Why Bernard May Choose Porto Over Arsenal

Why Bernard May Choose Porto Over ArsenalRecent transfer news has been dominated by the young Brazilian, Bernard, who looks certain to leave Atletico Mineiro for Europe, after a fine season, in which he won the Copa Libertadores (South American Champions League.)
However, the destination awaiting the winger remains undecided. For the past few weeks, Arsenal has appeared to be his next club, but speculation has died down, and it is now clear that Bernard has offers from Shaktar Donetsk, Porto, Arsenal, and ‘one other English club’ – according to the player’s agent, Adriano Spadotto. Spadotto also went on to say that ‘Bernard has a great interest in joining Porto.’
Although offers from the likes of Arsenal and possibly Liverpool/Tottenham are on the table, it is understandable, to me, why Bernard is attracted to the Portuguese giants who won the league last year.
This leads me on to one reason; Porto win silverware, a lot. They managed to clinch the league from under the noses of the unlucky Benfica last year, even though Benfica players were celebrating a few weeks before the end of the season. At the start of a career, the young Bernard (just 20), would love to pick up some silverware, which heaps the pressure off the rest of his career, as he will already have a nice collection of medals after 3 years or so at Porto. It is well documented, however, that Arsenal haven’t won anything in the last 8 years, the complete opposite of Porto, really.
Secondly, recently, Bernard’s agent has claimed that Hulk has told Bernard that ‘a move to Porto would be a better place at this stage in his career.’ Which leads on to a key reason why Porto would suit the Brazilian to a tee. Porto are well known to be excellent at developing South American footballers: James Rodriguez, Falcao, Hulk, and more recently Jackson Martinez, Iturbe, Kelvin, and Danilo. Berard would join a team already full of Brazilians; right-back Danilo, right winger Kelvin, Fernando the holding midfielder, and Porto’s left back are all Brazilian, and would help Bernard settle down in Europe, which is something previous Brazilians have struggled with; even Ronaldinho. Bernard will also not have to learn a new language if he does move to Porto, making his move into Europe even easier, and less stressful than it would be. Not to mention the style of football and culture being similar in Portugal and Brazil, making his transition even easier.
This is also World Cup Year, and Porto would develop Bernard as a player and a man in this year before the finals in Brazil, something which Wenger may not do; as he has little experience with Brazilians (look at Andre Santos, chortle.) Linking to this, Bernard is also reportedly worried about game-time at Arsenal, and would certainly be one of, if not the, main man at Porto, what with the departure of James Rodriguez and Moutinho. This would develop Bernard to a huge extent, and Hulk’s comment about Porto being a good stepping stone is also something which, no doubt, Bernard would’ve considered. Nearly all the South Americans I mentioned have left Porto for a lot of money, and Bernard may hope that after 3 years or so, he will be sold on for big money to one of Europe’s elite, a club which Bernard’s agent puts Arsenal in, therefore making Bernard worried about game time in the year before the most important of his life (so far.)
Bernard Hulk Brazil
It is for this reason, that Bernard will probably be sold in 4 years, for double the amount of money he was bought for (look at Porto’s transfer profit!) that Wenger should be looking to buy Bernard now, rather than regretting it in a couple of years, Wenger needs to be more decisive, and convince the Brazilian flair-player that Arsenal would be a good as choice as Porto.
If all goes to plan, Bernard would hope to be in Portugal soon, enjoying better weather that in London, playing week-in-week-out, winning a trophy or two, and developing hugely just in time for the World Cup in a team in which he is just on the fringes; a substitute.
Therefore, do not be surprised to see Bernard joining Porto, as it would be the best choice for his career in this moment in time, but do not be surprised to see Wenger (at PSG?), or any other world-class teams in a bidding war for the 20 year old mercurial in a few years, eventually being sold for double Atletico Mineiro’s asking price of £20 million today. Bernard Atletico Mineiro
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  1. Janish says:

    and Because Arsene Wenger refuses to pay the asking price as usual and the fans woes continue

  2. samuel says:

    wat a good decision……

  3. arsenal-steve says:

    Do you think it might be because Arsenal have not bid for him and don’t want him? For me Bernard is a little competitive winner. Wenger was never going to bid for him so another club will get the best from him. Wenger is becoming totally boring and predictable. These are very bad, bad days for Arsenal fans.

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