Drastic Circumstances According to Brendan Rogders?

Drastic Circumstances According to Brendan RogdersLiverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has made it clear once again that he wants to keep star striker Luis Suarez at Liverpool and have no plans of selling him. On the other hand Arsenal are adamant and are coming up with another bid of 40 million pounds for the Uruguayan.
However, Rodgers has claimed that Suarez will only be sold if something drastic happens. The question is what are those drastic circumstances according to Brendan Rodgers that will force Liverpool to sell their best player?
Rodgers stated:

“We had an offer that was nowhere near what we value him at, he’s one of the top strikers in the world.”
“Of course he wants to work and play at the top level. But unless something drastic happens, he will be staying here.”

Suarez has reiterated that he wants to leave this summer, a drastic situation for the fans and the club when your star player wants to leave. He scored 30 goals last season and will be pivotal to Liverpool’s top 4 chances next season.
In any case, as things stand, that is not something that bothers Rodgers much. What if Suarez hands in an official transfer request and make more noises about his departure in the media? Will that create drastic circumstances for Reds?
If he does not hand in a transfer request, it is highly unlikely that Rodgers is going to sell him for anything less than the price he wishes to let him go. What will be that price then?
Arsenal are ready to offer 40 million pounds for the Uruguay international, but it is still unknown that whether even that amount is enough. League’s best player Bale is rated around 68 million pounds and Suarez is surely one of the best players in the world as well. Rodgers is not going to consider a low fee just because of Suarez’s controversial personality.
For now, Rodgers has given clear response to all the suitors like Arsenal, Chelsea and Real Madrid he will not sell Suarez unless a situation arrives where Liverpool are forced to. Whatever that drastic situation is, we shall know if it arrives.
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  1. Towson Tom says:

    It baffles me the amount of time clubs take talking to prospective signings and the time taken to draw up contracts, sometimes it takes weeks! but come a time a player wants to go, it appears its not worth the paper its written on…..

  2. a says:

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    reina loan
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    enrique 8
    henderson 15
    carroll 15
    borini 8
    downing 8
    shelvey 6
    coates 5
    spearing 2
    assaidi 3
    total 82
    mignolet 10
    toure free
    alberto 7
    aspas 7
    bernard 20
    papadopoulos 14
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  3. No way Suarez is going to be a liverpool player next season the question is who is going to pay the most , the player wants away from England apparently so it depends on wether Real think he is worth more than the £40 million,if they dont he will go to Arsenal,and to do that would be a kick in the bo-locks to liverpool.

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