Liverpool to receive a major Transfer Boost

Liverpool to receive a major Transfer BoostThe Reds are looking to sign their targets as soon as possible to be prepared for next season. For good, It seems that Liverpool are to receive a major transfer boost with reports coming up that striker Andy Carroll will finally put pen to paper to sign for West Ham United on permanent basis.
Previously, it was rumored that Carroll is in no mood of signing for West Ham as he wanted to prove himself at Liverpool. The chances of that happening are always going to be low because Brendan Rodgers does not have him in his plans at all.
Other reports suggested that Andy Carroll is only looking to return so that somehow he can engineer a move back to his home Newcastle but that is not going to be the case as it seems.
Liverpool are already facing a dilemma of keeping their star striker Luis Suarez as according to Spanish media Real Madrid have shown keen interest in the Uruguayan international. If he is sold, the Reds will soon look for a top quality replacement.
Nevertheless, the reported 15 million pounds to come in from Carroll’s sales will surely be major boost and significant for Rodgers to improve his squad for next season. The sooner the deal goes through, the better for Liverpool.
Another striker, Celta Vigo’s Iago Aspas is heavily linked with Liverpool and the reports indicate that he is close to signing for the reds, in fact a deal may as well have been agreed already.
Liverpool have already secured their first deal with Kolo Toure and will continue their phase of rebuilding in the transfer market to challenge for a champions league place next season.
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  1. Danno says:

    Good,but we still have Deadwood at anfield who aren’t going to push are side over the line ( To Champions League ) ;-( Allen downing jones Shelvey spearing Borini Suso enrique Flanagan Robinson are not even TOP 10 CLASS PLAYERS ;-( And not one would get into a TOP 4 side FACT.These are the reasons are club will be finishing outside the TOP 6 next season.

    • Daniel says:

      Suso? Are you mental?

    • says:

      I can agree on Downing and Spearing. But christ! Enrique is one of the absolute left backs in the league, Suso is a fantastic talent, Shelvey deserves another season to prove himself, Flanno and Robinson are good prospects, and in spite of their tender age, make good squad players. Both Allen and Borini would be foolish to sell now, we need the debth, and their valuation are at their lowest after injury hampered seasons. The need one more season, either to come good or to increase their valuation.

    • Ray says:

      Are u crazy? How can you put SUSO and ALLEN? Can u even kick an ORANGE?

  2. Adam says:

    We should keep shelvey, borini and suso and enrique because they still have a lot to prove. If they don’t perform we can sell them in a couple of years time for more than what clubs would pay now. And the problem last season was lack of depth so we should keep them for now.

  3. Mark says:

    Enrique? – No way should he be sold, and who would we replace him with anyway?

  4. johnson says:

    i do think suarez should go then we can plan for the rest than keeping a player whose heart is not with the team. Borin , Suso and Enrique should stay but let shelvey go he’s just not good enough

  5. willy d'gaffer says:

    We don’t have to get rid of players from my own perspective. We should concentrate on giving the squad d required depth with quality young talents from across the globe since we don’t have bucks to lavish like Man-city and chelsea. We are being linked with a host of talents around Europe and that’s encouraging from our scouts. Good work BR, Iare and whoever is concerned. YNWA

  6. Francis says:

    I think enrique and borini should stay only shelvey can go

  7. Birikorang Enoch says:

    Borini,allen,henderson,flanagan,downing,coates,skirtel should go and replace them with better players.

  8. BR Reey says:

    Reina, Skrtel, Coates,Shelvey,Downing,Spearing,Alsaidi,Lucas,CarroII,Borini,Pacheco, should leave.

  9. Wise says:

    LFC is rebuilding but i’m afraid we will keep losing our better players to Champions League Clubs

  10. chango says:

    Enrique is a committed player, accepted all make mistakes. You will see that when he looses the ball he makes all atteptes to fight back. Good fitness. Clever crossing from the left. Raina is a great keeper.
    Suso and Borini should be given time they are young and adapting to the EPL

  11. 20million says:

    Livapol need players like christain erisken alaba cavani matinez welliam nd sourez is nt 4 sell

  12. peter says:

    I can understand how some fan talk how can u say we should get rid of players that still u20 and some are even mentioning Lucas but my only concern is that our coach is not targeting what we real lack or need but in all I believe liverpool need a better inside left because Erica loss bell to opponent too cheap and he is an inquiry pro player

  13. innocent ejiofor says:

    I need alonso back.

  14. samuel imhanzuaria says:

    chasing all the players is not the issue here.the players we mensioned take a look at last season how many matches did suso assaidi,flananga,shevey played? Even the coauch is a problem.we lost fA cup is not jones is the coauch! He underated oldham by excluding his key players.take chelsea 4 example peter cetch dont miss any match and there top players even if it is nations cup.the problem is goalkeepers and defence.may be include a star striker and midfielder.kolo ture is not what liverpool can a coauch sign players without using them.we players like cotinho that can create chance from the midfield allen,hendenson,lucas,shelvey cant do that only Gerrard.i miss the days of of Alonso.

  15. Tyz says:

    Danno, what the hell are you saying? I wanna ask you a question, what is your profession? At what age did you become a professional? But i doubt you are just a professional in critics. That is why you cant see that these guys you mentioned are still learning and cannot start playing like Messi, Stevie and so on.

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