Liverpool to Focus on £17m Willian Alternate?

Liverpool to Focus on €17m Willian Alternate?Liverpool have secured yet another signing this summer after hiring the services of Valencia left back Aly Cissokho on a season long loan. Rodgers has been looking to reinforce that position and the French star will improve the squad.
However, the major bad news for Liverpool and the supporters was that they lost out on possible Marquee signing Willian as the Brazilian has opted to join Tottenham Hotspur instead. Nevertheless, Reds do have the funds to land a quality alternate.
The question is, who will be that Marquee signing?
With not many days left in the transfer season, there are not many top options available as well. On the other hand, Liverpool will surely not want to lose out on a player again just because they are not in Europe, a major possibility though.
One likely option they might consider is Ajax’s Christian Eriksen. Now that they have lost out on Anzhi star, chances are that Liverpool are to focus on £17m Willian Alternate.
Liverpool are lacking an attacking midfielder and Eriksen is a top talent. Not so long ago, Both player and Ajax’s manager have come up with statements that there are chances Eriksen may as well move to Liverpool. However, the merseysiders have not yet reportedly submitted an offer for the Dane star.
Tottenham have a habit of stealing Liverpool’s transfer targets. Willian is gone, Lamela is heading in the same direction. After signing two playmakers, surely Spurs will not go for third Eriksen.
Therefore, Brendan Rodgers must not waste time before other suitors turn up. Their rivals for fourth place are reinforcing heavily and Reds must bring in a top quality star to challenge or else they may as well fail to qualify for Champions League for 5th straight year.
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  1. Affollious says:

    Well dnt no y we lost out on willians

  2. Jonas says:

    i am much disappoited in lpool.
    Lpools attitude has been like arsenal. They fear investing in high quality players and this will not help them find the UCL next year. This squad cannot play barcelona, real madrid, baryern munich and more. The 7, 5, 4, 1, 6mil euros will not help at this time. Otherwise You’ll Never Go To UCL Again

  3. face facts says:

    It would help if we did not TELL THE WHOLE WORLD WHO WE ARE GOING AFTER

    • mieReds says:

      Agree..let it be done in silent

    • frankly shankly says:

      I disagree, Liverpool were too quiet on explicit interest in Willian. The turning point for Spurs came when AVB started making his personal admiration of the player clear; something Rodgers should have done instead of just grinning like a smitten school boy at Jake Humphreys when the possibility of the transfer was mentioned. If we are going to get the Eriksen deal done right, we will have to pull out all of the stops to impress him- which may inevitably mean a slightly over priced offer and wages that are perhaps a bit beyond that of a promising young player.

    • stug farm says:

      player avents cant resist…especially when and if bidding wars start between clubs. more $$$$$$$ for agents. dont you agree? cant stop the greedy business.

  4. john mpokosa says:

    Liverpool are too stingy nothing gud is going to come out of dis season,come on rodgers splush de money

  5. Colin Mallia says:

    Liverpool never mentioned that they are after Willian, actually it was the player which said that if it was really Liverpool after him they would be interested. For all we know it could be that he just used Liverpool to get Spurs to accelerate their offer. Stop believing everything you read on the internet.

    • chri5jo says:

      Well Said Colin, totally agree.
      Also could be players agent more teams in for him more they can negotiate a better salary and a bigger cut for him. i just wish our fans wouldn’t jump to conclusions when a lleged player where interested in goes somewhere else

    • Margus12 says:

      SPOT ON!!!! I’m sorry to say but some of my fellow Liverpool supporters are idiots. We probably enquired about Willian, were quoted £30m and thought no thanks. This is a player who scored 20 goals in 140 games for Shaktar in the Russian league and 1 goal in 11 games for Anzhi. At that price Liverpool can do a lot better. Two names that i’d like to propose are Andriy Yarmolenko of Dinamo Kiev and Leandro Damiao of Internacional. Yarmolenko is a 23 year old winger who has scored double figure league goals for the past 3 seasons. Damiao is a 24 year old striker who plays from the left like Thierry Henry. He’s powerful, quick and skillful. Yarmolenko would cost in the region of £15m and Damiao is available for £21m. I’d rather see either one at Anfield over Willian.

  6. Shaibu Abdul-Fataw says:

    Cant our support be appreciated with quality signings?how long must we continue to face this embarassment every season?why must spurs of all clubs be snapping our targets every season?if FSG cannot invest hugely on the club,they had better left.i personally wont be surprised if lfc misses out on top4 5 this season again.

    • Scoobsie says:

      Lets put things into perspective. Spurs beat us to two players last season. Did we dodge a bullet or what? Dempsey was such a stellar performer he’s now in the MLS. As for Sigard-who? He really lit the Prem up last season didn’t he!? We’re hearing about players we’re interested in, but when the prices are quoted it’s apparent we’re walking away – and rightly so! Willian! Had not really heard of him till two weeks ago, but his stats don’t stack up to a £30m fee. If Spurs have cash burning a hole in their pocket, then go ahead and spend away. We’ll see at the end of the season if this Journeyman will make a difference to Spurs (I suspect not!)

  7. oguns niyi says:

    it’s unfortunate we miss out willian bt i belief rodger knows wat hes doing. Ucl dis season is a must or ???

  8. Danno says:

    Its Ian IDIOT ayres fault we only buy free agents loan signings,have you seen the B CLASS PLAYERS the twat buys ( SHAMBOLIC ) We are in deep shit,this twat destroyed Huddersfield Town not long ago ;-( And how the fuck can Rodgers think we’ll be STRONGER this season ( IN Mignolet Toure Aspas Alberto ) ( OUT Reina Shelvey Caroll Downing Spearing Coady Suso Robinson,and the cunts want more OUT ) If Coates didn’t get a bad injury,they twats would have had Skrtel OUT.THE THREE STOOGES ( Henry ayre & Rodgers ) NEED TO FUCK RIGHT OFF ;-(

  9. Donloui says:

    I can’t believe this! I’m pretty disappoint in Liv’pol’s transfer policies. A very bad omen for the Kops. LIVERPOOL CAN’T ATTRACT BIG PLAYERS ANY MORE, ‘TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT’.

  10. Eddie says:

    Rodger is a dumbass fellow,breaking my heart always….This shit is getting serious,we will soon stop buying players and roll with our reserves.

  11. Valle says:

    I do believe Rodgers knows clearly what he want to introduce at Anfield. I can see some of stars leaving the club but still the squad is developing. May be these are the players fitting in to his philosophy, the philosophy which will dominate in Europe and reward us some kind of smile for a while. All signing record breakers we brought in like Carol, Keane e.t.c, they were at their best but failed to prove it at Anfield. Instead signings like Coutinyo does.
    SO I don’t think William at this price is the big thing lost. I believe in Rodgers. YNWA.

  12. David says:

    Lets be clear, we’re building for the future, step by step. First target is CL qualifying year on year & then we will be able to afford and get top quality players. But realise the transfer market is stupidly inflated, not many top quality players available and – by the way – the cash to get them and pay them comes out of my pocket and yours. I’m happy to see ‘wise and good value’signings to get us into the CL first and then we can splash the cash with confidence. Remember its not so long ago ‘Pool were almost broke. Now we’re competing with top German, Italian, French and Spanish teams and not in a great position to do so until we get CL status….so patience all please!

    • guy roskruge says:

      David we’ve had enuf patience.we been patient for five years.don’t u think players like gerard and suares are tired of carrying the team?they need help.jus 1 more top signing 2 help the likes of coutinho,sturridge,suares,gerard.a player tht young tht can help bring out the best in our young guns.we hav a great side bt I wish alonso can cum back so gerard can attack which he’s damn gud at……if we can’t afford a top winger

      • Kirsty baidoo says:

        5 years is nowt if you’re a Leeds fan! But am also a Liverpool fan and must say am disappointed about Willian. Lets hope we get Eriksen instead. Suarez came from Ajax!!!

  13. I can see clearly says:

    You are all out of your tiny pathetic little minds…….. Glory seekers the f….ng lot of you that has not got a clue how to manage or run a business or football club.
    For months and months you have been slating the signings of Downing and Carrol, and have been slating the quality of players like Coates and Spearing. Rodgers is right to clear the deadwood and has made some astute decisions so far.
    We have replaced a good Goalkeeper with an arguably better one. We have a striker that scored a third of his teams goals last season, scored 4 in pre-season and has an assist in his first PL game.
    we have a new experienced solid defender in Toure and in Luis Alberto an extremely skilful player that will prove his worth.
    It is not Rodgers fault entirely that we did not qualify for Europe this season as he did not have that much to work with when he came to the club and if you look at last seasons stats you will see there was a marked improvement in the second half of the season. With European football you can attract a much wider scope of players and so it is not surprising that we have missed out on a few targets.
    At the same time without European revenue we have to be realistic with our budgets and if we get the business in order now it will mean we will see consistent spending year on year.
    BR will bring in a quality signing this window and I have every faith that we will be fighting for a place in the CL by the end of the season.
    Have some bloody faith in the team and the manager you morons!
    YNWA – To all the true LFC supporters 🙂

  14. Mide Michael says:

    Last year twas Dempsey, nw Willian. Y would Spurs always sign our top targets. Dats disappointing and a slap on l’pool’s face. Spurs r a junior team to l’pool. Rili disappointed in d recruitment team.

    • Luc_le_grand says:

      Where’s Dempsey now? Where will Sigurdsson be once Willian and Lamela join Spurs? BR is doing a very good job with the funds he has. Don’t forget that LFC is not in CL since 4 years now and this means about 40m less every year.

    • Eggyfart says:

      Why? LFC got it bang on over Dempsey.
      He wasn’t worth the money Spurs paid for him.
      If we had got him, most of you wingers would be moaning
      about how crap he is. Now it’s exactly the same with
      Willian. Over-hyped, over priced and goin to Spurs.
      Keep it up Buck.

  15. benson says:

    it’s an echo and is insulting for LIVERPOOL to be loosin their target to… I think Rodger did nt av the ability to speak to better player,but he lik free transfer,loan & reserv player…. pls Change ur atitude

  16. Tron says:

    When are people going to realise and accept LFC are not an attractive club any more? The writing has been on the wall for some time now and the only way for LFC to come back is via the Spurs model. Years without success but slowly trying to build and find the odd star player from young (Bale) to reach new heights. LFC neither have the money or the pull of champs league. So many players choose champs league football over the club every time. I have written before the fall of LFC and the sacking of Rafa in the past and its all come true. LFC are and have been a very wasteful club. The amount of money spent of fees and wages could have got that spade in the ground to build a new stadium. LFC have been mismanaged for many years and this is the fruits of their incompetence. You can argue all you want with me and say I am not a supporter but I speak the truth no matter what. Best of luck to Spurs. I’d rather see them mop up titles than Man U or Arsenal.
    And LFC will not get champs league football come end of season either so again LFC will not be able to attract the players required. I don’t believe FSG will continue to be in charge if they do not get champs football with dwindling revenues. The stadium is also a big issue which has yet to be addressed. 150 million is still alot of money and LFC cant even afford that. LFC need a super rich owner who is willing to throw silly money to get stadium and offer big money in wages to players. I could be wrong but based on current evidence and past I just don’t see LFC mounting a sustainable top 4 finish every season. Remember Stevie G will get older each year and his retirement is imminent.

  17. johnson says:

    I ask my self at times if this so called liverpool fan…gat any love for my dear club…BR is the right choice,d club is moving in d right direction…we just need that bit of luck and be optimistic this season…we can win d premier league title this season…I have faith in our signings they are technically gifted players who are versatile.if Suarez stays @ lfc…we will win d epl not challenging for top 4 position…

  18. Tron says:

    The one good positive I can say about LFC which is a start is that they are finally getting rid of these over paid expensive flops. What is shocking is these so called professionals who purchased these players actually believe they are worth the money and wages. I can only suggest they are either taking back handers or are complete idiots and have made LFC the biggest laughing stock in the football world. If I were the guy up top I would never in a million years sanction the buy for Carroll for 35 million.

  19. a says:


  20. roger says:

    Once again I am amazed at some of the stupid comments made by “supporters” who haven’t a clue about the club they support !!!
    Money is tight and the top players want CL.
    Rodgers is doing an unbelievable job on our resources.
    Following the acquisition of Sturridge and Coutinho we actually finished in the top 4 for the second half of the season.
    If u can’t be positive…go support another team !!!

  21. Jonas says:

    reserve players, loan players are for the smaller teams to develop their skills. Free agents are players who are ready to retire, and are looking for a teams money to spend, and quality players who wants to help a team to compete for the UCL title. Liverpool cannot qualify for UCL this season with grandfathers like toure and low profile players. Lfc management, open your eyes. We need fresh blood like coutinho type in the team. We dont need quantity but quality. YNWA

    • Tron says:

      The problem is finding those players that can fit into the clubs structure not to mention none of the more attractive clubs are after them at the same time. I laugh when I see fans making up their fantasy teams on forums. This is not Championship manager. This is the real world.

  22. dingo90 says:

    Ridiculous!!!! LFC should buy buy buy!!! We’ve lost Willian, likelyhood is Grottnam will get Eriksen as well, then i hate to say it they’ll qualify for CL. We’ve got no chance at present – but nothing surprises me anymore, LFC may still have one last card up their sleeve!

  23. Ebrahim Motlekar says:

    LFC has got the best talent scouts. However action has to be taken on recommendations from them.
    I was shocked when Wenger said, “…who do we but.” It means their scouts are not effective.
    Yet once LFC targets a player like Sigudson, Henri Mkhataryan, Willian then the vultures (especially Tottenham)with deep pockets circle and snap up that target.
    So LFC’s scouts are servicing others due to the slow reaction of “the purchasing department at LFC.”

  24. Dillon says:

    As soon as I heard Spurs were also after Willian I knew straight away he wouldn’t be coming to Liverpool. Basically the truth of it is these days if we’re to bring in a top player we have to be the only team going in for him otherwise we lose out. For example even Southampton won the battle against us last season for a player . It’s gone down hill for us in recent years and although there was a bit of improvement last season the chances of a top 4 finish in my honest opinion is very slim. I can’t help but feel Spurs and Arsenal are just going to pull even further clear. I really hope I’m wrong but its not looking too good

  25. Leaky says:

    It’s difficult to see how LFC are going to break into the top 4 I admit, however good footballing teams can beat big names on a team sheet most days of the week. I say give BR some slack and see what develops as you will be pleasantly surprised this season. I want players that want to pull on that shirt and work for the team. We can all see that this year the team ethos has improved. Patience required and loyalty, faith, belief and unity, we can stand as one and go to battle YNWA.

  26. Ed says:

    Why are the Press always making mountains out of molehills and twisting stories around. Its because of them that Liverpool have again lost out on decent signings. Don`t people think that other big clubs read the papers and the bull thats printed. Any supposed true story linking Lpool to a major signing is automatically going to encourage a rival bid. Why isn`t business done more privately, and for Gods sake, why don`t the press just print the facts. Maybe Lpool would by now have the right players instead of second best. I just hope they can mount a serious challenge this season with what we`ve got and the so called `spirit` within the dressing room.

  27. john o says:

    Lpool fc are not serious when it come to buying big players.they are behaving like Arsenal who price but not buy. We are very dissaponted 4 the way of the club pulicy. At the end now the John Henry will come out and appologise 4 not buy top players. Pls we are tired of so call appology . Pls buy top players 4 us. Not appology.

  28. Paul says:

    Im sorry, but there are some seriously uneducated comments on here. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that the real madrid galactico approach to buying players like ronaldo, beckham and bale doesnt work as these players rarely fight for the team or play well as a team. Hence why madrid havent dominated “modern” day champions league football, they won most of there european trophies back inthe 50s/60s.
    City have spent approximatey 500m on there squad with one title to show, kenny spent 100m in one season and won a league cup. Totenham spending close to 100m on players unproven in the premier league is a massive financial gamble that may or may not pay off.
    Liverpool on the other hand are piece by piece uncovering gems – suarez, coutinho, sturridge and I beleive aspas will prove to be another, despite what some reviews said I beleive he was far from lightweight and could prove to be one of the the signings of the season.
    Is it any coincidence that toure was part of two championship winning sides and once he was dropped/sold those sides title ambitions ended? Hes a fantastic defender who you can clearly see is hungry and still very very fit.
    So no marque signings, but we have signed brilliant players I feel. Just because they didnt cost 30 million each doesnt mean that they arent worth 30 million.
    Lets not forget we have jorden Ibe breaking through with sterling also a year further on. Buying a player just for the sake of it when there is no specific role for him in the team is also lunacy. I dont beleive that willam is a player we need, we have a front three in suarez, sturridge and countinho, now what we need is that creative midfielder like erickson behind them.
    Dont forget, john aldridge played in the lower leagues and then oxford before we signed him and that was the greatest liverpool team ever assembled so use a little intelligence and dont be deluded by shiny names and ludicrous fees ladies and gentlemen

    • Lee says:

      Once in a while we get a gem! but how many rubbish do we have to go through to get a gem. Add all the rubbish cost and we should have bought a polished diamond. Yes there are many examples, Owen, fowler, coutino, Litmanen, Mascherano, Alonso, etc but there are even more rubbish players that don the shirt of Liverpool. So how much do Liverpool want to waste?

  29. Craig says:

    Let get a few things straight
    1 willian was nothing to do with not being in the champions league, it was about matching anzhi valuation
    2 You can no longer sign a player without the world know, Internet, agent and clubs want a bidding war to hike the prices, ie more money in, Liverpool are no different
    3 does Ian Ayre inspire a big name to sign, he couldn’t sell umberela’s in a storm
    4 spurs don’t have a scouting network they just use liverpool’s,who ever we want they use go out and buy,

  30. Adrian says:

    Liverpool got no chance in hell in finishing 4th spurs where better last season by a distance and have got even better after all there quality signings there have done , plus arsenal are still a better team than liverpool , and liverpool have really added any quality , and all you liverpool fans deep down know you ain’t got no chance in finishing 4th

  31. Max says:

    I am a liverpool fan. I can understand why willan would want to go to Spurs instead of Liverpool. In his position, would you want to go with ABV or BR, no brainer this one. Spurs is top 5, Liverpool status has been relegated to also ran, in swansea, stoke grouping. Solution: buy best players to stabilise the rocking ship then buy younger players to reinforce. Current players like cotinhno and anyone decent will go to if there is no future. Don’t buy reserve players when bigger teams dont want them.

  32. Adrian says:

    Plus liverpool have no money any more , sold half the team and bought in mid table team players in example , aspas a very poors mans Suarez , toure free transfer , Luis “who” Alberto a player from the 2nd division in Spain lol , then they spen most of there money on a goal keeper , when we had a world class one , who we loaned out to a champions league team Napoli , who must be laughing , the people who run liverpool FC have no clue or no passion for the club , christen ericksen is available for under 20 million , in a few seasons he be valued for about 40 million , everyone seems to criticise arsenal , but they will still finished above liverpool , who I think will take about 10 years to break the top 4 again , unless changes are made at the top of the club RIP liverpool FC 1977 to 2009 my their big club status rest in peace

  33. stevo says:

    Coutinio came in at Christmas and no one knew a thing about it.
    Im pretty sure we will get someone in. And fair play to Liverpool for not paying over the odd’s for
    players.Willian is a good player but has a price.
    Don’t need to get the club into debt,be patient in sure we will get a player or two.
    hope we get Damio

  34. Lee says:

    If the rumours of gbale are true, and he goes for £93million, Spurs will have alot of spending power than Liverpool and Arsenal. Guess which team will be in the top 4 for europe next season? Everton, lol. Liverpool stop buying risky wantable or could have been, or worse have beens or half beens. BRodgers is good manager but unproven in big clubs (unless swansea is a big club). Big players do not want to take the risk being in a “could have been” club or a “historical museum” big club. They want to be in the top three club in the country.

  35. TOMMO says:

    No matter what people say about Liverpool transfer policy that we cannot attract be name players. The positive thing to come out of this is that the players we do sign r players who actually want 2 play 4 club and not the money. Keep up the good work BR and don’t let these idiot supporters bully u like what they r trying 2 do 2 arsene wenger

  36. Barclay says:

    This is turning out to b a disaster Transfer window for Liverpool. I think the Liverpool press shd learn to keep transfer deals right under their arm pits and only announce when a deal has been done. Some of these so called Liverpool scouts are actually working for Tottenham.

  37. tristansaul says:

    Those on here criticising Liverpool haven’t got a clue. Spurs are ready to bank 90m from Bale’s transfer, they can potentially outbid anyone in the market for a player with that type of leverage. They tried to buy Willian last January He’s also a friend of the manager, they both speak Portuguese. He’s opted to live in London for a higher wage playing for a team in Europe. What were Liverpool suppose to do, he did not say he wanted to play for the club but hoped someone like them would come in for him. guys if you don’t understand how modern transfers work laleave it to the rest of us who do.

  38. YnwA says:

    Brendan Rogers cannot attract big name players like rafa. Further more Ian ayre is a fucking pathetic bastard who can’t emphasize the importance and history of the club to bring in quality players. John Barnes shout be recruiting or other pass players with common sense. Another year we suffer from the embarrassment of not signing marquee players. John Henry plz sell the club your no help it seems as if the Red Sox is your main priority. My beloved liverpool is in the wrong hands such a sad time Stevie G has 2 good years left and they can’t honor him with prestigious signings what a shame to our most loyal captain.

  39. ben says:

    I smell a leeds thing at spurs they are going all out for the CL if they don’t hit it they are in the shit they are over paying for players and giving them huge wages we (Liverpool) are better this year than any time since coming second we have a nice mix of young and old what we need is a big player with any luck we get him then top for here we come

  40. jay blindside says:

    All the talk of being willing to spend big comes from the press. There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE from the LFC powers-that-be that this is so. Oncve more we are given the ” well we tried but no-one was available/willing to come. Hence another window where a profit ( albeit a small one ) is made for the owners. Shareholders of FSG across the pond are upset about the company spending money on LFC so all we get are dupes, smoke and mirrors, and excuses galore!

  41. Radu says:

    Liverpool will be first.

  42. Ikenna says:

    I have read lots of reviews here and many really impressed me and had the Liverpool flames still burning.
    Paul and others with similar comments you guys are spot on. Willian at that price is not a loss. Leandro Damiao,Erikson are signings I would like to see.
    From the Stoke match it is clear that we are taking the right steps in the right direction. If we had better finishers it would be a different story. Liverool last season created lots of chances even against the big clubs, we only lacked clinical finishing. The squad we have are not big names, but when they deliver they (signs are visible even to the blind) will become big
    If Suarez will play with the same hunger, then most of those near misses will be at the back of the net.
    I would like to see a DM come in to complete the transfers.

  43. golden iwezor says:

    One thing liverpool should get straight,without risk its impossible to see the possible impossible I.e the club should dole out cash for players with high reputations so they can return to the UCL without fear. Rodgers openly said resources are available so he should put it to work or does he thinks he’s in the championship. Brendan Rodgers please wake up this isn’t swansea

  44. Ikenna says:

    There is somerhing we fail to consider while we say we are buying below par players. Anyone that is top notch wants UCL and good money. LFC is not the only club looking for players. Even if we find that quality a team that has UCL will be more attractive than LFC. The days players live and die for their clubs are gradually fading away. Lets just focus on sharpening what we have, then top 4 will be achieved.

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