Should Wayne Rooney Leave United?

Should Wayne Rooney Leave United?For me personally as a United fan, this is such a difficult question. Since Ronaldo left, and even before Ronaldo became a star, Rooney has been the man that has led this club. For years the first name everyone has looked for on the United (and England) team sheet has been Wayne.
Whenever he is missing from that sheet the opposition gain a huge boost of confidence and you can almost feel the air of invincibility leave the Manchester team. It is not just his undoubted goal scoring ability, but his presence on the pitch, his work rate, his chasing back and defending from set pieces. In the past he has been criticised for having a temper and for not having enough discipline, but finally he would appear to have that under control and he is approaching an age at which he should be hitting his peak, not leaving one of the biggest teams in the world.
And yet, for all that he brings to the team, to the fans, to the club in general, there finally seems to be a bit of a feeling around Old Trafford that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for him to leave. Particularly if the money from the deal (almost certainly 30+ million pounds) was used to fund either the return of the great Ronaldo, or to fund the acquisition of the immensely talented Gareth Bale. But Bale seems set to stay at Spurs for another season, and the Ronaldo coming home story may well just be a fanciful dream, so where does that leave Wayne and United. Last season, the indomitable Van Persie seems to have replaced Rooney as a fans favourite, although in an injury hit season, his performances seem to indicate he has more to give still. In particular, the fact that he is spearheading the club’s kit release for next season certainly indicates that they believe he will stay.
I think the first thing to identify is whether or not his relationship with Moyes has been repaired since they had a legal dispute a few years ago. If it is, and David Moyes believes he can extract the best out of the incredibly gifted striker, then Rooney staying is far more likely, but if the relationship isn’t back to what it once was, then Rooney leaving and the new United manager bringing in a star to replace him seems like a much better idea than having an unhappy Rooney who won’t be at his best.
But from a fans point of view, with Robin Van Persie getting into his thirties now, Welbeck not quite proving to be the replacement in waiting, and Hernandez being more of a finisher than a creator and leader, the departure of Wayne would leave us looking a bit short in the striking department. Although if all the reports and hype about the young Angelo Henriquez are true, it may not be too long before we have a replacement for the England man. Having said that, the choice of system for Moyes may change his mind on whether to stay or go, as if there is only 1 striker, Van Persie is the clear choice at the moment, and I would play Kagawa in his favoured position in behind him, where he was so devastatingly effective for Dortmund before his move to the English giants. This doesn’t leave a place for Wayne Rooney though, as he found out against Madrid.
So for me personally, at the moment I would prefer Wayne Rooney to stay at Old Trafford, look at this as a new challenge, rise to the occasion and make himself indispensable in the new regime. But if he were to leave, he must surely go abroad and there must be a stellar replacement lined up, which for me can only be Bale or Ronaldo to be satisfactory. Rooney was once, and can be again, the best player in the Premier League, and we must remember that. Let us just hope Moyes has a clear idea in his mind of what he wants and this gets sorted quickly.
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  1. Nanish says:

    Looking for a new challenge right. He can have that here at United under Moyes if only he wants to be tough enough and face it

  2. Arlarc says:

    Roo is vital but so was Beckham so was Ronaldo and they all departed. Reality check, even Ferguson departed (cant beleive it) but United stands. So whatever in the end losing Rooney wont be that bad.
    Unlikely that he and Moyes will be on good terms again

  3. Robs says:

    Agreed selling him to a rival will be nonsense but what if Rooney forces and you can expect him after the way he demanded 250k.

  4. aussiehopper says:

    Yes he should go, Rooney is a Scouse born and bred, and for you people who don’t know that means
    he was born in Liverpool. Some Liverpudlins throw their toys out of the pram if they don’t get their own way,
    i spent many years shipping out of the Pool, back to when the overhead railway used to run down past
    Canada Dock and beyond, Scousers were top seaman and some of the best mates a person could have,
    but Rooney is not one of them, He has a lack of Morals, a lack of Principles, he has a vindictive nature,
    His demands are excessive, perhaps Alex Ferguson was wrong in saying he wanted a transfer, no man
    is perfect, not even Sir Alex, but I think Rooney should have just said it was a misunderstanding i did not
    ask for a transfer, and leave it at that, But no Rooney has demanded an apology from the club and Alex
    Ferguson That is his vindictive nature, and this is from a man who demanded an enormous financial
    contract or he would transfer to our respected Manchester team City. I am not a person to hide behind a
    username either, i was born and bred in Newton Hyde, and love a bit of a stoush, and even though i am
    over seventy you are the type of person in language that you would understand i would love to get into
    the ring and knock the shit out of.

  5. aussiehopper says:

    BY the way Mr Rooney my name is – Ian Feetham.

  6. realist says:

    he needs to go.
    cries about lack of talent, gets persuaded to stay with a wage of 250k p/w, plays average in the main, poor regularly and brilliant with ever decreasing regularity then cries again after a run of particularly bad form and spits his dummy out, ironically as there are players playin better than him………no brainer really!

  7. Abubakir olanrewaju says:

    Capital No, if Rooney leaves United then it will very difficult especially for Rvp, the combination of two is best for team. If we want United to win the league next season we need all our strikers or else we will not win it

  8. I hope Wayne Rooney stays rises to the challenge and has a great season, but the money he is on I think he should not turn up for training out of shape,this guy is on £1million pound every month,works and lives 20 minutes from his home town,gets to play football for Man Utd and every week people shout his name in hero worship,and at the same time people are budgeting to get the money together to go and watch him play,he needs to stay fit stop spitting his dummy out and give 110% to the people paying his wages,if all that happens then I predict a great future for Wayne Rooney at Man Utd but if he can’t stay fit and give his all then we should sell him on,but I dont think we should kick the shit out of him like Mr Ian Feetham lol !!!!

    • Aussiehopper says:

      Hi Chris,
      I agree with you 100% i don’t want you to knock the shit out of him i can do that lol.
      Its just that i get so angry and frustrated, i have followed Manchester United all my life,
      i remember well people going to work early morning in the fog and snow working in the
      factories all day coming home to cook tea for the kids, trying to pay their bills and at the
      same time save a few shillings to go to their much loved football club on the weekend ,
      these are the fans who carried Manchester United through the thick and thin of hard times,
      as did supporters of other clubs, a lot of players in those times had jobs and earned extra
      money playing football, and I’m talking of players with unbelievable football skills, one in
      particular, Stanley Mathews, who never played for us, but was absolutely brilliant.
      now we have players living in million dollar homes, in the beautiful Cheshire countryside,
      and good luck to them its a sign of the times, they have everything they need to have a
      wonderful life, Rooney makes more money in two weeks than i made in a lifetime of hard
      work, am i upset? not at all, but when he bites the hand that feeds him, and it happens to be my
      football team it brings back those feelings i enjoyed in the ring in times past. ANGER.
      Am i old fashioned? perhaps i am, but loyalty is something i take very seriously, if Rooney
      had the loyalty of Giggs Scoles even Ronaldo who even though he left has
      always professed his love for the club, and gave his all, so like you say Chris i hope Rooney
      rises to the challenge, and hopefully shows some loyalty just like those loyal fans of the
      football club he is playing for.
      Ian Feetham — ph 613-b 52412151

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