Surplus to Requirements at Bayern, Chelsea Return Possible?

Surplus to Requirements at Bayern, Chelsea Return Possible?Having finally broken the jinx of failing in the finals, Arjen Robben became a European Champion with Bayern Munich few weeks back. However, it is reported that the German side are prepared to sell the Dutchman to reinforce the squad for future.
The 29 year old winger, Robben has been a key player for Bayern since he left Real Madrid to join the club in 2009. But the arrival of Mario Goetze and presence of young starlets on the bench like Shaqiri, Bayern are ready to sell Robben. Lately, it is rumored that Bayern wants Liverpool star man Suarez and may include Robben in the deal.
Although that rumor is highly unlikely to come true as the reds are not in the champions league and Arjen will surely look to play in Europe’s elite competition. A much better option for him can be Chelsea, his former club. All depends on what Mourinho wants though.
Already having an arsenal of playmakers in the side like Mata, Oscar and Hazard, Chelsea do not really need more midfielders. However, Jose likes certain players in his system and may be a Chelsea return is possible for Robben if he is really on sale.
Recent reports in the media suggest that Mourinho does not want Spanish duo Mata and Torres in the sides. Torres’s name is understandable but why is Chelsea’s player of the season named by the media in the list of departures is baffling. If that shockingly happens, then Mou will obviously sign a replacement.
Robben was brilliant for the blues under Mourinho when he joined the club in 2004 from PSV Eindhoven. The Dutchman still has the quality to play at the highest level and can easily fit into any top side.
The only problem for the two time premier league winner is that he has never been able to feature in 30 league games in a season. The injury concerns are significant, plus the ageing factor.
For now, nothing is concrete but Robben’s availability in the market will surely alert many top clubs and Chelsea can be one. Is Chelsea return possible for the Dutchman? only time will tell.
In your Opinion, should Chelsea bring Robben back?
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  1. Avatar Nishla says:

    The relations b/w Mou and Robben have always been goon. Even Robben talked about how Jose will bring success back at Chelsea. I will have him

  2. Avatar SeanSensei says:

    Don’t think this will happen simply because Robben is now 29, and we have some very exciting young players now. Three years ago maybe, but not now.
    Btw in response to Nishla’s comment: Robben and Mourinho haven’t always seen eye to eye, as Mourinho dropped Robben to the bench on several occasions, because Robben wasn’t doing his defensive duties for the team.

  3. Avatar bill says:

    Robben well a good player but never will a sane man drop a young and important player like MATA for old Robben. Jose has good players in the midfield and only need to work on his attack and get a reliable back up keeper. Do away with some aging player and bring in some good player on lone eg Kelvin, Josh, Nathan etc

  4. Avatar buju says:

    Robben in will be betTER 4 Chelsea but not to sell MATA.

  5. Avatar Lorne says:

    The Mata rumour is total BS from a Spanish paper and Mourinho himself has said he is looking forward to working with Mata, Hazard, Luiz and Oscar as they are the type of players he likes to build with in his first interview with Chelsea. I can not believe how much traction one article with no sources has received.

  6. Avatar asade says:

    I think Robben is good as back for mata cos we need strong second eleven to compete at top level

  7. Avatar Naga says:

    We have already started regeneration.. In midfield we have enough talented youngster like mata, hazard, oscar, kiven, moses, so we only need forward reinforcemen..

  8. Avatar bola(bb london) says:

    It seems mou want intervene of disaster in stamford brigde, how can he be making wrongh decision on bringing on arjen robben for the replacement of juan mata that disgurst, he dnt even talk of another player while juan mata, true CHELSEA fan should look into this matter, has for me am nt in support of that unrelivant decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar Phrizzy Kush says:

    Rt nw we should be Thinking about CM.Lampard needs replacement.We need two holding midfielders whistle Likes of De Rossi and Modric.We should limit Oscar Mata and Harzad defending all the time so that we can get best out of them(focus on attack).Then have atleast one Top Striker(Cavani or Hulk).What else matters?????

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