Jose Mourinho to Finally Play Juan Mata?

Jose Mourinho to Finally Play Juan Mata?Chelsea face a major shock coming to know that their star playmaker Eden Hazard was forced out of International training with achilles problem.
The Belgian star has been Mourinho’s main playmaker since the start of this season as the Portuguese manager has opted to bench star midfielder and last season’s player of the year Juan Mata.
The sad treatment of Mata is baffling but even the fans are unable to openly criticize or question Mourinho because of his stature at the club.
Nevertheless, for worse, Hazard might be out for more than 2 weeks and a player of Mata’s quality can replace him effectively.
However, the question remains, will Mourinho finally play Juan Mata?
The Spaniard only started the opening premier league fixture and was substituted in the 64th minute against Hull. Since then, Chelsea have played three more games but Mata has not been able to play a single minute.
Chelsea have numerous attacking options upfront and Jose may ignore the former Valencia man again.
Not to forget, Chelsea splashed a hefty 32 million pounds to sign Brazilian playmaker Willian from Anzhi.
The Samba star scored 2 goals against the Blues playing with Shakhtar in last year’s champions league.
There is no other opinion, every other fan wants Mata to play, but do not be surprised if the situation remains the same for him.
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  1. mourinho always wants wingers who have pace.

  2. tosin says:

    Morinho should stop not 2 play juan mata because I watch ball because of him is still our best player.try 2 play juan mata he is a very good player

  3. melekwe henry says:

    In my own opinion, i’ll lk mourinho to start using mata; he’s our best player so far. Since Oscar can play any position in attack, he shud be using Mata as number 8.
    Pls ‘the special one, u hav to something; we’re nt happy ooh!

  4. george odongo says:

    juan mata creativity in da mid field is great mor should adapt@ also allow ramires to go up 4 attack play mikel 2 cover up defence.the games looks good if ramires joins da attack

    • clndr says:

      Thax Odongo for annalysing that,we perform
      better when ramirez has the freedom to attack
      more.mou shud put a far better defensive mid
      fielder who we all know is mikel or Essien.

  5. Sebit Anthony says:

    It would not worry us so much so long as oscar goes to da wing end juan mata to play infront ov lampard plus ramires and willian to pass from da left wing that will help us cover da big role of hazard .

  6. Jose does not like the style of play Mata offers,Jose likes to play wingers and holding midfielders,Mata is not proficient as either,Mata should try to join another club so long as Jose is in charge ! I think the Chelsea Mourinho Abramovich triangle are heading for trouble this year !You can just feel it brewing !

  7. Okoye makuo says:

    Mata is our man and he is still our best player,but i dont know why mourinho dont want to use him ?, he changes ball in the midfield i see him as the future world best player

  8. kingsley says:

    Mata is a good player but does defend well. Jose likes players that defends even.if ur are number 9. He needs to.recalibrate his game and start defending to earn.a place in the team

  9. Cynic says:

    This article is factualy incorrect. Mata did not play against Hull, he played 62 minutes against Villa. And missed the two remaining games vs United and Bayern due to match fitness. He had a thigh strain coming into the season hence he has been rested.
    At the beginning of last season as well Mata was rested if you remember the dull draw away at QPR, Mata was sent on a short holiday by RDM and came back rejuvinated. Lest not forget Mata has not had a pre-season holiday since 2008.
    He played the Confed Cup in South Africa in 2009, World Cup 2010, U/21 euros 2011, UEAFA Euro 2012 and the London Olympics same year, 2013 confed cup in Brazil. Next year wont be different with the World Cup. That would be 7 consecutive years without a holiday.
    In fact in 2007 he was involved in the U/16 for Spain, so thats 8 years out of 9 without a summer holiday for Mata.
    The poor guy must be literay exhausted.

  10. Aitsa wa-aitsa says:

    We love Mata in chelsea

  11. Sir Cecil says:

    Mata has played MORE minutes than at the start of last season. Then, as now, he was rested for the first few games due to being on International duty through the summer. Last season, Chelsea contacted the Spanish manager and asked for Mata to also be rested for the opening games of the season for Spain, which was agreed. So he sat out both club and country games, just as now. It is well known that Mata considered it essential to have the break before embarking on a 60+ game season. The only difference is Mourinho has actually given him some playing time during this period, whereas that wasn’t the case last year.
    So please do not spread tripe on the Internet about Mourinho not wanting Mata or other such nonsense. You obviously know nothing about it.

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