Should Wenger be judged on 8 year drought or entire Career?

Should Wenger be judged on 8 year drought or entire Career?Arsenal are ready to initiate talks with manager Arsene Wenger and it is likely that the Frenchman will get a renewal despite not winning a single trophy for the gunners in the last 8 years. The question is, should Board consider Wenger’s 8 year drought or the entire career with Arsenal.
During his 17 year career with the club thus far, the 63 year old has won 7 major titles that includes 3 premier league crowns and 4 FA Cups. However, the last triumph came way back in 2005 when Vieira’s penalty won them their last trophy to date, FA Cup by beating Manchester United.
Since then, Arsenal fans have been desperately waiting for a year of silverware but sadly it is the same story every year for them.
Although, Wenger has done a fantastic job in ensuring Champions league qualification every season against all odds but without a shadow of a doubt, not winning a single trophy in last 8 years is by no means a sign of a coach who was named the manager of the decade.
Taking Arsenal supporters into consideration, majority of them want Arsene Wenger in charge mainly because he has done a lot for the club. Top players have left but he has stood by despite getting different big money offers from the likes of Real Madrid. Adding to that, they have full faith that he is the right man to lead gunners for the years to come and bring glory days back.
The outcry of fans has increased every passing year when they have failed to win a trophy and has now reached optimum level. As far as the board is concerned, Wenger brings them profit year after year and they are happy but this time as reports suggest, Wenger may have funds to reinforce squad and end trophy drought.
The saying that “top 4 finish” is better than winning a trophy might as well be right but for how long? A season or two, it surely does not seem right when the duration is as long as eight consecutive years. The CL qualification helps financially, something that the Board is happy about but that really does not satisfy the fans.
Whether or not Wenger is judged on 8 year drought or entire career, expect the legendary manager to sign a new contract to extend his stay with Arsenal.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. William says:

    I f he can’t get the gunners challenging even with purchases of top quality players ,he shd ,with due respect resign.
    The game has changed significantly the last five years or more.A manager must keep pace with the changes in the game ,be it tactics,etc.To be frank he is still stuck in his one dimensional attacking agme with not much attention paid to the defence.
    Arsenal can tolerate him but for how long if the drought continues.

  2. IORLUMUN says:

    I want arsenal to sack wenger and sign another coach b cos wenger is not ambitius and he is destroying arsenal

  3. Franklin duncan says:

    If Arsene wenger dont win any trophy dis season he should retired from gooner

  4. kums says:

    he shld stay 4life

    • Tomas says:

      @kums.. If Wenger spends money this summer and fails to deliver a major trophy or worse , he fails to deliver CL next season, do you still want him for life? Is there any scenario in which you would consider letting him go?

  5. kay says:

    Does Arsene Wenger adamantly refused to buy good known players or the Boad did’n’t give him enough money.
    I think we should give him more time to deliver if he’s been given money to get good layers. No special one candeliver with the type of players that Arsenal have without gettig more powerful and skillful players.

  6. Tomas says:

    Wenger should be judged on his entire Arsenal career when offered new contract. However, most people suspect his current contract contains a clause that allows Wenger to get a percentage of a profit from player sales. Since Arsenal are on firm financial footing, his new contract should incentivized winning trophies more than gaining financially from player development . There’s no doubt Wenger has guided Arsenal through a difficult transition period and he’s done a terrific job( new stadium) , for which he’s been rewarded handsomely with a 7 million per year salary. A new contract should be short term (2 year max), with specific football related goals and requirements based in reality and not gospel – e.g .”Wenger has done fantastic job qualifying for CL against the adds” .( Arsenal have league’s fourth highest wage bill that requires them to finish fourth). With the financial constrains of previous years seemingly over, lets see if Wenger still has what it takes to get the right talent and take tha club to where it once was.

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