Only Arsenal can Stop Arsenal from Signing Gustavo

Only Arsenal can Stop Arsenal from Signing GustavoThe summer cannot get any more disappointing for Gunners as the club have failed to lure any of their top transfer targets as yet. Like always, Arsenal are linked with world class players but rarely do they sign one.
Latest reports suggest that Wenger has been wasting time bidding for Suarez as Liverpool star man has recently reiterated that he will be playing for Reds next season. Now there is no time left for wasting and Arsenal should sign quality players. Fans cannot get more desperate can they?
Champions League winner Luiz Gustavo has claimed that he will like to join Arsenal. What more indication do the Londoners need. Whether or not they can fill the void left by Robin van Persie is another matter but at first they should ensure that the Brazilian is signed to strengthen their defensive midfield department.
Gustavo claimed:

“I have heard about the Arsenal interest. It’s a big club we’re talking about here so of course I’d like to play for them.”

He also praised gunners for their performance against Bayern last season. In this scenario, perhaps only Arsenal can stop Arsenal from Signing Gustavo. The Samba star played every minute for Brazil in the FIFA Confederations Cup as the Seleccao successfully defended their crown by beating World Champions Spain in the final.
The Bayern star will reportedly cost around 14 million pounds, a sum that Arsenal can surely afford. The last thing the fans want is to lose Gustavo by bidding low again.
Arsene Wenger should not waste any time and must pay the asking price to sign Gustavo from the European Champions. With no quality signings, the statement of winning the premier league title makes no sense.
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  1. Avatar STEVE. says:


  2. Avatar benson says:

    arsenal transfer policy is fake and disapointing

  3. Avatar Akpoteria Biobior says:

    It’s high we (arsenal) moved forward, I’m tired of d hide & seek game Wenger is playing.

  4. Avatar bc says:

    If u want wenger out do something about it, sure its hard to turn your back on the team but unless the manager fails to make a profit he ain’t going anywhere. While fans keep buying merchandise and supporters keep attending matches wenger will scrape into the top 4 and keep the profits coming in. No shareholder in his right mind is going to want to change managers while he continues to increase the value of their holdings.
    Can you imagine a bank changing its CEO just because their not winning any prizes? Unfortunately we are now in a world where profit counts and our shareholders are unfortunately not like abrahomovic who considerd chelsea his play thing.

  5. Avatar Obey michael says:

    Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger once made a statement last year that inasmuch as he calls short at the emirate, he cares not for what fans says. At the tail end of last season, he promised of signing quality players to strengthen the squad before 2013/14 season kicks off. What are we saying here, with barely four days to kickoff, Wenger has been going around the globe pricing players as if pricing basket of tomatoes in a market square.Believe you me, I want to believe that due to fans pressure, he is going to sign but not quality ones just to appease fans. Wenger for me, is suffering from lost of ideas and arsenal should look elsewhere for an ambitious coach period.

  6. Avatar Dare oyedele says:

    Its high time wenger buy world class player. Honestly i dn’ know what the board and wenger are doing. Up gunners

  7. Avatar Ashish says:

    Arsenal is a “Joke”………………..every player on earth is linked with us ……99% confirmed in may cases but sign with someothe Club…..
    This is going to happen again……
    This time we will be out of Top 4 for sure ….forget abouy winning any trophy

  8. Your all mad ! look what Arsen Wenger has done for Arsenal over the last 13 years I’me a United fan but you should treat Wenger like a national treasure its your board thats Arsenals problem not your manager ,be carefull you dont slip down to Chelski’s level !!

  9. Avatar Zodo says:

    Don’t min wenger he is plying not to buy a plyr he just decieving a fans. Bt pl buy us gustavo.

  10. Avatar Tonia Reeves says:

    The fans are, by now sick of Arsene Wenger delay attitude….because of this, I am sure Gustavo will join another team!…SHAME ON WENGER AND THE BOARD!!

  11. Avatar ismogunner says:

    @chris I’ll be glad to see arsenal slide to chelski’s level if by doing so, they will pick some champs league medals along the way. I mean seriously, wtf has this man done for the past 8 years? He’s no where close to fergies achievements and will never be, but even fergie could have shown the exit door had he gone half of those years without a trophy, that’s what world class teams do to their managers, but arsenal, am afraid isn’t anywhere close to world class. This is why we’ll keep getting fucked by the same stupid management, while the same stupid deluded fans keep waving the “in arsene we trust” banner. I pray the spuds succeeds in taking the 4th place trophy this season……sooooooo pisssssssed off!!!!!

  12. Avatar Usama says:

    I’m arsenal fans bt i hate arsene wenger transfer policy nd i dnt think arsene wenger deserve 2b manager 4 any club

  13. Avatar arsenal-steve says:

    What is sad is that Wenger is a good coach. Trouble is he is a shit manager. I’,ll be glad to see the back of him. He is almost like a combination of Mr Bean and Basil Fawlty. He was loved by all the other top managers because he became a total non threat. When we were winning things, with our edgy angst ridden ‘invincibles’, made of alpha males, none of the managers liked Wenger at all. Ferguson v Wenger was almost box office. Now the wimp Wenger has given up and Arsenal punch beneath their weight. Best for him he leaves before fate turns him into a confused laughing stock.

  14. Avatar Prince Joe says:

    To me Wenger is deceiving we fan, that is his jocker, he just want to price a player and later on abandon the project. As an economics, he is cunny, a dribbler and only works for the board on how to make profit for their sharing at the end of their AGM. To me, let the fans suspend buying tickets for watching any game involving arsenal. Enough of this dubious tactics from Wenger and his board members. ln Wenger l do not trust any more, he has failed us fans woefully, posterity wiil never forgive you at all.

  15. Avatar charles says:

    Wenger has over stayed his welcome. We need to get a coach who will take us to the next level. Who ever believes in wenger in just dreaming.

  16. Avatar Captain X says:

    As a very frustrated Arsenal fan……I realise that the club simply have to spend big if they hope to compete. I don’t like the obscene amounts of money in the game these days but what choice do clubs have if they want be one of the big boys in the Premier League and participants in the Champions League? They have to spend massively to compete!
    I have doubted Wenger’s methods for several years now, but have understood the club’s financial constraints since building the new stadium. BUT, he now has money.
    If he doesn’t invest in some quality players I think there will be a huge backlash against Wenger.

  17. Avatar red4ever says:

    It’s so sad to see, Arsenal once a massive historic club, have now become a feeder club, over the last few seasons all your best players have left for bigger clubs. Their transfer policy leaves a lot to be desired, they talk a lot about bringing in quality players then put in ridiculous bids no where near the value of the player, ie suarez,higuain etc. When will you gooners realise your club is treating you all like fools. YNWA

  18. Avatar Nura suleiman Danladi says:

    To Arsene wenger, are you arsenal manager or arsenal destroyer ?

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