded fag!

  9. musisi paul says:

    Owen knows nothing about title contenders cause he failed to win it for liverpool the team dat groomed him and had depth.I’m so suprised to hear him criticising de team on top.anyway to talk bad things towards Arsenal.

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