Did Mourinho Taunt Arsenal with his Statement?

Did Mourinho Taunt Arsenal with his Statement?Chelsea manager is renowned for his wicked statements and loves setting headlines for the press. Over the years we have seen more than a few headlines based on Mourinho’s comments.
Much has been talked about the continuing transfer saga of Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. The latest reports suggest that now even gunners are back in contention to sign the England international.
Mourinho is convinced that Rooney wants to leave Old Trafford and that is the reason he is looking to secure his services before the end of transfer window. However, he did claim it all depends on the striker himself who started the whole situation.
Discussing that scenario, he perhaps pointed out at the way Arsenal dealt the transfer saga of Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. Did Mourinho taunt Arsenal with his statement? As he claimed:

“A club like us, a manager like me, the people that work in the club with me, we are not silly to try to get a player from a big club that doesn’t sell what they don’t want to sell.”

Arsenal were well aware of the fact that Luis Suarez is not for sale. Liverpool reiterated many times that they are not going to sell their prized asset.
Still, Arsenal wasted a lot of time, continued bidding for the Uruguayan and that too way below what he is actually worth before finally giving up.
Whether or not Mourinho did taunt Arsenal is another matter. For now, both Chelsea and gunners are in for Rooney. Will he stay at Manchester United or not, we shall have the answer soon in the coming days.
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  1. mohamed says:

    No taunting the Suarex situation is exactly the same as Rooney’s the clubs have refused to sell and the players want to leave but well done to both Man u and Liverpool for keeping there best players and not strengthening rivals!!!!!!!

    • bc says:

      Yep but the masters this season wigh regards to selling have to be spurs. For anyone to offer £80m plus for a player converted from left back only 2 seasons ago is simply amazing. My hat is tilted in their direction but that is as far as it goes. FFS if bale is worth that then walcott is worth £60m at leasf that is simply outrageous. Football has gone mad and supporters must be even more mad to support this extremeity. Its worse than cheering badger culling!!

  2. TAJ AZIZ says:

    He is always a big mouth arsenal didnt want to sell cole, why did morinyo go behind arsenal and tempt him.he and chelsea should have been fined but big rich corrupt owners dont get that because fifa is corrupted

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