Jose Mourinho’s Next Victim after Casillas

Jose Mourinho’s Next Victim after CasillasChelsea’s wait will end soon as Mourinho wrapped up his final game for Real Madrid with a win. The Portuguese received mixed reception from the fans with combination of whistles and cheers as he waved his final goodbye in front of the Madrid supporters.
Madrid may have parted with Mourinho for becoming the absolute villain in all departments but they are without doubt losing one of the best managers in the world. Captain Casillas was again the victim in Jose’s last game, the question is who will be Mourinho’s next victim?
Jose has his way of managing things and that is one of the main reasons why he has been so successful. Firstly he takes all the pressure coming from media, rivals, associations all on his own and does not let that influence his players.
Secondly, If he thinks a certain player is not good for the side, or not playing well or thinks of himself as bigger than the manager then Jose will have no hesitancy in ousting that player from the lineup so as the team performs well.


At Chelsea, Mourinho’s first victim was star striker Hernan Crespo. The Argentine was signed for a hefty sum of 17 million pounds and scored 10 league goals in 19 appearances for the blues in his first season. However, Mourinho arrived and loaned him to AC Milan to make way for his choice Didier Drogba.
When Crespo’s loan expired and he wanted to stay in Milan, Mourinho called him back against his desire for being the boss. Chelsea won two successive premier league titles. Crespo lately praised Jose for being a spectacular leader and a winner.
The second victim was Andriy Shevchenko. A massive 30 million sanctioned by Abramovich to land the Ukranian but Mou found him unfit for the system and preferred Drogba again. Sheva could rarely finish a match without getting subbed and started only 22 league games for Chelsea in his first season.

Inter Milan

Another club that did wonders with Mourinho, and since his departure have turned miserable to say the least. Mourinho had a lot of problems with young superstar Mario Balotelli but well let’s just keep that case as exceptional as Mario is one bad boy too hard to manage.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic was by far the biggest talent in Serie A during that time and was pivotal to Inter’s title winning campaign in Mourinho’s first year. However, Jose could have kept him as well like in Crespo’s case but sold club’s prized asset to bring Barca’s striker Eto’o. The club won the prestigious treble that season.

Real Madrid

Although Mourinho’s feud with Spanish goalie went on to become more of a personal one but again who would have had taken such a step to bench club and country’s captain and legend Iker Casillas. Mourinho did and signed Diego Lopez who has been quite impressive in the second half of the campaign for Los Blancos.
Casillas did start only 18 league games for Madrid and was far from his best, while Lopez joined and maintained his top form and deserved to start regardless of the row between Mou and Iker. They may as well have gone all the way in Champions League but one bad game against Dortmund cost them dear.
Mourinho won two league titles with Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan but only one in his three years tenure at Real Madrid, something he would have wanted to improve but for now he leaves. He may have different methods but the record speaks for itself.
Will there be another Victim at Chelsea, only time will tell but the blues fans will not care at all if he keeps on bringing success and trophies.
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  1. Rubet says:

    Whatever he does only he can
    no other manager has the balls to take such steps. That is why he is the special one. Madrid will start moaning soon.

  2. Lawrence says:

    he’s the best

  3. lukmn lawal says:

    mou is simply d best n he is d only manager dat cn bench any player irespectiv of d reputation. Respect for mou

  4. Soba says:

    Even if Cassilas and his likes have two heads each, he would still be benched for being rude to the Special manager. Jose love to see you soon at Bridge. It’s time we enjoy sensible substitutions. I cant remember how many times I hit myself watching Rafa making such annoying subs. Although I respect and thank him for doing his own part. Dont want to be ungrateful like some Madrid fans who find it hard to at least respect the man who has won some cups for them and tamed Barca for them.

  5. Nanzir ahmad says:

    Jose mourinho simply de best wishex u gudluck

  6. clndr says:

    Chelseafc has some players who influence the
    media how ever off form they may be.’mou’ can
    handle that.

  7. bill says:

    Jose is no God, ever man have his wrong side Cassilas is a man! A good manager should ve fatherly character to lead his team. If jose continues like this, he will end up as the victim in chelsea. Now I can tell this jose you have all u need to be a success at the bridge. A good goal keeper nice back 4 hard working mid field up coming attack.

  8. janet lawrence says:

    Mourinho simply the best

  9. smith says:

    I love Mou simple, Every body has his or her destination Yes he may not perform well at RM he still the best and the only one.

  10. Temesgen says:

    Jose is the special one for me,coaching madrid is being on a fire.

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