LFC Transfers – €5.2m Profit But is it a Good Sign?

LFC Transfers – €5.2m Profit But is it a Good Sign?Before the end of last season, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers reiterated that he will have funds for the summer transfer window. However, as far as things have gone by, Reds have actually let more players leave and brought in a few.
To say that any of their signings is world class will not make much sense but for sure all are versatile players and fans will be hoping that these signings turn out to be like Coutinho and Sturridge. So far this summer, LFC transfer dealings show €5.2m Profit but is it really a good sign?
The merseysiders have sold the following players for a combined sum of €32 million

  • Andy Carroll
  • Jay Spearing
  • Jonjo Shelvey
  • Stewart Downing

Adding to that certain players have been loaned out and released by the club. That has helped Liverpool reduce their wage bill as well.
The arrivals include the following and were signed for a combined sum of €26.8 million

  • Simon Mignolet
  • Iago Aspas
  • Luis Alberto
  • Kolo Toure

Although, Liverpool fans are excited by the newcomers and believe that the club has done good business but the Reds are more interested in balancing the books which indicates that perhaps no big signing will come to Anfield this summer without any star departure. Latest, Liverpool are linked with 5 million pounds move for Granada left back Guilherme Siqueira and the deal can now be funded because Downing has departed.
Reports suggested that Liverpool had at least 30 million for transfers this summer but guess that is not going to be the case as there is no transfer kitty? Therefore, the players like Papadopoulos (12 million), Eriksen (17 million) and co are unlikely to join Reds this summer. Or maybe they will, only if Liverpool sell again to balance the books?
The big players wanted by top clubs are Suarez and Agger but both of them are likely to be playing for Liverpool next season. Does that mean fans should stop expecting any star signing, perhaps yes, but only time will tell.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. Danno says:

    What a bunch of pricks,they said where going for top 4 but all’s they’ve done is SLASH the wage bill and cripple are first team.Then bring in GARBAGE B class players because they was cheap & on LOW WAGES…THE THREE STOOGES ( Henry Ayre & Knobgers ) OUT OF ANFIELD ASAP.Now Downings gone,Knobgers is after more of his PETS from Swansea ( Scott Sinclair ;-( PATHETIC ) Would rather have kept Downing over this JOKE.

  2. Yusufmc says:

    It’s goin to get worse for Liverpool unless the team gets lucky n gets 4th year! Can’t see us buyin top players again. We are tryin to be smart buyin these low cost players but if luis, Daniel, skiertal, couotino get big n better offers we’ ll be fuked, stieve leaves n arse will fall out of the bucket!!!!

  3. Bob says:

    Liverpool’s wage bill needed to be slashed we where paying top wages for players that where far from performing as top players so it was back to the drawing board all the players brought in will play a part in the teams season unlike those that have gone out who wouldn’t have gotten a game so that is that done all of the clubs business will be don’t from here on in with 3 or 4 players coming in and at least 1 player heading out
    Now that the wage bill is under control you can add the quality players into the team but you have to be careful not to block the progress of the talented youngsters that are coming through the project was to be 3 to 5 years before it showed results last year was a good work in progress with good spells of 8 and 10 games unbeaten after a terrible start, progress will be made on that this season as the team settles into the style of play they are
    playing now
    To many fans want to bring in big names on big fees regardless of weather they perform or not just to be like the other big spenders we cant afford to get things wrong when we dip into the transfer market and when we do find a player we are in direct competition with clubs who finished above us or are top clubs from abroad let the management do their job and support the team YNWA

    • Cookie888 says:

      Well said Bob I totally agree with you! YNWA let’s support our beloved xlub and trust in BR, he’ll take us back up to the top 4 in a sensible way

  4. David kelly says:

    I think Henry deserves a lot of credit for they way they have come in and sorted the books out.. Now it’s looking a lot more attractive for new owners to come in, am starting to think maybe its now time to start looking for new owners ones that are in more of a position to plough the money into the club it needs to be a success in today premier league. Arsenal are a great run club, this is what our owners are trying to achieve, but it’s brought them no success we need big pocket owners, with our support all over the world and good owners we can dominate this league once again.. Man U are vulnerable at the minute this is thre time to make a big push.. When dalgish first resigned in 90’s ferguson and utd jumped in to take advantage now lfc should do same, but the difference is we’ve not got owners willing to dip into own pockets to fund the club..

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