Congratulations Arsenal – Another Milestone Achieved

Congratulations Arsenal – Another Milestone AchievedLiverpool star Luis Suarez might be staying but Arsenal do not care. Earlier this year, Arsenal football club announced £17.8 million profit and showed that the club has over 100 million cash reserves. They are one of the best run clubs in the world as far as business sense is concerned and there is more brilliant news for them.
The premier league season will begin tomorrow and in a few months gunners are £11 million richer. Congratulations Arsenal, that is surely another milestone achieved but as usual financially. When did that happen, well here is how.
Arsenal have let go no less than 28 players, sold a few, released a few, loaned a few and have earned £11 million while their spending on transfers this summer is £0. Another youngster signed that too for FREE, Yaya Sanogo. How exciting is that for the fans.
Even after all the financial strength and Champions League football, not so strong PL clubs have signed quality players. Even Arsenal’s arch rivals have signed world class players but gunners remain stuck in their old dilemma i.e. Never going to pay the asking price and Waste time.
Madrid wanted 30 odd million for Higuain, a top quality proven finisher; Arsenal didn’t want to pay more than 20 odd. Liverpool want 50 plus million for Suarez, Arsenal kept on wasting time with useless bids. Now the Gustavo saga completely sums everything up.
The Brazilian himself claimed that he would like to play for Gunners and the asking price was not really too high for the Champions League and Confederations Cup winner. However, once again Arsenal failed to lure their target.
Fans cannot get more frustrated, the promises were made for nothing? Wenger does claim that he is looking to sign a 2-3 players before the market closes (don’t forget to bet against him and don’t expect world class players) still other clubs have secured their deals early in the transfer season to prepare well for the new season.
How on earth some supporters saw ambitions in Arsenal’s non serious approach is beyond everyone. Wenger kept on talking about winning the league title and the fans hoped against hope for a quality signing. For worst, a poor start will surely amplify the outcry of Arsenal fans. They always get CL football, they may as well get it again somehow, but the trophy drought is likely to continue if no world class player is signed.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. timilehin says:


  2. ice says:

    I didn’t know the transfer window shut!!!
    p.s how do you know what was offered and what was rejected??
    Higuain and Gustavo followed the money…. that is 100% the fact because the salary’s offered elsewhere were astronomical. In regards to Suarez, Liverpool are digging their heels but that is expected. Does all this mean Arsenal won’t strengthen?? If you think so than you have clearly not been blessed with a bright brain!!!

    • Manish says:

      Are you retard? .. I thnk you didnt get the point what author is trying to make.
      If Wenger knows that Bids may fail and he is also aware that other clubs may offer better salaries then why didnt he have plan B ..? if he miss-out on Higuine, then thats fine .. but then where is plan B if he misses out? … There is no plan at all. it was all fake.
      Arsenal’s main business is TRANSFER WINDOW .. thats their profit window. Go and check all the previous windows. No matter how many player they sell or buy, their prime objective is to make money in this window. This time also they have made it although low.
      Is Wenger a Kid, who will not understand that you must secure your signing before other clubs approach? This will also beneficial for Season preparation before time.
      My biggest Question is “WHAT IS QUALITY SIGNING?” … this a** hole ,keeps telling media that “We will do only quality signing? We will sign only Top Quality players?. Could you please tell what is quality for you? Gervinho? Chamakh? Santos? Park? Thats it?
      And Higuine, Fellaini, Gourcuff, Grenier, Jackson Martinez, Rooney, Capoue, Gustavo, Ericsson, Vertonghen etc are not QUALITY?
      If there is some TOP QUALITY PRODUCT in market the why dont you understand that you will have to pay money for that, and those things will not come for CHEAPER, FREE or CHARITY?
      He might have made some good signings by tricks, presence of mind, being opportunist or may be by luck but that magic will not happen always.
      If it is costing this rift in fans then why dont you change your plans? Why stick to your Price limits … people do not want him to sign 50 million player .. but at least he should try 20 million if there is some good player matching that price… or may be 30.

  3. Richard says:

    Arsenal care about money, they don’t think about trophy, they are business people, and we the fans are angry for trophy we too need to celebrate like others, I don’t believe if arsenal have plan of winning trophy.

  4. Eirik says:

    People will read what they want to hear.
    Gustavo went where he was guaranteed first 11.
    Suarez was never for sale, not for 35, or for 55.
    Higuain was worth gambling away over the info about Suarez they had at the time….

    • Kevin Weaver says:

      Eirik, you can’t read what you want to hear! You can pick the bones out of the failures you have named, but we have signed NO ONE, except an injury prone youngster from the French second tier.
      Why would you lose a player like Higuan because you had duff information? £30m deals shouldn’t be done on a whim, who was planning the approach for Suarez? I’ve ne’er thought that taking the p*ss out of the people you are negotiating is the best place to start. If we wanted Suarez why didn’t Kroenke pick up the phone to Henry, they are both heavily involved in American sports franchises and must know each other? Given our need for players why would you focus on a player who can’t play for you until October in preference to getting in the goalkeeper, defensive midfielder, and central defender we need for the early matches?

  5. gooner says:

    erick and ice or whatever u call your stupid selves,u are fools!!!u still believe in wenger.brainless idiots!!

  6. ice says:

    he’s name is gooner, he’s on a gooner article, yet he stinks of a rotten spud… guess who???

  7. Awoke says:

    D truth remains dat Wenger does nt want 2 bench any french player. There wil b no quality CF, DM, RB. comin in. Bcos frenchmen: Giroud, sogodo, Diaby, Sagna. Wil looz dia shirts. Bet me 2 dis Gunners!!! Wenger sold Song cos Diaby bcame fit.

  8. Ibrahim rassin sesay says:

    This season is our season,gunners let be patient i believe wenger will bring in big names before the transfer window closes

  9. mrong sana says:

    you better start thnkig of how to change that f***in name gooner to mooyes coz yu actually resemble a failure, wither we syn o not syn as arsenals we are alive n ‘ll compete favourably.

  10. Kevin Weaver says:

    The window hasn’t shut, but Arsenal start their League campaign with a skeleton squad weaker than last year when they finished 4th, miles behind Man Utd. All the teams above Arsenal have strengthened, yes United have Zaha as a new addition, Chelsea have bought, Both won trophies last year, Man City have bought, Spurs have spent £60m+. Arsenal also have a crucial CL qualifier next week. Higuain may have followed the money, but why weren’t we offering similar, we are paying Bendtner so much we can’t get rid of him, we’ve had to pay off Santos and Denilson to get them off the books! Arshavin wouldn’t leave either!
    We have a magnificent stadium, fantastic training facilities, increasing sponsorship deals and off field revenue streams, but we won’t invest in the most important thing, the team. Players won’t join because we have no ambition apart from lining the pockets of a greedy board and Wenger himself.
    Why do you support the people who are soaking the fans and giving less and less back. I know we dont know the nitty gritty, but we can all see the lack of numbers of quality players, and an inability to buy new players, that others don’t seem to be suffering?

  11. Ashesh says:

    Everyone is saying we should offer ridiculous money to players like Higuain and Gustavo but they never think if these players turn out to be average we will struggle to offload them just like Chamakh, Arshavin and others. Wenger has learnt from his mistake but some stupid fans learn nothing. All they think is money brings success

  12. malaysian gunner says:

    Wenger says he wants to strengthen Arsenal rather than spent money.This man is a danger to Arsenal FC whose philosophy is causing Arsenal to go into decline. Don’t think AV will be easy to beat.
    If after ten matches the gunners can’t get going and are eliminated from Cl by the Turkish side,enough is enough.
    The board shd be brave to dispense with his services.There are many outstanding managers whose track track rcords are as good if not better than the fm. He is living on borrowed time.

  13. Deluded says:

    And still the brain washed quote from Wenger’s handbook

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